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Revealed: The One Secret to Making Friends

Introduction The one secret to making friends every time is knowing their personality type. You only have four to choose from. But it gets a little more complicated because every person is a combination of a primary personality type and a secondary personality type. Once you know this, you will have the power to win […]

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What’s Your Excuse?

Introducing Susan Boyle Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who in 2009 shocked the judges on the TV series,  “Britain’s Got Talent” , was in the national news for most of this week. Susan was diagnosed as having Asperger’s disease, a form of Autism  that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted […]


The Testosterone Connection – Part III

Many of you have requested an update to the post, “Testosterone Connection Part II“. This series of posts began with the post, “Is “Sex Possible after Prostate Gland Surgery”. That post was followed by the post, ” Prostate Surgery and Sex – the Testosterone Connection” and  finally the post, “The Testosterone Connection Part II“. The whole […]


Who Is Living in YOUR House?

You don’t want anyone or anything living in your home except for family, right? But you may have uninvited guests living in your house, and you don’t even know it. That’s exactly what happened at MY house when the local bat population decided to move in make themselves comfortable for an extended stay. This post […]


IMPORTANT – Website/Domain Name Change Coming Soon

Changes Planned for this Website The website/domain name for this website will be changing soon. While this change takes place, the website may not be available for up to several hours. Do not be alarmed. We are not going anywhere. Just need to complete the change, iron out any bugs, do some basic testing, and […]


We Only Use 10% of Our Brain!? That’s a Bummer.

Confessions and Admonitions I  frequently begin many posts with confessions or admonitions. I find the need to admit to certain personal character idiosyncrasies or flaws that explain why I’m writing about a particular subject. I find this practice of mine to be annoying. I think it’s a sign of poor writing skills and I think […]