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The On-Line Marketer’s Mindset – What Is It?

What Is The Marketers Mindset? Today, you hear about “the on-line marketer’s mindset” everywhere. Virtually all of the other “top dogs” in on-line marketing agree that not getting your thinking correct and expecting to win big in on-line marketing is not going to happen. The majority of on-line marketers do not get this right at […]

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Where Did This Theme and Colors Come From?

So many visitors have asked me how this website template came into being. And they want to know how the websites color scheme was chosen; especially the “blended” woods and water theme on the Home Page. Introducing a New Series of Articles on Blogging Finesse I decided to tell the whole story of the template […]


OMG! A Weight Loss Solution that Actually Makes Sense!

Just about every woman I know wants to be thinner. Even women that are thin already want to be thinner. That’s the influence of magazines for women, fashion for women, clothing for women, music for women, and movies with women in them. Thin is in. The pressure to be thin comes from everywhere. It must […]