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I decided to create an FAQ page for efficiency sake. It saves me time because I get asked the same question all the time and with an FAQ, I just need to answer the question once. Also, I noticed that when I reply to a question with an e-mail response, I get a lot of bounce-backs. That means that some of you are leaving invalid e-mail addresses on this site. Shame. Your e-mail address is never publicly displayed. And since I’m the only admin on this site, I’m the only one whoever sees it. Please don’t do that. I want to be able to interact with my readers on a continuous basis.

So the FAQ – in-line responses in the Comments section means you have to go hunt down the blog where you left the question and see if there is a reply. That sucks. So check the FAQ page and see if your answer is there. If not, ask away.


Q: Where do you host your web site? I am searching for a great host and your weblog seams to be fast and up almost all the time.

A: Bluehosts.com. Been with them for years and no complaints. 

Q:  My office colleagues and I search your blog a minimum of 3 times per week to find out the newest things you have got. How often do you post new content?

A: I generally post something every day, if not a couple of items. Winter is here in the Northwoods and I find that I write much more when confined due to winter. Additionally, I have a huge list of ping services that notify the whole world of new content in addition to the RSS feeds which take care of themselves.

Q: I am not positive of the place you’re getting your information, but good topic.

A: Getting information? I’ve lived in the Northwoods since 1968. I’ve never done any research for my blog. I’m the only author and what I write comes off the top of my head. Once my head hurts, I’ll’ research some interesting topics. I enjoy doing research. Does that make sense?

Q: I love the blog layout ! How did you make it!? Its very cool!

A: It’s a purchased Woo theme called Coda. Long story short. I had to build an eCommerce website for a class. Couldn’t find a template that I liked so the instructor offered a developer of his to put something together as I described it. This theme is the result of that thought process. I wanted a slider on the Home page, fall colors, a background that looked like the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the Home Page needed to be a static CMS, with the blog branched off of that. The photo boxes on the Home Page are links to other pages. It never did become an eCommerce website so I decided to move forward with it as a blog.

If you want to know the complete story of the design of this website, I wrote a post and told the whole story. You’ll find it here.

Q: Have you considered including a few social bookmarking links to these blogs. At least for Myspace?

A: Yes. The most popular social bookmarks are active now – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+. The issue is that there are so many, where do you find space to put them? I’ll see what I can do for Myspace.

Q: Would you help me make some changes to my site? Ill pay you for your help.

A: I did take a look at your site, Michael. Looks like an eCommerce site or do you blog on the site as well? Can you be more specific about what you would like to change? I don’t mind passing useful advice along and I normally ask nothing in return.

Q: Do you have a bebo account?

A: No. I’m not sure what “bebo” is.

Q: Have you given any thought at all with translating your current web page into German? I know a small number of translaters right here that will might help you do it for free if you wanna get in touch with me personally.

A: Yes. Getting a translation program available to readers is on my to-do list. Just need to do a little research on that. Thank you for your kind offer. 

Q: Cheers for, posting on my blog man. Ill message you again! I did not realise that.

A: Arbonne, I was also not aware that I posted something on your blog. Help me out.

Q: Have you considered adding some videos to your article? I think it will really enhance everyones understanding.

A: Yes. On my to-do list. I realize that you are talking about video to illustrate some of what I write. I might also experiment with video blogs – instead of written, speak what you would normally put on the page.

Q: Would you be interested in making time for an interview about just how you created this site?

A: Why not? Skype?

Q: Hey, this is kinda of off topic, but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML?

A: WYSIWYG editor. I usually write everything in MS Word and then paste it into the editor in WordPress. Then look for any formatting errors. The little editor in WordPress is just not as friendly as Word. But, no coding skills needed.

Q: Is it fine to put a portion of this in my web site if I submit a reference to this website?

A: I believe that the search engines requirements are, you can use an excerpt of content from someone else’s website. But you need to credit the author and create a link pointing to the full article on the author’s site. Otherwise, the search engines call it duplicate content and give you a hand slap.

Q:  I had to reload the website many times previous so I could get it to load properly. I had been wondering if your web host is OK? Not that I’m complaining, but sluggish loading instances will often affect your placement in Google.

A: I’ve had no other reports of sluggish loading. I may have been loading photos when you were accessing the site or something. I use Chrome and test the site with IE and FireFox. This website runs on a dedicated IP address from my hosting network,  which I pay for every year. It does not share its bandwidth with any other websites, thus dramatically improving performance.

Q: Characters appear to be running off of my screen when I browse this website.

A: You likely have the magnification of your browser set higher than 100%. Reduce your browser settings to no larger than 100% zoom, or characters will run off the screen.

Q: Where did the website name (URL) come from? How did you decide on “ScottAlanReed.com?

A: This website used to be called ThisIStheNorthwoods.com. I didn’t care for the website name so I changed it. I felt that my personal blog should carry my name. And I am attempting to brand that name and the logo on the Home Page.

Q: Where can I find your contact information?

All my contact information is in Contact, which you will find on the Menu Bar at the top of every page. 

Q: Why does this website load so fast? Are you doing some kind of trick?

Not at all. And it’s not the host either. First, I have a dedicated IP address for this site. I think it runs about $30/year. Secondly, This site runs on a CDN for free (Cloudflare.com).