Photo of Ledvina family farm in Oma, WI

Family Farm in Iron County Wis.

Photo of Ledvina family farm in Oma, WI

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This is the Ledvina family farm in Iron County, Wisconsin, which is not too far from where I live. I’m featuring this photo because of it’s simplicity, it’s a beautiful aerial photo, and I love the green expanse surrounding the farm.

The Ledvina’s were fairly early settlers in these parts. I believe the farm is owned now by third generation Ledvina’s. What makes that unusual is that farms normally do not do well this far north. The growing season is too short and the rocky, sandy soil is not well suited to crops. Farms are far and few between.

Behind the farm, Swamp Creek feeds like a mountain stream into the mighty Flambeau River just below the Turtle Flambeau River dam. It’s a beautiful area. The Flambeau winds on to Park Falls, Wisconsin, where it supports a paper mill and then continues on to the west central part of the State.

A word about aerial photos – when I worked as a broker for Coldwell Banker, we had an airplane that we would take up twice a year in early summer and autumn. These photos were shot by my boss as he hung outside the cabin of a single engine small plane with a pilot trying to maneuver for the perfect shot. I have a lot of aerial photos of this part of the State, which I’ll be sharing with you as I find space.

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