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Refuse to Lose – A True Story

I hate flying. I have nightmares about flying over water and the plane goes down. Everybody gets killed except me. So there I am in the middle of the ocean with sharks swimming all around me. I’m convinced that everything in the ocean wants to kill or eat you. So I never want to be in the ocean. I don’t want to swim in it. I don’t want to boat in it. And I especially don’t want to be flying over it.

I had to fly to Las Vegas for a weekend for business last week. It was a three hour flight and because the 6:00 P.M. CDT flight was delayed several hours, it got dark out during the flight. So I decided to watch a movie to kill time. On the Delta flight, I had thousands of movies to choose from on the screen in front of me. But what do I choose? I chose a movie I had heard a little about from someone called “Unbroken”. I like WWII movies and this movie was about a WWII guy who survived being in a Japanese prison camp for most of the war.

What is ironic about this choice of movies is that the main character is a bombardier on a B52 bomber that went down in the ocean. It was supposed to drop bombs on Japan. The plane was in tough shape and had mechanical problems with both engines. And where did they crash? Into the ocean, or course. My worst nightmare in living color. Why did I choose to watch this movie? What happens? You guessed it. Sharks! And what do the sharks do? They eat one of the three guys who survived the B52 crash into the ocean. How did I know that was going to happen?

I had thousands of movies to watch on that Delta flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. Why on God’s green earth did I choose this one?

Now granted there is not much water and certainly no sharks between Minneapolis and Las Vegas. But I hate flying. I hate oceans. And I hate sharks for reasons previously stated!

photo of Louis and his older brother

Louis and his older brother

The “Unbroken” Movie is a True Story

The movie had a great theme.

The central character in the movie, Louie, was this Italian kid who was always getting into trouble at school, in the neighborhood, and with the cops. His family was the only Italian family living in a small town in the USA, that was not used to living with immigrants. It was the 1940’s.

One day, his older brother asked him, why do you always have to get into trouble? They (the townspeople) don’t want us here to begin with. Louie answers and says “ What difference does it make? I’m not worth anything anyway.” Oh, oh. Sounds like a big internal struggle taking place inside this kid’s mind. That was a pretty strange answer to a simple question.

photo of Louis's brother teaching him to win

Louis learns to win

His older brother takes Louie aside and says, “you can be the best at whatever you decide. You can win whenever you decide to win”. Louie was always getting beat up because he was young, bored and different. He was an Italian kid living in “small town USA” with “cookie-cutter” Americans who were not used to anything or anyone outside their routine and mundane lives.

The older brother ran for the school’s track and field team. He was fairly good in his chosen sport and had earned respect from his coach and his team members.

Louie’s answer to his brother’s question, that he didn’t feel that he was worth anything, concerned his older brother. So the older brother felt compelled to intervene in his little brother’s life. He became a personal coach in order to teach his little brother that he could excel in track and field and make something of himself. The older brother’s attitude was that you can win whenever you decide that you can’t be beaten. It’s just a decision: a mental thing. The body and your mind respond accordingly.

Louis Earns a Spot on the Olympic Team

photo of Louis under a B52

Louis under a B52

The little brother, Louie, became quite good at track and field and was asked to run with the upper classmen team. He continued to win races. He had decided that he would remain unbeaten, despite the odds and who may challenge him. He ran in the regional track meets against runners from other states and won.

He caught the attention of the press and was recruited for the US Olympic team. He made the team by continuing to win. He went to the Olympics, which were held in Germany in 1936. He won his event there too and became internationally known. The famed Jesse Owens, the fastest man alive, also ran in that same Olympics.

Louis Joins the Army During WWII

Louie grew up with his older brother teaching him that in life, you win when you decide you will never be beaten. It’s just an attitude. The little brother joined the Army, entered WWII and wound up in that B52 bomber that crashed into the ocean.

photo of a B52 bomber from WWII

B52 bomber from WWII

After the plane crash, he and two of his fellow B52 crewmen were at sea in an inflatable raft for 45 days before a Japanese boat picked them up and made them prisoners of war.

One of the crewmen in the raft died and they had to bury him at sea. He as very negative and decided early on that they were all going to die in that raft. That was his attitude and his prophecy was soon self-fulfilled. He ate all their food because he didn’t see the sense of rationing it over time. He had made the decision in his mind that he was going to lose this battle with survival and that’s exactly what happened. The rest of the men in the raft watched the sharks eat him as soon as they said last rights and dropped him overboard.

His Time In a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp

photo of Louis and crew 45 days at sea

Louis and crew 45 days at sea

Louie and the other crewmen wound up in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. The camp was run by a headstrong, young, arrogant, Japanese officer who made it a habit of beating the hell out of Louie with a bamboo rod to see if he could break Louie’s spirit. The Japanese prison officer recognized upon meeting Louie that Louie was hard and determined. The Japanese officer tried everything. Beating him until he was senseless, making him stand in the same place for days, making him stand upside down for days, making him lift a heavy beams and hold them over his head for days. Everything. But Louie would not be broken. One day, the officer got frustrated and started crying because he could not break this young kid’s spirit. The officer got the idea in his head that if he could break this one determined U.S. soldier, than Japan could break the spirit of the rest of the U.S. forces and perhaps win the war.

You see, the Japanese officer and Louie were just alike. Both had a strong spirit. The officer told Louie that he saw that as soon as the kid came into the prison camp. He saw that Louie had an unbeatable spirit. So the Japanese officer was determined to break him while he paid little attention to the other prisoners. I think deep down this officer knew that if he could not break this one man’s spirit, than how could Japan break the spirit of an entire country like the USA? It was that important to him. He also didn’t like the fact that this kid was a famous Olympian. Japan was also represented in the 1940 Olympics in Germany. This rubbed a little more salt in the officer’s wound.

The War Comes to an End

Photo of Jack O'Connell

Jack O’Connell played Louis

The moral of this movie was that this kid’s spirit was never broken. He always won because he decided in his mind that he would win every time he wanted to win.

The war came to an end. The Japanese officer and the other guards at the prison camp disappeared. They went into hiding in order to avoid being put on trial as war criminals once the allied forces found out how badly they had treated their prisoners. The prisoners were eventually rescued and sent back to the USA.

Another Olympics

Years later, another Olympics took place. It was held (of all places, in Japan, 1964). Louie was chosen to carry the Olympic torch through the streets of Japan and into the Olympic stadium. At that time, he had aged and was an old man. The war had changed him and he saw that the path through life was one of forgiveness, not of hate for your enemies and revenge. He became a Catholic priest and had a family.

The Japanese officer was eventually pardoned for his war crimes by the USA. Louie tried to contact him so he could meet up with him during the Olympic games in Japan. The Japanese officer never came and never responded to Louie’s invitation to forgive and become friends. He Japanese officer still lived in hate for the one man he could not break.

What Louis can Teach Us

Photo of Louis holding the Olympic torch

Louis holding the Olympic torch

It was a great movie and a great theme that taught many valuable lessons. I learned that always having an attitude of winning will make you a winner in any situation; even if that situation is a petty fear of sharks, flying, and oceans. You can beat your fears if you decide that you will never be beaten.

I carried that same positive attitude into my meetings in Las Vegas and those meetings were some of the best that I have attended.

It was just a movie that I had heard mentioned by someone. All I wanted to do was kill time on a boring flight at night. But I got so much more from that one movie.


(Authors note – If you have read many articles on this site, then you must have figured out by now that I’m somewhat of a personal development nut. This is a true story of Louie Zamperini. It is based on the book “Seabiscuit: An American Legend” by Laura Hillenbrand. The movie, “Unbroken” was produced and directed by Angelina Jolie. Decide to win now and keep on winning. It’s just a decision.)


Revealed: The One Secret to Making Friends


The one secret to making friends every time is knowing their personality type. You only have four to choose from. But it gets a little more complicated because every person is a combination of a primary personality type and a secondary personality type. Once you know this, you will have the power to win and influence friends regardless of their unique personality make-up.

Are you successful at making new acquaintances? Or do you feel uncomfortable meeting new people, stumble over your words, and find it hard to make new friends?

Did you know that with a little knowledge of the various personality types, you can become quite comfortable meeting new people, know exactly how to best communicate with them, and you can increase your friendship groups in leaps and bounds. You just need to know something about the four basic personality types so that you become better at “reading” people and know what their hot buttons are.

Do you find yourself constantly on the losing end of a good discussion or argument? Do people talk over you or ignore you and your opinions in a group discussions? Do you struggle with getting involved with certain groups of people but find that they shun you because they feel that you have nothing to share? Then stop doing whatever it is that you are doing and don’t attempt to make another friendship until you take the time to learn something about people and what makes them tick. People are complex. You can’t just go barging into their lives and expect to be a hit unless you know, in advance, what’s important to them. What things do they like to talk about? What subjects should you avoid? Are they personable or do they shy away from people that they don’t know?

Those who are very successful at making new acquaintances, communicating effectively, and promoting their agendas, are able to accomplish all this at the outset by using one simple technique. They know how to identify the personality idiosyncrasies of first acquaintances and how to use those idiosyncrasies to their advantage.

This post is a discussion of the basic personality types that will show you how to immediately recognize what people want, what they want to hear, what they want to talk about, and what is the most tactical way for you to approach them so that you will be heard, understood, and liked. And when people like and understand you, they are putty in your hands. Additionally, I’ll give you a personality profile test so that you can determine YOUR OWN personality type. You probably don’t know it.

The Four Basic Personality Types

Those who study personality development and temperament agree that there are four basic personality types. These are Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic. Most individuals are a combination of two types; a dominant type and a lesser type. Some behaviorists use other terms to refer to the four personality types. But the four basic types remain the same. In this post, we’ll start by introducing the Choleric personality type. Decide if this type describes YOU or someone you know. The test or profile that I’ll give you a little later will confirm your suspicions.

The Choleric Personality Type

Cholerics are born leaders. They are dynamic and active, yet unemotional. Cholerics have a compulsive need for change. They dislike  routine. They are strong willed, decisive and exude confidence. They are independent and self-sufficient.

photo of Obama

Choleric – I’m always right

Due to their independence, they have few close friends. The few friends that they have, they choose wisely. They are happy as loners and prefer prefer personal time versus being a part of a group.

As a parent, cholerics establish goals and motivate the family to action. They have all the right answers and believe their solution is the only solution. Consequently, they see their primary family role as being the organizer of the entire family.

On the job, they see the big picture and are goal-oriented. They are good organizers and make gut decisions that lead to action. They thrive on opposition but it is difficult to convince them that another agenda, other than theirs, is the right course of action. They can be bull-headed and stubborn.

If you know someone who is a choleric personality type, realize that they have little need for friends. They are independent. If you know someone who has one good friend but few other friends, chances are that person is a choleric personality type. They will work in group activities but their decisions are usually the correct decisions, at least in their eyes. Cholerics are extroverts, doers, and optimists. They are risk-takers and excel in crises.

Take the Personality Type Test

Once we introduce the other three personality types, and once you determine YOUR personality type, we’ll discuss how YOU can identify someone’s primary personality type just by chatting with them for a few minutes, while observing their body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. Once you know their personality make-up, you will be able to communicate with them better and use what you know about their personality to persuade them to your point of view. You’ll know their hot buttons as well as their weaknesses. In other words, you will have an unfair advantage with everyone you meet! Knowledge is power, and you will have that knowledge.

Now click –>HERE<– to download and take your personality test. Follow the instructions. Your test will open in a new tab so don’t worry about losing your place in this post.

Once you complete the personality test and grade it, come back here and we’ll look at the next personality type – the Sanguine. Do you know people who seem to always be “the life of the party”? That’s a sanguine.

Remember that those who are very successful at making new acquaintances, communicating effectively, and promoting their agendas, are able to accomplish all this at the outset by using one simple technique. They know how to identify the personality idiosyncrasies of first acquaintances and how to use those idiosyncrasies to their advantage.

Grading the Personality Test 

Welcome back. I hope that you learned something by taking the personality test.

Before we talk about the sanguine personality type, how did your own personality test turn out? You should know after you graded the test, what your dominant personality type is (the column in the test with the highest score) and what your lesser personality type is (the column in the test with the next highest score. If two columns on the grading sheet had the same score, that’s extremely rare. But it means that you have two personality types which dominate your character equally.

Since two dominant personality types are so rare, let’s be sure the test results are accurate. Erase your results and take the test again. Only this time, don’t over analyze the personality characteristics. Go with your gut reaction or your first impression on all the rows of potential answers. Another helpful exercise is to ask your spouse or partner what they think about each potential answer. They often know you better than you know yourself. If you don’t understand the meaning of a particular characteristic in the test, look it up in the definitions that are provided with the test.

Set the test results aside and keep them. You’ll need them later when we talk about how you are going to use this information to put you in control of any meeting or dominate any conversation.

The Sanguine Personality Type

Now let’s look at the “life of the party” – the Sanguine. Needless to say, sanguines have a very appealing personality with an excellent sense of humor. They are extroverts who love people, love to talk, and love to tell stories. They are always cheerful and bubbling over with enthusiasm. They are so much fun that people love to chat with them. The sanguine can hold onto any listener while other personality types cannot. They are not shy. And while the rest of us tend to have “stage fright”, the sanguine will leap at the chance to speak from a stage. They are uninhibited and comfortable in any situation.

photo of a black guy having fun

Sanguine – life of the party

Sanguines are curious, sincere, innocent, and they never seem to grow up. They are having so much fun with life that they seem to still be in childhood. Walk into a party or any organized event and the sanguines stick out like a sore thumb. They are the obvious life of the party. Every one loves them and they love everybody. They thrive in crowds. The more the merrier.

At home, sanguines make family life fun. Their children’s friends love them. They don’t let crisis or disaster bother them but, instead, turn it into humor. In the home, they function like a circus master.

On the job, the sanguine volunteers enthusiastically for anything and inspires or charms others to join. Life to them is a party so they are energetic, enthusiastic, creative, and colorful.

As a friend, the sanguine has no problem making friends. They love people and other people envy their demeanor. They don’t hold grudges so they will be a friend for life. They prevent dull moments, are always excited, and they like spontaneous activities. They are fun people. If we were all sanguines, life would be one giant party with no need for any of us to worry about anything. Can you imagine that?

 So far, we have discussed the Choleric and Sanguine personality types. Who do you know who possesses strong characteristics of either a choleric or a sanguine? It might be worthwhile to start making a list of people that you know who seem to fall into one of these two personality types. This will help you tie what you know, to a real live person so that you can see the personality types in action. Don’t worry if people that you know do not seem to be strong cholerics or strong sanguines. Remember that everyone is normally a combination of two personality types – a strong, major type and a weaker, lesser type.

 The Melancholy Personality Type

Now let’s look at the perfect Melancholy personality type. Perfect because they are kind of anal. Everything in their life must be organized. Do you know anyone who walks into a room and begins to arrange everything on the tables so that everything is symmetrical and in it’s proper place? That’s a Melancholy.

photo of a business professional

Melancholy – the engineer type

Melancholys are your engineer types. You’ve seen them. They are the guys who have a pen/pencil holder in their shirt pocket that is stuffed full of various writing instruments. They are serious, analytic, and deep thinkers. They are also talented, creative, and often times, prone to genius. They’re introverted. Their most dominant characteristic is that they are perfectionist and idealistic. But since things are not always perfect, they are prone to being pessimistic.

As a parent, melancholys want everything done right and they want everything in its proper place in the home. They are self-sacrificing and pick up after their children in order to get everything back in its proper place versus asking their children to address this task. Melancholys encourage their children in academics and scholarship in order to do their part in creating a perfect world, which a melancholy must have.

Their perfectionist attitude and high standards are evident when they are at work. They are schedule-oriented and detail conscious. If they start a task, they must finish it. They are not good at multi-tasking since they are so detail-oriented and must finish what they start. They can identify problems quickly and are good at finding creative solutions. They are masters of things like charts, graphs, figures, and lists. Their office space is always neat, tidy, and well organized since they have to have everything in its proper place. You’ll never find a melancholy‘s desk stacked with papers and other junk.

It’s not easy for a perfect melancholy to make friends because they are so introverted and cautions about friendships. They prefer to avoid causing attention and remain in the background. However, once they accept you as a friend, they are faithful and devoted. Melancholys have a deep concern for others and can often be moved to tears with compassion. It takes them a long time to find a mate for life because they demand the same perfection in their soul mate, that they demand for themselves.

It’s interesting to note that a perfect melancholy would never live with a sanguine or choleric personality type. The sanguines are too optimistic, happy, messy, and extroverted while cholerics are loud, obnoxious and demanding. In order for melancholys to commit to a choleric or sanguine partner, that partner must be a weak choleric or sangunine with strong melancholy characteristics.

The last personality type that we’ll discuss, the phlegmatic, is laid back and generally a slob. So that situation would never work for a melancholy either. Melancholys  tend to seek their own personality type as life-long mates since none of the other personality types are a good fit for them.

Let me remind you once more that with this knowledge, you will be able to identify someone’s primary personality type just by chatting with them for a few minutes, while observing their body language, facial expression, and tone of voice.  When you know other people’s personality make-up, you will be able to communicate with them better and use what you know about their personality to persuade them to your point of view. You’ll know their hot buttons as well as their weaknesses. In other words, you will have an unfair advantage with everyone you meet! However this knowledge will make you popular with everyone since you know how to treat them. And when you are popular with everyone, new opportunities will be at your doorstep.

The Phlegmatic Personality Type

Do you know someone who is so laid back that it is hard for them to accomplish something as simple as opening their mail? That’s a Phlegmatic 

Emotionally, Phlegmatics are introverts, watchers, and natural pessimists. They are so laid-back, low-key, and easy going that they tend to be irritating to others who want them to get going, do something, do ANYTHING. Nothing seems to bother them. They are patient, cool, calm, and collected. The word stress is not in their vocabulary. They are quiet people watchers. They keep their emotions hidden and are happily reconciled to their well balanced lives.

Photo of a guy who doesn't have a clue

Phlegmatic – just doesn’t care

They make perfect parents since nothing upsets them and they are in no rush to do anything. They take time for their children. Good news or bad news – it doesn’t seem to matter to them. Stress and anxiety are completely foreign to them.

At work, they are a real asset since since they are competent, peaceful, and agreeable. They prefer to avoid conflicts and have a knack for finding the easy way out of problems. They have administrative ability and respond good under pressure because they never feel any pressure. They are good dedicated workers as long as no one “leans” on them too much.

As a friend they are easy to get along with since they are so easy-going that they never try and force their own agenda. They tend to have many friends, likely because others do not find them to be threatening. They are good listeners and have a rather dry sense of humor. They can be quite witty. Unlike the other three personality types, they tend to overreact and show strong compassion and concern whenever any or their friends have problems.

Do you know any Phlegmatics? Write them down. If you have three or more children, chances are good that one of them is a Phlegmatic.

Putting This All Together

We have covered all of the personality types in previous sections. Additionally, you have taken the personality profile test so that you now know your own personality type. Click –>Here<– for a chart that ties all the personality types together and illustrates their like characteristics and differences. Use this diagram to remind you of the strengths and weaknesses of the four personality types and what those types have in common. You’ll need the diagram in order to understand the next section of this post. I arranged for it to open in a new tab so that you’ll have it handy.

Now let’s look at all of the personality types together and see how you are going to apply this new learning so that you can interact with people and communicate with them better because you now know a lot more about them then they know about you.

For example, if you are primarily choleric, you are outspoken and possess leadership qualities. So do sanguines, according to the chart. So this is something that you have in common. You already know that sanguines are the life of the party and love people. Knowing that, once you identify an acquaintance as a sanguine personality type, speak to what you have in common and you will become friends for life. Sanguines can never have enough friends. And they are fun people to be around so befriend all sanguines when you have the opportunity.

As a choleric, you are unemotional, decisive, and well organized. But sanguines are emotional and easygoing. You need to become a bit emotional and not as demanding when approaching a sanguine. But once you remember that and use that knowledge, you can master relationships with sanguines and do the same with any personality type. Let’s look at a real life example.

Choleric vs. Phlegmatic – Example

Jon is the youngest child in the family. He has a choleric father and older brother. Worse yet, he also has a choleric sister. However, Jon’s mother is a strong Melancholy. Every time the family wants to go somewhere or do something as a family, Jon always brings up the rear. He’s in no hurry. He’s a strong phlegmatic. He’s unemotional so he feels no stress. All the yelling to hurry up and get ready and in the car doesn’t accomplish anything. His personality causes everyone else in the family to be late whenever the family goes anywhere. Because the rest of the family is always barking at him, Jon is starting to feel like an outsider to the rest of the family. He’s getting that “youngest kid syndrome”.

But once the rest of the family recognizes and accepts Jon’s personality, they realize that Jon can’t help being laid back. That’s his personality. And all the yelling and threatening by the rest of the family is not going to change Jon’s personality and get him in the car any sooner. But it WILL eventually make Jon feel like an outsider. Realizing this, and accepting Jon’s personality traits, the family now allows more time before departing for family outings. The screaming at Jon is no longer necessary. Jon is happier. And so is the rest of the family. How much friction is there in your family because you do not recognize or accept each other’s personality characteristics?

Use the chart as a cheat sheet until you can remember what characteristics separate the four personality types. Speak to people’s strengths and what characteristics you have in common with them. People will be drawn to you and you’ll be everyone’s friend. Avoid speaking to their weaknesses. You should know that an emotional, goal-oriented Melancholy is your best choice for assigning work to be done. Don’t give important assignments to a Phlegmatic. They are relationship-oriented, not task-oriented. They are unemotional and strong-willed. So you will never change their mind about whether they need to do what you are asking them to do. Find a task-oriented Melancholy who is naturally emotional. They will readily do whatever you ask them to do and they will be excited that you asked.

Melancholy vs. Sanguine – Another Example

Both of these personality types are artistic and emotional. If you are one of these personality types, remember that when meeting a melancholy or sanguine. That’s what you have in common. And that’s how you will create a connection. But the sanguine is energetic, loud, and people-oriented while the melancholy is introverted and soft-spoken. These personality types seem to clash, and they do. That’s when you have to seek out their lesser personality type characteristics and speak to those. Your goal is to be able to relate in some way to everyone, despite their personality hang-ups.

Whenever I meet new people, I remind myself of one rule that I set for myself so that my strong choleric personality doesn’t repel people. Empower people. Find their hot buttons and subtly build them up. A new acquaintance should feel better for having met you and taken the time to interact with you. If that be the case, then you have done your job well.

Back to the melancholy and sanguines, which seem to clash. If you are the sanguine, you are trying to figure out whether the melancholy‘s lesser personality type is choleric, sanguine, or phlegmatic. If choleric, you are both born leaders, optimistic, and outspoken. Use these characteristics to create a connection. If sanguine, you are in luck. Since you are sanguine, you have much to talk about. If phlegmatic is this person’s lesser personality type, you are both relationship-oriented. Use that to create a connection. But remember that phlegmatics are really laid back. So as an energetic, fun sanguine, you will have to “back off your throttle” a bit in order to keep from “spooking” the melancholy/phlegmatic away.

Are you getting the knack of this? It wouldn’t hurt to fold the one-page chart which ties all personality types together and put it in your wallet or purse. Don’t whip it out in the presence of a new acquaintance. But when in a gathering of people, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at it before you go diving into the crowd to meet some new people.


Now that you know all the personality types and how they compare to each other (don’t forget that everyone has a lesser type), you have what you need in order to develop strong relationships with just about anyone. It can actually be fun to look around crowded room with your partner or spouse and try and guess what personality types are in the crowd. Then go speak to someone and confirm your suspicions.

When you speak to someone’s personality strengths, you are opening up a 4-lane highway to communicating with that person. And you are showing them that you understand them and care about the things that interests them and are important to them. That’s a winning combination that cannot fail. Now go make some friends and have some fun while doing it!

Lastly, here’s an interesting six-minute review of the book on which this post is based. I first read Personality Plus by Florence Littauer in the early 1990’s. Since that time, I have re-read it and used it as a reference for other writing. It really is that good of a read and an eye-opener. I’m including this video here for three reasons. First, the guy in the video really does do a good review. Second, you guys have been asking me to put more photos and videos in my articles. Third, Google loves it when you use Youtube videos in your blog posts and we all know how much “Uncle Google” dislikes me. Check out the video.


Personality Plus – Florence Littauer

Positive Personality Profiles – Robert A. Rohm Ph.D.

Personality Test and Scoring Sheets

Personality Test – Definitions

Chart of Personality Type Relationships




What’s Your Excuse?

Introducing Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who in 2009 shocked the judges on the TV series,  “Britain’s Got Talent” , was in the national news for most of this week. Susan was diagnosed as having Asperger’s disease, a form of Autism  that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and peculiar or odd use of language are frequently reported.

Why is Susan’s condition international news? Because Susan has had an international following ever since her stunning performance on the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent“. Read on. I’m going somewhere with this. And turn your speakers up. You are in for a rare treat in this post. For those of you who know nothing of Susan, I’ll fast-forward a short bio of Susan Boyle for you.

She lives in a small village in Scotland. Susan was unemployed in 2009 and decided that it was time to do something with her life that she had always wanted to do. And that was to sing for the Queen of England. But Susan was not a singer. Most regarded her as a nut.

At first sight she has a “50-ish nanny appearance”, she’s a bit overweight, plain, with a personality that is odd, a bit clumsy, and rough. Susan knew that something was wrong with her since birth. But she no idea what it might be. Nevertheless, she was bent on singing for the Queen. She made the trip to Glasgow, Scotland to see if she could qualify to be in the Britain’s Got Talent talent contest.

Her performance on “Got Talent” became legendary when Susan shocked the judges and the world by singing a flawless opera piece to a standing ovation.  I recall seeing that performance in 2009. Since she was back in the news, I decided to re-visit her stunning performance on YouTube. I recalled how the audience laughed and sneered when Susan announced that she would sing an operatic piece. Simon Cowell’s facial expression hinted that he jut wanted to get her off the stage and out of there.  No one believed she could sing anything. But Susan’s dream was to perform before the Queen.

It was an incredible performance from a woman with an uncanny voice.  Despite her Asperger’s and associated personality disorders, she still found the courage to pursue her dream of becoming an opera singer and stunned the world in the process. Her performance on “Got Talent” and the audience’s standing ovation still brings a tear to my eye. What a voice! What a talent! What courage she had, despite her feeling that something wasn’t quite right with her since birth. She got on that stage anyway. You can watch that short performance below. Go ahead. Watch it now.

Once I had revisited Susan’s video, I noticed that YouTube had placed other “Got Talent” videos in the page sidebar. Some of the video titles caught my attention so I continued to watch other performances. By the time I logged off of YouTube, I was totally wrung out emotionally. I had seen jaw-dropping performances from a homeless kid in Korea, a seventeen year old fat kid in Scotland, and a Gothic freak in the USA who said that “he is not very good at anything”. These are all people who knew all too well what their dream is, and they went after it despite the odds against them.

You can say that about anyone who tries to qualify for talent contests like “Got Talent“, “American Idol”, or “The X-Factor“. They all have a dream of making it big in the music industry. But the performers that I viewed on YouTube were different. They all had additional handicaps that would severely limit their chances of realizing any kind of success.  But they persevered anyway. What’s your excuse?

Here is the performance by the homeless kid in Korea on “Korean’s Got Talent“. Watch it. It’s in the Korean language so you will have to read the captions at the bottom of the screen. You have never met anyone who has had a life as horrible as this Korean kid. I want you to watch the faces of the audience and especially the reaction and facial expressions of the judges. If you have a dry eye after viewing this short video, than…………I can’t finish this sentence without offending you. So I won’t. Watch the video.

So what’s your excuse? If Susan Boyle, an unemployed and over-the-hill nobody, can go on to produce and sell 4 million albums despite her Asperger’s disease and her personality disorders, what prevents you from going after your dreams? If the homeless kid who lives on the streets in Korea and sleeps in public toilet facilities can get on stage and sing before millions, even though he felt his voice was just okay and he had only a few voice lessons, what’s the reason why you can’t take a few more steps towards realizing your dream? Did you put limitations on yourself as a child and now you can’t overcome them? Did someone else convince you that you would not amount to much?


Meet Jonathan and Charlotte

The fat kid from Scotland had been severely obese all his life. And all his life his peers had made fun of him until Jonathan retreated inside himself.  He had shoulder length locks; hardly what you would expect from an opera singer. Yet he sang opera. No one believed he could sing in the shower let alone, opera. He was just seventeen. And he was so shy, he had to sing a duet with a female friend just to get enough courage to get on the stage. You can see in the video that the audience is nervous about this kid. So are the judges. Some people in the audience are biting their lip out of nervousness about what this kid might sound like. It could be embarrassing for all. You be the judge. The video is below.

So what’s your excuse? There’s something about watching a person who has nothing, realize their unlikely dream that tears at your emotions. Did you sense that while watching this video? If you are not watching the videos than you will have no clue what I’m trying to communicate in this post. Go back and watch the videos!


Can We Still Have Dreams or is it Too Late?

As an adult, do you take time to dream? I don’t mean dreaming while you are asleep. When you are alone and are doing nothing else, do you day-dream? As a child, you used to do this all the time. Do you remember what it was like? Take the time to do it now. Think about what you want to do, what you want to be, what you want for yourself and spouse or family. Everything that I have studied tells me that if you can form a mental image in your mind of what you want, you can have it.

Let me give you an example. I have always wanted to skate on in-line skates. I’ve never done it before. But I have seen others skate. I tried it once and it was a disaster for me to find balance on in-line skates. I have an old pair in the storage room that used to belong to someone else. But they fit.

When you are in retirement and thinking about old age, you think about things that can make you feel even older. Like not staying in shape. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean that you have to feel old. I still want to skate. And if I can see myself coasting down the road in front of my house, that means I can do it. I saw myself with the pads on my knees and elbows, skating gloves and a helmet on. I was coasting down the hill in the road in front of my house at a pretty good clip. I prepared to make the turn at the horseshoe at the end of the road and then pick up speed to get up the hill that I had just come down.

So what do I do to make this happen? The first thing that I did was to dig out those old in-line skates in the storage room. I cleaned them up and took them upstairs to my bedroom. I placed them at the foot of my bed on the floor where I could see them every day. I know that I have to be physically fit in order to strap those skates on. So I make daily trips downstairs to the exercise room and spend hours on the Bowflex Xtreme resistance trainer that I bought 20 years ago. I take the skates with me so that I can see them as I pump iron. By doing that, I know why I am pumping iron. It makes it easier to build the muscle that will be needed in order for me to put on those skates.

That’s just a little dream. You need to dream bigger than that. Because you and I can accomplish much bigger things if we simply take the time to think about them and see ourselves in possession of what we want.


Have you Heard of Andrew de Leon?

Andrew de Leon is a freak. Black leather, chains, heavy make-up, withdrawn, shoulder-length hair. This is a kid who grew up feeling like he was never a part of anything. Andrew told the audience, “I can’t do anything very well.” That was AFTER he sang – leaving the audience and the judges on their feet, clapping, crying, stunned at his performance. Andrew had not sung for anyone previously; not publicly, not for his friends, his parents, nobody. But he got on that stage and left his audience breathless at his performance. See for yourself.

What holds you back from your dream?  Have you thought about it? Can you define what it is that constantly sabotages all your efforts to move closer to your dreams? Do you have a dream?

We all have a dream; something that we want but feel that we can never achieve. I could watch these short videos at the start of every day. You know why? Because they handily remove all my excuses for not pursuing my dreams vigorously. I have valid excuses. Or so I thought until I saw how courageously these kids overcame every obstacle in order to have a shot at their dream of singing as a profession.  My excuses are puny and ridiculous compared to what these folks had to overcome.  And that’s exactly why I should be forced to watch these videos at the start of every day.

I don’t feel like working on this or that right now. It’s hard. I don’t want to get on the phone and talk to so-and-so. I’m not ready. I have to go through my mail basket today. I’m not going to have time to do what’s really important.

Limitations and Comfort Zone – Getting Outside the Box

There are no limitations other than those that you artificially establish in your own mind. Get rid of them. You have the ability and the talent to do anything that you want. It doesn’t matter what you have been taught all your life. Forget what your parents told you. Forget what your friends say. Ignore the norms of society. The only thing that matters is you. You don’t have to please anyone but yourself. And if you let yourself down, that’s a bigger crime than letting others down.

Was your upbringing as bad as the Korean kid who was dropped off at the orphanage at the age of three, was sold for money, beaten up at the orphanage and forced to flee to the streets and sell gum for money, sought shelter in public toilets and then learned to sing a simple song by listening to performers sing in taverns. But that did not prevent him from getting on the stage in front of an international audience in hopes of getting just one shot at his dream, of something better than the streets. It doesn’t get much worse than the Korean kid’s story. So if your excuse is upbringing, unless you had a worse time than this kid, upbringing doesn’t count anymore. Find your dream and pursue it despite all obstacles.

Are your physical limitations similar to Susan Boyle’s. Susan thought she was brain damaged at birth. Others thought Susan was brain damaged. Some thought she was just an odd duck with a quirky personality to match. She felt like an outcast but didn’t know why. All she wanted to do was sing for the Queen of England. That’s all that mattered. When she got up the courage to do just that, people laughed at her. The judges on “Got Talent” told her so. No one believed she could sing opera. It must be a joke. After all, Susan looks and talks like a joke. She’s obviously a nut. Simon Cowell thought she was a nut. In the video he looks totally disgusted that the judges even have to waste their time listening to this nut.

Are your physical or mental limitations similar to what Susan Boyle had to face. You know that since she chose to ignore those limitations, she’s rich and happy now, having recorded and sold millions of her songs to an international community who loves her singing, despite her mental deformities. So what’s your excuse? I doubt that you have Asperger’s syndrome or are autistic. So you say that your situation is not really as bad as Susan Boyle’s situation? That’s wonderful news. Now let’s get a dream defined for you so that you can move on to the life that you deserve.

And lastly, Andrew the freak Gothic kid. Did you notice in the video how Howard Stern, one of the judges, even takes a moment to poke fun at Andrew? “What are you supposed to be? Have a rough day at the office? Do you always dress like that? Sort of a Gothic thing, huh?”

That’s good of  Mr. Stern. This kid has been ignored, alienated, withdrawn, and mis-informed all this life. And he finally gets up enough courage to sing in front of millions on stage and you make fun of him and ridicule him in front of that audience!!!!!? Based on Andrew’s story, he was already down and out. But her certainly did not need the likes of Howard Stern to verbally finish him off.

Nonetheless, he triumphed. Once again, the audience and judges were stunned by an unexpected superb performance. So he likes to sing arias like a girl. So what? That’s Andrews dream. And he’s incredible. Watch his semi-final performance. It’s pretty incredible. He choked in the semi-final performance, was sent home, and then was called back for a second chance. What happened next? Watch the video clip and find out.

So are you a total throw-away, like Andrew? You really have to use your imagination to understand what Andrew must have had to endure when growing up. What’s your excuse? Why is it that you don’t pursue your dreams? Did you have a life like the Korean kid or Andrew? If so, I’m very sorry. I really am. I have an immense amount of respect and compassion for the Korean kid, for Andrew, and for you. If you didn’t have a rough life, I still respect you. But let’s define a dream for you and get going.

These folks that I have been talking about will put all your (and mine) excuses to rest. I’ve had some bumps in my life but nothing compared to what I have just seen and heard on video from these performers. I’m sure that you can say the same.

So let’s get going. I’ve heard it said that the vast majority of people let their dreams die with them and they take their dreams to the grave, unfulfilled. Don’t do that. If there’s an excuse that I haven’t addressed yet, what is it? As soon as you tell me, I’ll find someone with that same issue who has overcome it and moved on.

Folks, you need to get out of your comfort zone and be, or become, or do what you want. There are no limitations. There are no excuses that haven’t already been overcome by someone else with lesser qualifications than you. Just find them.

Whatever has you boxed in right now, just make a decision to step out of the box. It may take persistence, perseverance, courage, initiative, determination, or a change in attitude. If these qualities are lacking, then get someone or something (like a book, a video, an audio book, a course, a life coach or whatever) to help you acquire these characteristics and then make your move.

If you need learning, learning is available. If you need support, support can be found.  If you need some encouragement, do what I just did. Find some over-comers on YouTube and listen to their story. You wont’ find me slacking off any more. I got an eye and and earful today. I had good excuses not to define and move closer to my dream. But they were all shot down.

Have you ever heard of the expression, “whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” W. Clement Stone said that in his book, “The Success System That Never Fails”. What that means is that if you can see it in your mind, you can do it. If you will take the time every day to form a mental image or picture in your mind of what it is that you want, and you will believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can have it, you WILL have it.

Can you still daydream? That may sound like a silly question but found through personal experience that the ability to daydream becomes harder with age. We used to daydream all the time when we were kids. We didn’t even have to force it. Remember? Our parents used to shake us out of daydreaming. “Stop daydreaming, Scott, and come to the dinner table.” I can still hear it as if it were yesterday.

Anyway, learn to daydream again. You already know how to do it. Just plant yourself where you won’t be interrupted and daydream about what it is that you really want. That’s your dream. Now make a high-level plan for getting there and start moving.

You’ve already learned in this post that obstacles and excuses are of no value to you. If you find yourself back-sliding on your dream, just think of the Korean kid, or Andrew de Leon, or Susan Boyle, or the fat shy kid with the terrific tenor voice. Watch the short video again for a reminder if you have to.

I’m Flat Out of Time

We haven’t addressed time as an excuse. Obviously all the folks in the videos had time to chase their dream despite occupational, family, or logistical requirements. I’ve seen some of these shows in the past. And I recall many potential show candidates indicating that they told work, “I quit. I’m off to pursue my dream of becoming a professional singer.” And of course work said, “Sure. Whatever.” and everybody laughed.

But you don’t need to go to that extent. Just go to bed each night with the satisfaction that you are closer to your goal and dream than you were the night before. That’s sufficient. If you can do that, you at least know that you are not standing still.

Maybe It’s Just Me

Take time to bring your dreams to fruition. That’s likely the most important time in your day. I didn’t know that the whole morning this morning was going to be spent watching the above videos multiple times. But the message in the videos hit me right where it hurts. And I needed that lesson. That was likely the most important time of my day today. And yes, it did move me closer to my goals and dreams.

I ask myself at least once every day, “Am I spending my time today where it matters most?” The answer is usually no. And then I make adjustments.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe others do not get the same message that I do from these performers. I asked myself, what is it that tears you up from watching these performances. It’s witnessing first-hand, other people overcoming overwhelming obstacles to chase their dreams and make them happen. That hasn’t happened for me. And it strikes a heavy-duty chord within me. You need to do that.

Don’t worry about what others say or think. There are always plenty of nay-sayers. Ignore them. Nothing can hold you back except you. Forget the limitations that you set up in your own mind. Get a dream and go chase it. Do it now!



What If You Could Have Whatever You Think About?

I ran into a book by accident, called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I only read positive, life-Photo of a couple looking at the sky and thinkingchanging, books and I had already read everything that I have in my house. I needed some good books to read.

So I did the obvious. I resorted to a Google search to locate some good books. I performed a search on “self improvement books”, picked a selection from the Google SERPS, and found a list of 24 recommended books on self-improvement.

I didn’t recognize any of the titles or the authors. Nevertheless, I selected a book arbitrarily. “The Secret” caught my attention. I had never heard of it. But the title peeked my curiosity. I ordered it from Amazon and waited for it to arrive.

Opening a new book is like discovering treasure. Little did I know what I had got myself into. I had accidentally discovered the secret that I have spent at least 40 years of my life searching for.

The book was published in 2006 by an Australian author, Rhonda Byrne, and was later made into a movie for television in the same year. I don’t know what channel it aired on in the USA. But obviously I had missed the premier of the movie on TV. The movie turned out to be quite the rage with millions of viewers  around the world.

I often have the feeling that I am the last one to arrive at the party. By that I mean that things that excite me are old news to others and I have been late in discovering some novel piece of  information.

What I am going to teach you in this post is that YOU create your own life, daily. How? You do this by what you think about most. You have total control over what you think about. What you think about most will dictate the direction of your life.

But forget that for now because I’m going to show you how that logically happens. I don’t expect for you to accept that statement at face value.

The Secret Book and Movie

Some of you may know of “The Secret“. Others may have no idea what I am talking about. So before you proceed, take 90 minutes and watch the full-length movie made for television in 2006 titled “The Secret. Watch it now, right here before you proceed with this post.

Or if you are short on time, watch the trailer of “The Secret“. It’s pretty short. Before you hit the play button,

I should warn you that when I created this post, it was 14 pages long in MS Word. I need for you to learn “The Secret” so that you understand what I am trying to teach you in the next thirteen pages. Please press the play button now and come back to this at then end of the flick.

So what do you think about?  What are your dominant thoughts? Do you find that what you think about most comes back to you again and again only magnified?

I admit that I lead a rather sheltered, reclusive life. I live in the boon-docks. I love the outdoors so I spend most of my time immersed in outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, tent camping, canoeing rivers and snowmobiling in the winter. I don’t’ have much use for TV or the news as the majority of it is depressing and boring. I avoid depressing and boring as I prefer to maintain a positive attitude, which means that I filter out everything else.

So I was probably the last one to learn of the secrets that “The Secret” book and movie held because I don’t watch much TV to begin with.

If you read the book or saw the movie, than this post might be a bit redundant for you. But stick around as I do not intent to write a book review or a commentary on the movie.

I never take any new information at face value. I have to research new claims and theories. And by research, I mean months of research until I validate and understand every nugget of information that I read.

I admit, that the first few pages of the book, “The Secret”, caught me off-guard and left me feeling like someone had hit me over the head with a baseball bat.  Stunned.

How could there be a little known Natural Law of such magnitude that has existed since the beginning of time, and I have remained ignorant of that Law all my life?

I’ve been a philosopher all my life. I literally search for this type of information. And by philosopher, I don’t just mean someone who gets a kick out of theorizing about this and that. I mean that I’ve had a college B.S. degree in Philosophy since 1968. I’m well acquainted with the writings of ALL the philosophers from Aristotle to Plato, to the Existentialists, the New Thought writers, Kafka, Camus, Bacon, all of them.

But somehow I missed this Natural Law, which happens to be the most powerful Natural Law in the Universe.  You see, this law states that “like attracts like”. That’s it. It’s that simple. But then most Natural Laws are simple. The Natural Law of cause and effect says that when one object bumps into another object, it produces the effect of putting that second object into motion. Pretty simple.

Laws of Nature – What Are They?

When Newton discovered the Natural Law of gravity, he did so by observing an apple falling from a tree. Since the falling apple accelerated in speed as it fell, he concluded that something must be pulling it to the ground. He did the research and the Natural Law of gravitational pull was explained. Later the physicists explained that gravity occurs on Earth because of the rate at which the Earth is spinning produces a centrifugal force that draws everything (even other planets) to it. That is why we all don’t fall off the earth into space when the ground on which we stand is actually upside down.

Einstein’s research produced E=Mc2, which states very simply that everything is made up of energy. Our bodies are made up of organs. Our organs are made up of cells. Our cells are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are made up of atoms. And an atom is made up of pure energy. If you can split an atom (s), that energy is released. A good example of this is the atom bomb which is comprised of the energy that is released when you split an atom(s).

So if everything is comprised of energy, then our thoughts must also be comprised of energy. This seemed to be a far stretch that was first put forth by thinkers and authors over the last 200 years or so. Some of these authors were Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others.

Everything – Even Your Thoughts Are Made of Energy

Quantum physicists have always remained skeptical that thoughts were actually comprised of energy. But now this group states that the model of the Universe that they have been trying to build for centuries makes no sense at all unless thoughts are accepted as things – energy which is vibrating at certain frequencies. They hold that everything vibrates. Even the atoms of which your body is made vibrates at a certain frequency. The objects in a room vibrate at a certain frequency. The vibration is the glue which holds objects together and gives them their unique shape. Everything that we perceive is comprised of atoms (energy) vibrating at a unique speed.

So everything is made of energy.

Therefore, every time we create a thought, we are essentially releasing a thing whose energy is vibrating at a certain speed. Note the use of the word, CREATE. We are creators. We create thoughts. Thoughts comprise ideas. Some ideas become plans. Some plans become huge such as the plan to see if we can put a man on the moon. But remember that that plan started as just a thought – a person releasing a thing made up of pure energy.

So what happens to this thing – a thought? Does it die and go away? No. If it were to die and go away, quantum physicists would need to explain how that happens. And they can’t. So the conclusion is that thoughts (energy) are released into the ether (the Universe) where they float around (so to speak) and can be picked up by other minds who are circumstantially prepared to receive that thought.

The great inventor, Thomas Edison, used to sit in a dark, sound-proof room for hours in front of a notepad of paper and a pen. He placed himself in a relaxed, meditation and he would wait for thoughts from the ether (originating from somewhere else) to enter his mind, thus stimulating new ideas in his own brain.

The author and teacher, Napoleon Hill, believed that our brains were both broadcasting stations and receiving stations. We broadcast our own thoughts into the ether and when we are attuned and super-susceptible to receiving other thoughts, our minds become a receiving station. This is where new thoughts and hunches come from.

So what is important to understand is first, that we are creators – creators of thoughts which are living things comprised of pure energy. Your thoughts are not wasted but continue to take on a life of their own. Let me say that again – You are a creator, you create thoughts. That’s a big deal. You may consider it just thinking. But you are creating something that has a life of its own. It’s hard for us to stop thinking. We even continue thinking while we sleep. It’s hard to shut the brain off. And as long as we are thinking, we are creating something comprised of pure energy.

Thoughts Are Energy, But Lets Move On To “like attracts like

Now it’s time to bring the Natural Law of  “like attracts like” into the picture. We’ve already seen how thoughts are things. And thoughts are energy. Since they are things that you created, they don’t die once they leave your brain. They are energy like everything else and they go on living in the Universe.

A couple of things can happen to thoughts. We have already seen how Edison and others would place themselves in a meditation state in order to make themselves receptive to new thoughts. They were activating the receiving station portion of their minds. They wanted to receive certain thoughts in order to carry on their research with new ideas.

For now, we will NOT concern ourselves with the use of thoughts that are available to anyone who can and does prepare themselves to receive them. We WILL concern ourselves with thoughts that you release into the ether frequently – sometimes without even being aware of it. The reason why we want to concern ourselves with these thoughts is because YOU are a creator in this instance. Furthermore,  this is where the Natural Lawlike attracts like” comes into play. And we want to learn more about what that means.

Let’s summarize briefly, what was said earlier about the Natural Lawlike attracts like”. I’ll begin by pointing out that the book “The Secret”, and the associated movie by the same title, were both based on this little known natural law. But I did not explain what the phrase “like attracts like” actually means.

It’s impossible to talk about this Natural Law without first explaining what a thought is, how it comes into being, and what happens to it if it really is a thing. Fortunately quantum physicists  and certain laymen have helped us with that understanding as I have explained above.

Now, we can either go into the background of this Natural Law and trace its origins and impact on humanity or we can talk about how this Natural Law impacts us today. Let’s choose to talk about how this Natural Law impacts us today and put off the background until later.

So What Does “like  attracts like” Have To Do With Us?

You create a thought or thoughts. This often happens even when you are not aware of it since you are thinking all the time. “Like attracts like” happens when that which you think about most is released into the ether (Universe) and attracts other like thoughts. This causes that which you think about most to come back to you magnified (the Law of Attraction at work). Since the Law of Attraction is a Natural Law, we don’t have opportunity to question why this happens. It’s a Law of Nature. Why do we have this thing called gravity? Do we really need it? Who knows. Why is everything made of energy? Who knows. How come the weather is never consistent? Why is grass always green? Why is the sky blue?  Why does time go forward but never backward? We don’t have answers to fully explain all Natural Laws. They just are what they are.

So that which you think about most is created and released by you to the ether where it attracts other like thoughts and comes back to you. “Like attracts like” has certain peculiar characteristics which you need to be aware of. Let’s look at some examples.

If you tend to think about what troubles you the most, your problems and issues , those thoughts are broadcast to the ether, attract like thoughts and come back to you as more problems and issues.

If you are searching for your soul mate and think about that the most, those thoughts are broadcast to the ether, attract like thoughts and come back to you as more opportunities for finding a soul make.

If you are inundated with bills and you think, “I don’t want any more bills!” and that is what preoccupies your mind, those thoughts are released to the ether, attract like thoughts, and you get more bills. Have you ever noticed this? Exactly what you DON’T want is exactly what you get. A bad situation gets worse. This is one of the peculiar characteristics of the Law of Attraction that I mentioned. People tend to spend more time thinking about what they DON’T want instead of thinking about what they DO want. You should never do this. The Universe is perfect. Negativity does not exist in the Universe. So when you say I don’t want more bills, the negative (don’t) gets ignored and your thought becomes “I want more bills”. Think about what you DO want.

Let me interject at this point that sooner or later you are going to ask me, “If I can have whatever I want just by thinking about it all the time, wouldn’t I and everyone else be rich and happy?”  There are three reasons why this doesn’t happen. I already mentioned one. Here they are:

1) We as humans spend more time thinking about what we DON’T want instead of thinking about what we DO want.
2) There is a problem in receiving that which you are wanting. We’ll talk about this later.
3) The vast majority of people in the world know nothing of the Law of Attraction nor how to use it to their advantage.

Those are the three reasons why we are not all walking around rich and happy. Quite the opposite. If people are constantly thinking most about what they do not want, that is exactly what they are getting. That’s a formula for misery.

Do you see why I have been repeating over and over again that you are a creator because you create your own thoughts, which are things, that live and are released to the ether? Now let’s take that one step further. You are also the creator of your own LIFE. And I do not mean that you are the creator of your life on a grand scale. I mean that you create your own life on a daily basis and can change its direction any time you please by changing what you think about most.  Best read that statement again. You create your own life by that which you think about most. You can create your life to be anything that you choose. You already do that daily without realizing that your life is currently comprised of that which you think about most. So now that you know that you are unknowingly doing this, why not think about and create the life that you desire most?

Give that some thought. Think back over the years and ask yourself, what was on my mind during all those years? What was most important to me? What was I thinking about most at that time? Why didn’t my life turn out the way I expected? You should be able to prove to yourself that you did indeed receive exactly what you thought about most.

Does that mean you have to constantly monitor your thoughts to insure that you don’t get something back that you don’t want.  Not at all. That would eventually drive you nuts. Only that which you think about all the time, attracts other like thoughts and has a habit of manifesting itself in your life.

But you must realize that you have the ability to create your own life by thinking about most, that which  you WANT most. You can’t create for others. Only yourself.

You create your own life every day. Your life is that which you think about most. You attract more of what you think about most. Look back over your life for the last 20 or so years. Try and identify what you have been thinking about most over that time. Was it wealth? Was it poverty or a consistent lack of funds? Was it health? Was it sickness, disease, doctors, and medications? What was it? Try and identify what you were thinking about at a high level. I propose that you got exactly what you were thinking about.

Forget about destiny. Destiny is a coincidence. You are not destined to do or become this or that. You thought your life into existence. And you can change your life at any time just by thinking most about that which you really want. If you are a proponent of this “destiny thing”, then go ahead and create your destiny in what you think about most. Nobody is going to do it for you. If you feel you are destined to be healer in the medical field, you can do that. Just visualize yourself doing that daily. If you feel that you are destined to be famous, just visualize yourself as being famous at doing something daily and when you truly believe that, you will be famous.

You can disagree with me if you like. The sources of my information (in addition to personal experience) are too numerous to mention here. But if you are skeptical that what I am proposing is unfounded, prove me wrong. I’ll be more than happy to post a retraction to this post if you can prove me wrong. Use the resources and references that I’m going to give you at the end of this article and find a fault or contradiction in what I am saying.

But first understand that I regard my responsibility as getting you to think. I’m not trying to convert anyone. I’m just the messenger. And as you know, you should not shoot the messenger if you do not care for the message. I just want you to think about this stuff. And I mean, turn off the lights, remove all distractions, and spend some time really THINKING.

Do you have any idea how literally outrageous it is and how important it is to understand that you can CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE, HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, BE WHATEVER YOU WANT,  just by making those desires your primary thoughts? It’s a bit more complicated than that and I’m going to share with you every little detail. But first, you need to look at your life and ask yourself, “did I create this?”. Of course you did. You just need to convince yourself of that. I can present any number of widely accepted, well documented, highly respected, sources of information that will show this to you if you are willing to do the research. But I have already done the research for you and I gain nothing by lying to you.


But There’s a Problem – It’s Called Distraction

 Distraction is the Enemy Which Prevents You From Thinking

Ours is a world of distraction. No one would deny that the pace of life grows faster and faster every decade. There was a time when taking time to read, think, or talk about things that are important to you was perfectly natural, and rewarding. But today, everyone is flat out of time and totally distracted.

Distracted by what? For starters, just getting through the day can be a challenge. Add to that the distraction of television, TV’s that are capable of capturing five movies or more at once, phones whether they be in your home, in your car, in your purse or briefcase, on your desk or in your desk, computers, tablets, and smart phones, XM radio that allows you to listen to thousands of channels playing anything you can dream up in your car or any other place where you want to listen to music for enjoyment and distraction. People are so distracted by their e-mail and texting that they literally walk into walls or light posts as they traverse the streets. The government had to make laws just to get people with cell phones to stop staring at them and pay attention when driving. Music on iPods, on jump drives, or on your phone. Computer or DVD screens in your cars. The list goes on and on. Distraction. Anything is better than having to THINK. We intentionally distract ourselves so we don’t have to endure the silence that may require us to think.

We take whatever sleep remedy is handy to insure that we get to sleep as quickly as possible. Your mind never stops thinking, even while you are asleep. But if we can get to sleep fast enough, we can at least avoid being conscious that we cannot stop our minds from thinking.

Why do we do this? If we can literally think and visualize the things we want most into our lives; if we can create our lives on a daily basis just by thinking and concentrating on what is most important to us, why would we search for a distraction in order to avoid this?

So What Does the Author Do?

I don’t make any claims that I am any different, any smarter or any better than anyone else. But I enjoy that time that I can retreat from distractions and day-dream, think, and plan. I used to own a Droid X2 smart phone but got rid of it when I realized that I only used it to check my e-mail and take an occasional call. I never did use the browser on the phone because I find a 2×3 inch screen a bit awkward. I can type like the wind so I never had any patience for texting.

I have XM Radio in my car but seldom listen to it. So I think I’ll get rid of that too. I prefer chatting with my passengers or taking time to think and watch videos in my mind. I do have Onstar in my car for safety reasons and that includes a satellite phone. But it is rarely used.

There are no radios in my house. Stereo equipment has never been important to me. I have a small stereo in the living room and a ton of CD’s, but I rarely listen to any of them. The only TV in the house is a tiny thing that sits on the kitchen island counter for catching the weather report. The news is too depressing to watch.

My point is – I’m really not looking for distractions. I read a lot and write or do research on the computer.  Sometimes I go to bed early just so I can lay there in the dark and think about things that are important to me an hour or two before retiring. Did you know that the last thing that you think about before you fall asleep is likely to embed itself in your subconscious mind (if repeated often enough)? And what is on your mind before you fall asleep has a good likelihood of finding its way into your dreams.

Does that make me weird? I know that my habits are not the norm. But folks, it’s this simple. Either you are the captain of your ship and the master of your soul or someone or something else is. If the latter, that leaves you and your life merely on an abandoned ship that is being tossed by the wind and the waves in whatever direction it will go. I encourage you to take more time to think about those things which are important to you. What do you want for your life? Think about those things most.

How Do I Create That Which I Want Most in my Life?

 It’s not difficult. And before I get into the details of what I would do, let me throw this statement out there. If you are thinking, okay, I do my thing and somewhere down the long road of life, something that I was thinking about a lot actually occurs in my life before I become aged and kick the bucket.

No. That’s not what I’m talking about. Not even close. Once you master that which you think about most, you will see things begin to change in your life immediately but subtly. Remember, the Universe loves speed. If things are delayed, the fault lies with your RECEIVING that which you are wanting.  Your RECEIVING  is dependent on YOU and your willingness to BELIEVE that you will actually receive that which you want most. Let me use an example because I sense that I am loosing you.

A Very Explicit and Important Example

I want to be financially independent. I’m tired of making all my life’s decisions based on money. I don’t want money to be a consideration anymore when making decisions. If I want to spend February or March in the Caribbean, I just want to go. I don’t want to spend hours or days online looking for the best deal on the planet so I can save a few bucks. And I don’t ever want to hear the words “can we afford it” again.

I have some debt that I want to get paid off. But don’t you ever think about debt. If you think about paying off debt all the time, you will only succeed in attracting more debt.  Think about getting rich and forget the debt. Debt is something that you DON’T want. The Universe doesn’t care about what you DO NOT want. It only cares about what you DO want.

And my abode is a bit untidy because we built it ourselves and ran out of steam and money before it was finished. I want it finished. That is what I want. There is only one way to solve my issues. A big chunk of money. So my focus is money. Isn’t that a surprise. So how do I make that happen?

Now before I proceed I need to qualify some things. The following discussion will likely touch upon religious and spiritual beliefs. That’s normally a sensitive subject; primarily because not everyone believes in a Higher Authority. And if they do believe in a Higher Authority, the various religions of the world have different names for the Higher Authority. So I am going to stick with generic wording so that I do not offend anyone.

I honestly believe that what I am about to describe is not in any way dependent on your believing in a Higher Authority. The reason being, that a Higher Authority does not care whether you are an atheist, a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or whatever. A Higher Authority accepts and loves you right where you are at regardless of whether you are a drunk, a drug freak, a whore, a trans-sexual, a homeless person, a member of an occult; you may be dirty, stink, foul or whatever. It just doesn’t matter.

So that’s my disclaimer. It is not my intention to preach to you or judge you in any way. So let’s get on with the example.

What I would do, having the previously stated wants, is to first get a clear and precise statement in my mind of that which I want to see manifested in my life. I would likely get it on paper where I can see it and review it. That is just my habit. I’m a visual learner. It is extremely important to be precise about that which you want. And though the list of what you want may be lengthy, you absolutely must focus on just one want at a time. Focus on your most pressing need and put the other wants aside for later.

Once you are perfectly clear and precise about that which you are wanting, you only need to present that thought to the Universe once. As soon as you do that, your request is answered IMMEDIATELY. That’s right, immediately. As soon as I formulate the thought that I want to be rich enough to eliminate financial considerations in my every decision and I want to live out the rest of my days in my current abode with it being complete to the last detail, that which I want is given. Actually, I need to be more precise than that. I need to state a precise dollar amount versus just thinking “rich enough to eliminate financial considerations in every decision.” So let’s say a million bucks will do the trick. That’s the figure that I see in my mind.

You say, “what do you mean it is given? How can that be? Nothing is ever that easy. Do you really expect your readers to believe that?”.  Let me explain.


You see the hardest part of being a creator of our own life is that we  have all been sucked into this environment, society , laws, rules, morals, norms, education, expectations, call it whatever you want or call it all of the above. We are distracted 24 hours a day. And because our life’s experience has taught us that you can’t want a car and look out the window and find one in your driveway five minutes after wanting it, we believe that.  That’s probably a stretch for you. Let me take that back.

The Three Parts to Getting What You Want

The biggest problem in “like attracts like” is in the RECEIVING part, not in the ASKING part. The three parts to thinking that which you want into your life are:

1) ASK

2) ANSWER (the Universe does this part, not you)


Deciding what you want is not hard. It’s not hard to make a precise definition of what you want. As soon as you know what you want, and get a clear mental picture of that, step 2 above takes place immediately.  The Universe loves speed. Remember that the quantum physicists tell us that the only place where time exists is on Earth. Take Earth out of the picture and time doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing that matters is NOW. That’s what the Universe knows. Everything is NOW. The Universe knows nothing of tomorrow, next week, or later. There is only NOW.

Let’s get back to the example. I’ve written down a clear statement of that which I want on a piece of paper. Once my draft is complete and states exactly what I want it to state, I sit back admire it, and the thought (which is my asking) takes place with no effort on my part and I’m  done.

Now, I need to prepare myself to RECEIVE that which I ASKED for. There are some tools for doing this. The next thing that I would do is to prepare a “vision board”. A vision board is like taping something that you like onto the refrigerator. Visualizing something in your mind is extremely powerful when you are trying to convince your mind that you have already received that which you asked for.  For that matter, you currently do nothing without first getting an image in your mind.  Think about that. When you start your day, don’t you, without even realizing it, see an image of the day’s events in your mind? Do you see yourself at the office or at the local mall? Do you see the items that you will need to put into your grocery cart before you even arrive at the store? Of course you do. That’s how you create your shopping list.

The Universe and the Higher Authority Needs an Image.

Run that video in your mind frequently. Visualize that which you are wanting. Do it while you drive. Driving from point A to point B is a total waste of time if that’s all you are doing is driving. Turn off the radio, sound system, or cell phone and spend the time visualizing what it will be like when you receive that which you are wanting. Your job is to convince yourself beyond the shadow of a doubt that you already have received that which you want. Once you do that, there it is.

On my vision board I would tape or pin anything that looks like a finished abode, with shiny hardwood floors, oriental rugs, fine cherry furniture (we have cherry furniture but it’s in storage), old-fashioned quilts hanging from the wooden beams (my wife is a quilter but the beams in the great room are not finished), etc. etc. I want to run that video in my mind at least a couple times a day. I want to take measurements in order to place furniture and draw a plan of each room and where things will sit.

I want to begin to act and feel like a man of substance who doesn’t give a rip about money. No decisions based on money any more. Just enjoy my life and the heck with money. Does that mean I act financially irresponsible? No. But I’ll trick my mind into believing I don’t care about money by making my bills look like checks to me after I add a few zeros. Or I’ll alter a one dollar bill to look like a $100K bill and pin that over my bed on the ceiling. Or I’ll print a fake check off the Internet and write that out to me for a million bucks and place it in my wallet. Do what you have to in order to get BELIEF. Everything is fair game as long as it’s within the law and doesn’t harm others.

Do you get the idea? I have to do SOMETHING to force myself to BELIEVE that my abode is complete to every detail and I don’t give a rip about money anymore. Once I have done that, I am ready to RECEIVE that which was given to me the moment I formulated the thought of that which I am wanting.  It may be weeks, it may be months, it may take years. It’s entirely dependent on ME and my ability to BELIEVE in something other than what my five senses tell me.

There are Some Rules – Here’s #1

Now here’s the part that the atheist will struggle with. In order to receive that which you are wanting, you must first have “an attitude of gratitude”. Take the time to write down for review, that which you already have for which you are grateful to a Higher Authority. Either you are pretty tickled about your soul mate, the wheels you have in the garage, the roof currently over your head and the fact that you’ll find three fine meals on your table every day, or you don’t give a rip. If you are feeling pretty satisfied with all these things, be thankful. Thanksgiving and the holidays are a good time to do that anyway.

Don’t bother to verbalize your feeling. The Higher Authority doesn’t listen to anything you say so you are wasting your time with verbalization. The Higher Authority is only interested in your primary thoughts and that’s all the Higher Authority hears. Have an “attitude of gratitude” and that which you want will come into your life that must quicker.

Now before you have a fit about my statement that a Higher Authority doesn’t care what you verbalize, let me make a disclaimer that will make you feel better about this. You can’t verbalize anything without first thinking about what you want to say. So verbalize if you want, but the thought comes first and Higher Authority receives the thought but not the sound your voice makes. Our Universe is all about thoughts and mental images but it’s pretty quiet out there in the Universe.

I solved the issue of gratitude by stealing an idea from a certain movie. I keep a stone in my right pants pocket all the time. I call it my “gratitude rock”. Every time I put it in my pocket or take it out, or if I put my hands in my pocket and notice it there, I think of a few things for which I am grateful. That’s not hard. I’ve had a pretty sweet life. Attitude of gratitude solved.

There is No Such Thing as Something for Nothing – Rule #2

As soon as you give over that which you are wanting to your dominant thoughts, that which you asked for is given to you. If you have no evidence of that, it is because you are not prepared or “ALIGNED” to receive it. Remember? Ask, Answer, Receive. The first two steps are pretty easy. Although some may find it hard to clearly define what it is that they are wanting, and form a mental image of that. Additionally, in order to do your part in acquiring this thing that you want, you must be able to work yourself into a white-heat of desire for it. You must “align” yourself (that which you do) with your goal. It would be silly to do otherwise.

Here’s an example. It makes no sense for someone who is sickly year after year to want sound health, and after making that want clear to the Universe, they continue to smoke and avoid exercise of any sort. That’s like riding two horses going in opposite directions. In order to “align” yourself to that which you are wanting, make a plan to quit smoking and incorporate a little exercise into your regimen.  As soon as you ask for that which you are wanting, the Universe begins to move the necessary parts of your answer in YOUR direction or TOWARDS you. You also need to move yourself TOWARDS your desire in order to not contradict that for which you are wanting. You don’t ever want to be sick again. Nothing; not even a simple cold. You’re fed up with it.

Now before you say, “Isn’t what you are describing a self-fulfilling prophecy? Wouldn’t this person become healthier anyway if they quit smoking and did some exercise?” Yes, they would become healthier. But would they eliminate illness from their lives for good? I doubt it. I have read of people who have never been ill for a day in their lives. How is that possible? I’m sorry to say that I have no idea. Unless, they have somehow tapped into the Law of Attraction.

Let’s pester this a bit more. Because I sense that you are not fully satisfied with that answer. Let’s take the example that I stated previously which describes that which I am wanting. Will I get a check for a million bucks in the mail so that I can hire some carpenters to finish my abode to my liking? And then I’ll never have to worry about money again? I don’t want to discount any solution to what I am wanting. But I would theorize, No; I will not receive a check for a million bucks.

But in order to receive that for which I am wanting, I know that I must “align” my thinking and activity toward the realization of that end. Does it make any sense for me to sit here with my arms folded and wait for a check to arrive? Absolutely not! So what am I doing to align myself with that for which I am wanting?

For starters, I moved all of my investments to one stellar investment management firm that will do a better job of increasing dividends and returns for my portfolio. I own a few properties that I don’t want. I put them on the market. I tightened up our budget a bit. I’ve created a new income stream. I keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities.  Does that make sense? I have aligned my thinking and my actions to that which I am wanting. I’m moving closer to my goal while the Universe moves my goal closer to me. I expect new opportunities to present themselves simply because I took the time to test drive the Law of Attraction and see if I can, indeed, create my life just by thinking about that which I want.

Was that such a great effort on my part? No. Can you afford to ignore this post and this Natural Law and go your own way alone, not having the vaguest idea of what lies down the road for you and your life? Or would you rather create your life just the way you want it? I prefer the latter. I don’t expect something for nothing. There are no free hand-outs. But I feel that spending my time thinking about the things that are most important to me, taking the time to visualize those things, and taking action to make them happen; that’s likely the most important action that I will ever take in my life. And it causes me no additional hassle or pain.

So that’s it. To summarize:

1) Ask – formulate a precise definition of that which you want. (you can do this as many times as you want)

2) Answer – the Universe does this, nothing required on your part

3) Receive – the tough part because we as humans tend NOT to believe things we cannot feel, smell, hear,  see, or taste.

Use visualization, a vision board, fake money. If you want a Ferrari, go test drive one. Do whatever you have to do to convince yourself that you already received that which you are wanting. Go sit in a comfortable chair, turn out the lights, borrow a toy steering wheel from your kids and something to use for the shifter and drive that new car. Rip through the gears. See everything in your mind. Feel the adrenaline rush when you take that Ferrari up to 90 mph in a few seconds. Do that at least once a day until that image in your mind becomes more vivid. And then…….

A Story About How the Mind Interacts with Your Body

When training, personal trainers have track & field athletes run their race in the lab while hooked up to sophisticated monitoring equipment that records their thought impulses and their body’s muscle activity. The athletes close their eyes and run their race in their mind so that they see themselves on the track running in their “mind’s eye”.

The same monitoring had taken place previously when they were physically on the track and the athlete was actually running their race. The results of the monitoring, one set of stats recorded in the lab and the other set of stats recorded on the actual track, were then compared. There were virtually no differences in the brain activity or the muscles that fired in order to run the race, whether it be in the mind (while standing still in the lab) or on the track.


Back to the Law of Attraction

There are people who have always known “The Secret” and have mastered what I have just explained to you. They have everything that they want. Is it a surprise to you that the people that I refer to can be found in less than 2% of the population? 98% of the available wealth is concentrated in less than 2% of the population. That’s a fact. Check the census figures. Now you know one reason why.

Don’t believe me? Now it is time to look at the historical foundation of “The Secret”. You may be hearing this for the first time. But It has been with us since the beginning of time. This Law of Nature has been hidden, protected, banned,  and suppressed for centuries. Why? Because it is the most powerful of the Laws of Nature. The Secret is called the Law of Attraction.  It’s also called the Law of Affinity or the Law of Love;  love being the most powerful force in the Universe.

Why is it that few of us have heard of this Natural Law? Think first of Natural Laws that you ARE aware of. Gravity was explained by Newton. The fact that everything is made of energy was discovered by Einstein. Natural Laws such as the changing of the seasons have been explained by meteorologists over and over again. Or the fact that the Earth rotates on an axis once every 24 hours and circumvents the sun every 365 days have been discovered and explained by astronomers, such as Galileo.

But the Natural Law of Attraction has not received much attention. Few know of its existence. Why is that? First of all, realize that there have been a handful of people who have known of this laws existence.  You can find references to it in written sources back through the ages. But it has escaped the public eye. Why?

The Law of Attraction was Hidden and Suppressed, Even Banned

Since you can create your own life simply by managing your dominant thoughts, that makes you a “creator”. You can bring things into existence simply by thinking them into existence. You cannot create for others. Do you think that is powerful? Can you see why those in a position of power and wealth would want to keep this information to themselves versus share it with “the little people”? Every day we learn in the news of things that the rich and powerful did not want us to know. Do you think that our modern society has a monopoly on secrecy?

I do not want to reiterate what is already documented in the book and the movie, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. If you are wondering, why the secrecy, you will find the answers that you are looking for there.

By the way, why is Rhonda Byrne in Wikipedia? She’s still living and is middle-aged. To my knowledge she only created one low-budget movie called The Secret. She has written several books all of which are on the subject of the Secret. She’s not a famous personality. Before The Secret, she was an unknown TV producer and broke. Just asking.

References Where You Can Find More Information

The Law of Attraction is a Law of Nature that has been with us, like all other Laws of Nature, since the beginning of time. “The Secret”  movie and book exposed this Law to the world in 2006. But I have researched further than this single source. And I will share some of that research with you. The authors who have written on this subject down through the ages are much too numerous to mention here. Again, Rhonda Byrne‘s book The Secret provides a wealth of references to other writings and authors. Follow them.

You will also find a wealth of information on The Secret website. One resource that is noteworthy on this website are thousands, maybe millions of letters from people all over the world who have tested and mastered the Law of Attraction and have written letters describing how their lives have changed.

There are a multitude of links between the Bible and the Law of Attraction, which means the ideas of this Natural Law are thousands of years old. Google “law of attraction and the Bible” and you will turn up over 2 million search results and you will find the Biblical references.

The first reference to the Law of Attraction is theorized to be in the Emerald Tablet of Babylon, circa 3,000 B.C.. Specifically, the engravings on the tablet say “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

Even Buddha referenced the Law of Attraction in 563 BCE-483BCE when he said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.

The movie, “The Secret” and book were based on the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, specifically “The Science of Getting Rich” which was written in 1910. Wattles wrote many books for the “New Thought” movement in the late 1800’s. The New Thought movement was a change in religious dogma from a Higher Authority of fire and brimstone to a Higher Authority of love, abundance, and giving. Your birth-right is abundance, plenty, and whatever you want. Read this book if you want to know why. It’s an eye-opener.

On the subject of how the brain works, Napoleon Hill wrote at length in 1937 about the brain’s dual function as both a sending station and a receiving station. His close friend, Thomas Edison, contributed to this discussion and verified that the information was true according to Mr. Edison’s own personal experiences. As an inventor, Edison acquired his best material by sitting in a dark room for hours waiting for thoughts originating from the ether to enter his own mind and stimulate new ideas. You’ll find this discussion in Hill’s epic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, chapters 12-14.

Robert Collier (1885-1950) wrote “The Secret of the Ages”. Although he seldom mentions the Law of Attraction by name, it’s presence in his writings is evident. This book is a good read but be aware that his writing style is difficult at times. Robert was studying to be a priest but became a prolific writer instead. His books have religious content but he is not “preachy”. He coined the phrase, “See things as you would have them be, instead of as they are.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks book, “Money and the Law of Attraction” 2008 is 236 pages of an exhaustive explanation on how the Law of Attraction can be used specifically for solving financial distress issues. You’ll find it on Amazon.

Conclusion – Life is Meant to be Abundant!

This may be an abstract concept for many. It took me awhile to accept it when I was first exposed to “The Secret”, and I had to study and study the concept until I believed it myself. I still need to prove it out in daily experience. It goes against what many of us have been told or taught all of our lives. Whether you were raised in a family with a poverty mindset or grew up experiencing continuous financial issues or if you are currently still trading your time for money in your job as you try to pay off your debt. The truth is really that there is no such thing as lack or limitation. There is enough money in the world for all of us to be rich, wealthy, and prosperous. This is the truth for you even if it is not in front of you at this exact moment. If you do not believe this, you push against it and if you push against it then abundance cannot ever come into your life.

So mastering the secret to success and the ability to choose your results starts in having the mindset and belief that life is meant to be abundant and there is an abundance of opportunity for you! You were meant to have everything and anything that you desire. Learn to reject thoughts of scarcity, limitation, lack and poverty. Fill your mind with thoughts and images of wealth, prosperity, success and the luxuries of financial freedom. When you do, you will start the magnetic process of attracting wealth to you. You will magnetically attract resources, money, people opportunities that support you and provide you with everything that you need to live a life of abundance. You can start to realize a result of success and wealth. You can choose a result that is different than the one you currently have.

I used to think that wealth and prosperity belonged only to people that I considered exceptional or better than me. I grew up in a family with a  poverty, scarcity mindset, that there was never enough to go around. My parents used to say, go to school, get a job, work hard, and you’ll be happy.  The truth is, that none of those statements are true. They are purely excuses and limiting beliefs, a conditioning that was probably passed down to my parents from their parents or other external influences like schools, newspapers, television or society.

Life is meant to be abundant!!!! Endeavor to think it, believe it, and live it!

The Secret is the Law of Attraction. And the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like“. Like thoughts attract other like thoughts which come back to you magnified and begin the process of creating belief in your mind. Once you truly believe that you have that which you are wanting, you are able to receive it, and there it is.

What Will You Do Now That You Know The Secret?

Test the secret for yourself. What will it cost you? It will cost you nothing in terms of physical labor or time. Your mind is always thinking anyway. Just think about what you desire most. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want. Isn’t that the most important thing that you can think about anyway – your deepest desires? What do you risk? Nothing.

If you hit a dead-end, get a couple of the paperback books mentioned above and find the answers to your questions. Read some of the letters that others have written about their quest to master the Secret. You’ll find nuggets in their letters that will help you overcome obstacles. Consider your quest a challenge that just requires a little mental effort. But the rewards for finishing the quest are priceless.


We Only Use 10% of Our Brain!? That’s a Bummer.

Confessions and Admonitions

I  frequently begin many posts with confessions or admonitions. I find the need to admit to certain personal character idiosyncrasies or flaws that explain why I’m writing about a particular subject. I find this practice of mine to be annoying. I think it’s a sign of poor writing skills and I think that is why it annoys me. But if I don’t “set the stage” for what it is that I want to post, then you will not have a good understanding of what I am saying. So I’ve learned to deal with this practice. Here are my admonitions for this post.

I have always had an overwhelming interest in the human mind and the way that we think. When I was a child, someone told me that we typically only use less than 10% of our brain capacity. I’ve heard the same claim repeated over and over again since the time of being a child. But what do you suppose happens when you tell a child that he can’t have the remaining 90%f of his brain capacity? It’s like telling a child that he can’t have candy. The child will want candy with a passion until he gets it. That’s just our nature.

So ever since I was told that 90% of my brain capacity is not used, I want that 90%. It’s mine, and I want it. So I have been preoccupied for the rest of my life with figuring out how to get it.

I have made significant progress. My wife thinks I’m nuts. Talking to her about this subject drives her up the wall. She’s content and happy with her life, while utilizing only 10% of her brain capacity and I don’t have a problem with that. My job as a husband and father is to make sure that the rest of the family is well provided for, content and happy. And I have accomplished that. Some people treat their lives as a never-ending learning experience and some don’t. That’s OK.

But I’m not content and happy until I find out how to utilize that missing 90% of my brain capacity. Tell someone they can’t have something, and that’s exactly what they will want; with a passion!

So I admit to being a fanatic about this. Some may find that characteristic of me to be boring. I apologize if that be the case. Quite frankly, I think that we all can do a better job of taking control of our minds and spending more time thinking about what is important to us, followed by taking action to make improvements.

What is important? That’s a good question because that question cannot be answered objectively. I can’t speak for you or the rest of the population of the world. So I’ll attempt an answer that is broad enough to represent the majority. What is important is whatever action is necessary to improve our lives and the lives of others in such a way so as not to violate the Golden Rule ie. “do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.” I borrow that phrase from the Bible because there really is no better way to say, do whatever you want to improve your lot in life, but don’t step on anyone else’s toes when you do it.

Now this post is not about religion. As for me, I’m a God-fearing man and always have been. But I won’t push my beliefs off on you. The only reason I bring this up is because what I really want to share with you, could touch on spiritual beliefs. So I wanted to make it clear where I stand and assure you that my interests deal only with learning how to claim that 90% of my brain, that others say we don’t use. So this post has nothing to do with religious beliefs.

How I Accidentally Bumped Into Quantum Jumping

Now that I’ve pre-qualified everything, I can proceed. And my hope is that you are with me to this point, and understand where I am coming from. Although I’m certain that you do not understand, at this point, where I am going with this.

So I’ll just lay it out there. Forgive me if I arrived at the party late, but through a series of unrelated events today, I became aware of “Quantum Jumping”. I had heard that phrase before, but I thought it had something to do with jumping off a cliff in one of those flying suites that you see people wear on TV.

photo of burt goldman

Burt Goldman

I was viewing a video course on my computer about CPA marketing. The author of the course presented three examples of quality landing pages. I bypassed the first example and clicked on the second link for no particular reason at all. And there I was. On Burt Goldman’s home page on Quantum Jumping. When I don’t know anything about a particular subject that looks interesting, I normally “poke it with a stick” to see to see if there is anything there that is “warm and breathing”.

After initial examination, I’m guessing that Quantum Jumping was promoted by several Internet marketers in the self-improvement niche, back in the late 90’s. I say that because, being a CPA marketer myself, I noticed that all the bells, whistles, and hooks are all still in place from when the promotion was run.

Quantum Jumping is a phrase that Burt Goldman coined. If you don’t know of Burt, if you poke around his website, you’ll find his life’s story and how he ran into Quantum Jumping by accident. Quantum Jumping has a lot to do with being able to access that 90% of your brain capacity that has been denied to most of us since birth. And the reason I pre-qualified this post with certain admonitions is because this subject always gets my attention.

Why does it get my attention? You already know the answer to that question. It gets my attention because, as a child, I was told that I had no need for the other 90% of my brain capacity which most of us never use anyway. And I don’t like being told that I can’t have something that is already mine.

Here’s Some Background Info That Will Explain My Interest

Photo of Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Beginning in 2007, I spent 4 years researching why, upon retirement from a long and lucrative career with two Fortune 100 companies, I still did not have a feeling of successfully having accomplished anything.  I learned much about taking control of your mind and focusing it on your most passionate desires from authors like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, W. Clement Stone, and others. This year I consolidated everything which I had learned from these authors into a multi-module video course of study, which I have yet to publish.  My goal is to share this information with others who have no idea how to achieve their deepest desires; or those who have attempted to reach for their desires or riches and have failed. Or worse yet, for those who have passionate desires and goals, but have given up on achieving them.

So you can see that I was “well primed” when, for no particular reason at all, the concept of Quantum Jumping spilled off my computer screen and onto my desk.

Remember the Old Short-Wave Radios? Pretend Your Mind Works Like One of Those

Let’s back up a bit and see how the research, which I had already completed, feeds into the

Photo of W_Clement_Stone

W. Clement Stone

concepts of Quantum Jumping. All of the aforementioned authors believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that our minds are both a receiving and a broadcasting station. Thomas Edison was particularly convinced of this. He believed that our thoughts are broadcast into the ether (air) where they float through time until they are picked up by someone else’s receiving station (or mind) via a sixth sense that most of us don’t know that we have.  Only those who have an open mind, a creative imagination, and are mentally alert would be aware of this sixth sense. Thoughts that come to us via our sixth sense usually present themselves to us as a hunch, an intuition, or an idea that seems to come out of nowhere. We all have these hunches and ideas at some point.

Thoughts are things. All things in our universe are composed of matter. Matter consists of millions of atoms. The science of atomic theory has taught us that atoms vibrate at varying speeds and frequencies and this vibration is what holds matter together and gives it shape. Thoughts inside your brain produce vibrations at varying speeds depending on how passionate you are about a particular thought. Thoughts which are important to you vibrate rapidly while thoughts involving mundane, routine tasks such as brushing your teeth or washing your hands vibrate more slowly since you are not passionate about these things. Brain activity such as this, has been monitored and graphed by physicians and scientists who study the brain and it’s associated activity.

The concept of telepathy or thought transference is pretty much the same thing as viewing our minds as both receiving and broadcasting stations. Telepathy has already been studied extensively  by science. But scientists cannot decide whether thought transference is real or imagined. Telepathy deals primarily with intentional and deliberate attempts to communicate via thought transference.  The theory states that what one person is thinking can be picked up by another person regardless of location. Thomas Edison and his peers took this idea a little farther and said that all thoughts from anywhere can be picked up by anyone whose receiving station (mind) is open, alert, and receptive to the information that they are receiving.

More on Mr. Edison

Edisonhimself claimed to have finalized his decades long search for materials that would produce an electric light bulb by

Photo of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

allowing his mind to be receptive to ideas that were already floating around in the ether. Edison had a habit of taking a nap in the middle of the work day. Those who have studied Edison and his inventions believe that he used these naps to meditate and open his mind to fresh, new ideas. Use of a light bulb filament made of tungsten was the solution to producing consistent light from an electric light bulb. He claims to have come by this information while in a trance of thought.

The rare element tungsten was first discovered in 1783 by a scientist in Sweden. Edison received a patent for a light bulb using carbon filaments of tungsten in 1879; nearly 100 years later.

So where did the idea of using tungsten in the electric light bulb come from? Tungsten has the highest melting point of all known metals. Did Edison experiment with tungsten via a process of elimination of other substances? Edison himself claims that he pulled the idea out of the ether (the air). It had been there all the time, the idea having been generated by some other mind. But Edison was too intent on his own work to allow his mind to be receptive to this information. That is until he had tested other filament materials and had failed thousands of times to produce a bulb that would yield consistent light without burning up or blowing up.

Why the Concept of Alternate Universes is Important

Quantum Jumping takes Edison‘s ideas of pulling thoughts out of the air still further and says that quantum physics has proved that the location of an atom (the basis of all matter including thoughts) cannot be defined since the same atom can exist in multiple places at the same time.  That fact would seem to imply that our thoughts, since they too are a collection of vibrating atoms, can also exist in multiple places at the same time.

Quantum physics has theorized for decades that the concept of alternate universes is feasible; but not proven via conclusive testing. If our thoughts can exist in multiple places at the same time, Quantum Jumping takes that idea a bit further and states that multiple versions of YOU can exist in alternate or parallel universes. Think of a universe as a geometric plane. We live on this plane that we can all see and touch. There are multiple planes of existence that are parallel to ours. Which means that they reside in our living space but we never pay any attention to them since we cannot see and interact with them. But the super-computer of your mind, when properly prepared with instructions, can enter parallel universes. Quantum Jumping advises that observing these parallel universes is sufficient to acquire unheard of learning and energy. Interaction with these alternate universes is not necessary; nor advised. Observation is the rule.

The Mechanics of a Quantum Jump

A quantum jump goes something like this. With verbal guidance, you become relaxed, and shed the stress and distractions of this universe or plane. Eventually you reach the alpha stage of thinking; which is the stage your mind is at just before you fall asleep. Obviously, this takes practice, imagination, concentration, and an open mind.

While your mind is in this alpha state, your guide will verbally lead you to a door which leads to a parallel universe, while you  visualize this in your mind. Once you pass through the door and into another parallel universe, you will find another version of yourself. Which version? It depends on what you are seeking, since there are multiple versions of yourself in alternate universes.

Perhaps something you had expected and wished for as a child or while in your youth, didn’t turn out the way that you expected. And you want to find out why, so that you can correct that situation and realize a childhood desire. Maybe you envisioned yourself as an actress, or a stateswoman. Or maybe you saw yourself married, well-to-do with a house full of children and that’s not how things turned out. However, since you originated these thoughts as a child, that’s EXACTLY how things turned out for your other self in a parallel universe. And now you want to connect with that other you, who will willingly give you the knowledge and transfer the energy to you to set things right.

That’s really all you need. You don’t need to interact with your other self as in having a conversation. Keep in mind that this all happens in your mind using your ability to visualize events in your mind and using your imagination to fill in, where things that you are unfamiliar with, make no sense.

Let’s Look at Some Examples

If you have ever had a passion for playing the piano, like me (I can’t play a note but I can read music); through  meditation, visualization, and Quantum Jumping, you should be able to jump into another plane using your mind, where you are able to learn the piano from one of your “other selves”.  Furthermore, over time and with practice, you should be able to plant the teachings of that other self into your mind now, and play the piano without further instruction.

This is precisely what Burt Goldman did. As a boy, he had the passion to paint on canvas but never acquired the skill. Using Quantum Jumping, he met one on his other selves who taught him the skills necessary to paint on canvas. To his amazement, at 85 he began to paint and today his works are featured in art shows across the country. He had no previous instruction in painting.

Burt also wanted to author books and become an acclaimed author. He has multiple best-sellers in several languages in print. He claims to have acquired these skills through Quantum Jumping which allowed him to meet other versions of himself in different planes of existence, where he was able to claim those skills and plant them in his mind on this plane. Many of his students have accomplished the same with other skills and desires.

Why not? If science tells us that we typically only utilize 10% of our brain capacity, then what is possible if we have an open mind and push the envelope a little further? Are you able to prove that Thomas Edison and his peers; Napoleon Hill, Burt Goldman and their students are wrong? Where have they errored?

Everything that these men teach, as regards mind control, visualization, and imagination is consistent with both nuclear research, and quantum physics.

Introducing my Good Friend, Mr. Hill

Today I viewed an introductory lesson on-line  on Quantum Jumping. The video began by introducing an idea from an unnamed author who published his first book in 1937. I paused the video. I thought to myself, that’s ironic, Napoleon Hillpublished his first

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

book in 1937. I hit play. The video went on to explain that the author’s habit of using visualization to hold meetings in his mind with former heads of state, like Lincoln and Napoleon, was actually the impetus for Burt Goldman‘s coining the theory of Quantum Jumping. I paused the video again. What did Goldman just say!? I knew that Napoleon Hill wrote of meetings with an imaginary council that only existed in his mind. He considered this council to be his master-mind group. He feared publication of this in a book because he was afraid that the public would label him to be a nut and reject his work. Is Goldman saying that Napoleon Hill’s habit of meditating and entertaining ideas from dead men is what originated Goldman’s idea of Quantum Jumping? I started the video again and Napoleon Hill’s name appeared in the video in bold letters across the screen.

I almost fell off my chair. I admit that I know very little of Quantum Jumping. But I’m a scholar when it comes to the works and writings of Napoleon Hill. I have to admit that I was hesitant to pester Quantum Jumping in order to see if it offered anything of substance. I generally regard most transcendental stuff as nonsense. But I’ve read everything that Napoleon Hill has published. And then went on to read the biographies of the men that he admired, and regarded as being his mentors. So if Quantum Jumping is an expansion of the concepts that originated with Mr. Hill, that sounds pretty good to me.

Napoleon Hill was not just another self-improvement author. He came to believe that 98% of the population fell short of realizing their plans and expectations because they never learned how to THINK their way to success and achievement.

Photo of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

In 1908, while he was a young man working for a magazine, he interviewed the steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie. The two men hit it off well. Carnegie challenged Hill to spend the next 20 years of his life creating a treatise on what it takes to succeed by studying the success principles that the most successful and influential men and women of the time, lived by. Carnegie would provide letters of introduction to these people. Hill accepted the challenge. He published his first work in 1937 followed by dozens of books and treatises on how to achieve success.

Napoleon Hill was the FATHER of self-improvement. Every self-improvement  book that has been written since that time is just a restatement of the information that Hill had already researched and compiled.

And as I have already pointed out, Hill regularly meditated and used his imagination and visualization skills to conduct meetings in his mind with influential, historical men who had passed on. He claimed that his best ideas originated from these meetings.


So I’m going down the Quantum Jumping path. Call me nuts or naïve. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t suffer from the fear of criticism. I’ve always been a “shoot from the hip” kind of guy with an open mind. And the timing is good. I’ve been in need of something new and interesting to sink my teeth into after a long and boring winter.

I hope that this post has given you pause for thought. That is my intention.

I admit that one must have an open mind in order to accept or even explore most of these ideas. But I find it hard to identify a theory or argument to refute these ideas at the outset. So I will explore this Quantum Jumping concept much further. Unlike many who are preoccupied with other priorities, I was ready to receive this new information. And my mind has always been open for a new challenge. I’m excited to explore what this is all about.

Realize that Quantum Jumping does not contradict any of the values or beliefs that you already hold. I did enough research on Quantum Jumping to verify that. The practice deals only with getting more in touch with yourself and your life by reaching deeper into your mind than conventional  thinking. If I can understand why I am the way that I am, or why I do the things that I do, than what harm can come of that? If I can become a better person or if I can find greater peace of mind, than that is reason enough to explore this phenomena.

If you wish to conduct your own investigation, check out and sign up for their free introductory course. I did. I have spent enough time on this site to guarantee you that you  will be challenged, and you won’t be bored for a second. See you in another universe.

One Final Thought

This is a highly controversial subject. What if the idea of Quantum Jumping is just a way of illustrating a very real phenomena. For example, what if you are not really jumping into another universe of endless possibilities; but Quantum Jumping is being used as a physical illustration which allows your conscious thought to recognize no limits, and permits you to focus on unrealized passions that already exist in your subconscious mind but have remained suppressed by society and your current environment? We rarely are aware of what resides in our subconscious minds. If we could somehow tap into that information (Quantum Jumping?), wouldn’t that be like meeting another version of ourselves with forgotten aspirations and information? Long-term memory is often tough to recall. Age makes recall even harder. Just a thought.

Author’s Update to This Post

I found this by accident recently on

“Look past the details of a wonky discovery by a group of California scientists — that a quantum state is now observable with the human eye — and consider its implications: Time travel may be feasible.

The strange discovery by quantum physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara means that an object you can see in front of you may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe — a multi-state condition that has scientists theorizing that traveling through time may be much more than just the plaything of science fiction writers.”
Read more:






Think Your Way to Success and Happiness

I got this thought-provoking snippet from Dan S. Kennedy, who is considered to be this century’s marketing genius. Think about where you might be in this scenario.

“Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for forty years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find according to the Social Security Administration: only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working, not because they want to, but because they have to;  36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke – dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living. That’s 5 percent successful , and 95 percent unsuccessful.”

Obviously, we want to be one of the 5 percent. But how do you do that? I’ll be offering a detailed on-line course this summer on the complete formula for success and achievement. But in this post, I want to share the most important part of that formula which describes where the quest for success and achievement begins. You can begin using this part of the success formula right now and actually see results. Let me explain.

The first thing that you have to do is change you. Specifically, you have to change the way you think.

Why? Before I answer that question, let me share a personal experience with you. I’ve been, exactly where you might be right now. After a 25 year career working for two Fortune 100 companies and enjoying a comfortable living, I realized that I still didn’t have the feeling that I had been successful at anything.

Being a naturally curious person,  I spent the next 4 years researching why I felt that way. And I learned that I was the obstacle to my own success. I needed to change ME and the way I think about everything. The issue was not my chosen career, it was not where I lived, it was not my environment, it was not my work habits, nor my education, or anything else; but ME.

And here’s what I learned during my 4 year search to solve my issues with success.

Before I jump into this important topic, I want you to give this some serious thought. I want you to read a bit, take your hand off your mouse, and sit back in your chair and think about what you are reading and how this might apply to you. While you are thinking, I want you to roll that video player in your mind while you envision and begin to apply what you are reading, to your own personal situation. If you don’t see what I’m trying to share with you, then you are not ready to receive this information and change your circumstances. That’s OK. Just close this tab in your browser and come back to this post when you think you are ready to move on from where you are at today.

I’ve shared this information with my own children and many others. Some poked at it to see if it was alive but most let it go in one ear and out the other. They were not at a point in their lives where they were ready to receive this information. And that’s OK.

If you are still reading, then here’s the answer to why you need to change the way that you think in order to be one of the 5 percent who seek and find success beyond anything they imagined.

Think about when you were a child and what you learned when you were growing up. Who were your primary teachers? Your parents, right? What did they teach you? Sit back and roll that video player in your mind. Recall those times.

If you were like 99% of most kids in their maturing years, your parents taught you their beliefs and values. And their beliefs and values probably went something like this. Get an education, find a good job, work hard, work your way up the ladder, find a mate, get a nice house, have children, save your money, and your life will be complete and prosperous. Is that what you see in the video that you are watching in your mind? That’s what I was taught when I was growing up. And that’s exactly what I did. I followed that advice to the letter.

And that’s likely what you did also. Yet your life has been a tough road to travel complete with financial stress, worry, and a nagging feeling that your life is still not complete. You didn’t find happiness and financial security.

You did what your parents, your environment, and society taught you. And that’s the problem. You set limits according to what you were taught as a young boy. You created a comfort zone. You defined your box and your routine and you lived in it. That made you feel safe, secure and happy. What more could a person want?

If you are still in your career, or nearing the end of your career, or if you have been in your career long enough to realize that it has become a bore, you are probably asking yourself the same question that I did – what about success and affluence?

Success and affluence cannot be achieved once you set limits for yourself. Success and achievement resides “outside the box”, outside your routine, outside what others have taught you. You’ve heard this mantra many times; “think outside the box”. There are no limitations. Realize that the only limitations are the ones which you set up in your own mind. Once you eliminate them, you can achieve anything you want.

Success and affluence come to those who get outside the box that their upbringing defined for them. Success comes to those who take control of their minds and think for themselves, while recognizing no limits.

It’s not your fault that success and affluence somehow has passed you by. It’s not your parent’s fault either because their parents taught them exactly the same thing. It’s not the fault of the school’s you attended nor the teachers who taught your classes. You cannot learn success and affluence in school or college. Those institutions teach general knowledge. They don’t go any further than that and teach you how you can turn that general knowledge into success and achievement. You have to figure that out on your own.

The fault lies with the society in which we all live. We all learn that an education,  a good job, and work hard, and then harder, is the road to success and affluence. But it isn’t.

So now you need to start over again and change how you think. But relax. It won’t take forever and it’s easy; well not that easy. It’s hard. Changing the way that you think is hard; not hard as in blood, sweat and tears. But some folks don’t like to think. It pains them.

However, success and affluence are in your head. We just need to get it out, put together a plan and take action on that plan. As long as you have an open mind, are willing to learn, and ready to take control of your own mind instead of listening to what everyone is telling you, you have everything it takes to be successful and affluent.

Now shut everything else out of your mind and think about what you just read and saw in the video that you were playing in your head. Think about it for a day or so and then come back to this post and read on.

We’re going to teach you how to think. We’re going to teach you how to be successful at everything that you do. And with success will come affluence.

Here’s the most important part of the success formula and where everyone who seeks success should begin.


Step One – Decide What You Want


First you must decide what you want. What is your strongest desire? Do you want to be financially secure? Do you want to get out of a career that bores you yet still be financially secure? Is it wealth in general?

Heck when it comes right down to it, don’t we all want to be millionaires, have our own successful business, be our own boss, live where we want, do whatever we want, drive what we want, and vacation whenever and wherever we choose? That’s OK. I don’t want to influence your primary desire. I just want you to think. I included these ideas just to stimulate your thinking.

This is important. So take some time to think about what you desire. You must be passionate about this desire. It has to be something that you want so badly that you can whip yourself into a “white heat” of passion every time you think about this thing that you want.  When your desire becomes clear, write it down on a piece of paper.

Let me give you an example to aid your thinking. I want peace of mind. What is that? I don’t want to make every decision based on money and cost. If I want to spend my winters in the Caribbean.  I just want to go without having to consider cost. If it’s time to replace one of my autos, I want to do that without first thinking if I can afford it. I don’t want to worry about the cost of health care, or taxes, or whatever else the government may demand of me. I don’t have to be rich. As a matter of fact, I loathe greed. I just want to stop thinking about money and whether there will always be enough. Money is just a means to an end. It should be nothing more than that. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works in our society. Money is everything. And that perspective becomes more prevalent every day. Does that make sense?

I do want to mention that a desire or objective of peace of mind is rather broad. So I break that down into smaller pieces for clarity. This allows me to better measure progress towards my primary desire. For example, the smaller piece that I’m working on right now if to finish creating a half dozen on-line courses. By what date? I’ll get to that.

So write down your most passionate desire and allow yourself to think big.


Step Two – Money – How Much is Enough?


Everything in this life comes with a price. So how much money would be enough for you to achieve your desire and live comfortably without having to work for anyone besides yourself? Write that down and don’t hold back.

I know how much money per month it takes for me to maintain the standard of living which I now enjoy.  But my wife and I measure everything in terms of cost, and I don’t want to do that anymore. So, I’ll put that amount at $100K/month. Write down whatever you think will do the job for you and don’t be timid.


Step Three – Something For Nothing? Not Quite.


There is no such thing as something for nothing. So what will you give in return to accomplish this burning desire that you have, and receive the money that you want? Service? A new idea? A new venture to create a new income stream? Don’t say I’ll work harder at what I’m doing because parents and society say that will always work. The fact of the matter is, it never works.

I’ll commit to the principles of the formula for success and achievement, while seeking to study and master a new principle each week. And I’ll commit to creating and finishing the on-line courses that I’m working on and doing whatever else my mentor ask of me. And I’ll do all that while asking for nothing in return.

Write down what you will give in return for your most passionate desire and the money that you require to achieve it. You can revise this as your situation changes, as you acquire more knowledge concerning your desire,  and as more detail pops into your mind that will allow you to enhance this portion of your plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be flawless at this point in time. But before you are handed your burning desire, it will have been revised by you to the point of being flawless.


Step Four – Assemble the Plan


Now that you know what your primary desire, the amount of money that you need to achieve it, and what you will give in return to accomplish this desire, outline a simple plan of the steps that you will take to achieve this desire, acquire the money, and provide something in return since you can never have something for nothing.

You can revise your plan while acting upon it so that it is always up-to-date with new information and new ideas. Don’t labor over this part. Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect. Write it down on paper.

My plan is documented below as an example.


Step Five – We Need a Date!


Select a date by which you will have completed your plan, achieved your desire, provided something in return and received the money which you requested.  Write it down on paper. Write it on the same sheet of paper on which you have written everything else.


Step Six – The Power of Self-Suggestion


This is the most important part of achieving literally whatever you desire. Now you are going to program your subconscious mind. We never know what is in our subconscious minds except when some of that stored information is revealed to us in dreams. And then we forget those.

Science knows how the subconscious mind operates. But they don’t fully understand why it operates the way it does and when. Hypnotism is now used by law enforcement to reach into the suppressed thoughts of crime victims for new information that potentially resides deep in the subconscious mind. Medicine has technologies for reaching subconscious memories when seeking to help patients with unexplained pain or those who cannot sleep.

To our benefit, the subconscious mind can be programmed through repetition. I’m sure that you have heard of programs where an individual will place speakers under their pillow at night and play a tape or CD in order to teach them new information through repetition. They are programming their subconscious minds. The technique is called subliminal learning. The conscious mind goes to sleep. But the subconscious mind operates 24/7.

This programming is based on one little-known fact of human nature, which is not understood by science nor by medicine; but it is accepted and used by both. Whatever thoughts are dominant in the subconscious mind have a habit of translating themselves into their physical equivalent whenever those thoughts (or orders that you give it) are reinforced by constant repetition.

Nature has built man so that he has absolute control over the information and thoughts that reach his conscious and subconscious mind. That’s not to say that we use that control. Most of the time, we don’t.  But you can trick your subconscious mind into acting upon your deepest desires simply by handing over orders to it through repetition, coupled with belief (that becomes faith), and persistence. This takes practice. So don’t expect immediate results.

Have you ever heard the expression, you can’t become a millionaire until you first learn to think and act like a millionaire? Same concept. And the concept doesn’t just apply to millionaires.

Take the sheet of paper on which you have written your primary desire, the amount of money you will need to achieve that desire, what you will give in return for realization of that desire, the plan of action for accomplishing your desire and acquiring the money, as well as the date by which you will complete your plan, and recite aloud what is on the paper twice a day; once in the morning and once before you go to bed. If you are doing nothing else during the day, put that piece of paper in front of your face and go over it again. The more repetition, the better.

Concentrate. Remove anything that will disturb your concentration. Visualize in your mind, the steps being taken, the results coming to you, the money arriving in your mailbox or being handed to you. Visualization reinforces the details of your plan and plants those details firmly in your mind.

The subconscious mind readily accepts thoughts that are mixed with a little emotion. Your “white hot” desire to accomplish your objective can be that emotion. Faith and belief are appropriate emotions. The thrill that you feel in taking steps towards the accomplishment of your plan is a good emotion. Get excited. You are taking action on a desire that is extremely important to you.

Do this and once you have mastered this technique, you will begin to see results. The technique itself is often called self-suggestion or auto-suggestion. You have complete control over your mind. In fact that is the only thing over which you have complete control. Use that control to get what you want. Self-suggestion is powerful once you take action and master it to get what you want.


A Couple of Important Suggestions


There are a few characteristics that will sabotage what I have outlined in this post. You need to be aware of these. I won’t expand upon them in this post as it is getting rather lengthy. But I will address them in upcoming posts.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is a must because you are going to need faith in yourself and faith in your plan in order to implement it and achieve your objective. Faith and a negative attitude cannot exist in the same place (your mind). They are contradictory. How do you develop PMA? It’s a decision. Just get the negative crap out of your life. Don’t speak it, don’t listen to it, don’t think about it,  and don’t watch it. Especially on TV which is loaded with negative information.

Fear, especially fear of poverty, plagues all of us. You may not know it, but it’s there in your deepest thoughts. Fear paralyzes you and negates faith. You have to get rid of fear, doubt, and worry. Getting rid of worry is easy once you realize that worrying about things that are outside your control is a complete waste of time. Push fear, doubt and worry out of your life. It’s a decision. It’s not easy. It will take some time and effort. But if you truly want to take full control of your mind, you will be surprised how quickly you can block these things from your thinking when they try and creep back into your thoughts.


My Goal Sheet as an Example


Here is an example of one of my goal sheets. As you can see, the plan is very simple at this point. Details will be filled in as that information comes to me.  This is what yours should look like.


Primary Desire – Peace of Mind requiring the elimination of money/cost as a major consideration for everything that I do.

Timeframe = by December 31, 2013

Amount of Money – $100,000/month

What I will give in return for the money

  • Commitment to, and application of the success formula.
  • Commitment to building an on-line coaching/mentoring business per <a private program> with <a private individual> serving as my mentor. (success in anything is unlikely without a mentor)

The Plan

  • Complete the success formula course by May 1.
  • Find 30-60 days worth of new ideas for new courses that will identify a common problem that people are facing, and provide a solution.
    • Find and Create the promotional, material that will reach potential students.
    • Define the traffic plan(s) that you will use.
    • Set up the campaigns, videos, and additional resources and run them.
    • Define a routine for yourself including exercise, reading, PMA, spouse support, in order to keep your life in balance.

Reminders (optional)

POWER  – See yourself (via faith) in possession of your objective above. Conduct your activity as if you already have your objective and the money in your possession. What is in your subconscious, your dominating thoughts, will translate themselves into their physical equivalent through repetition mixed with emotion. 

Expect failures and accept them  as a learning experiences. Failure is not an excuse to quit.


Keep fear, doubt, and worry, at bay as they negate faith. Fear of poverty must especially be avoided.


AUTHOR NOTE – The formula for success and achievement referenced in this post is a creation of the author. It represents the output of the authors four years of research into success and personal achievement. The success formula exist only in the author’s notes and thus cannot be included here as a reference.

Photo of Napoleon Hill drawing of the mind


Does Your Brain Get In Your Way?

I’m going to explain to you how your brain works. Due to the fact that this is a nebulous topic on which one could write volumes, I want to explain the one facet of our brains that impacts your life the most – the past.

Think of your brain as a gigantic computer. It records and stores virtually everything from the time you were born up to the present. You may think, that’s impossible. I don’t remember a thing about my childhood. That may be true, but that information is in there. Science has assured us of that.

A hypnotist is pretty adept at digging around in the depths of your brain and bringing life experiences to light that you feel that you have totally forgotten.

Science also tells us that our dreams, that take place while we are asleep, manifest themselves in the subconscious part of our brains. It’s common for us not to remember those dreams after we wake up. What is even more startling is that science also tells us that we dream every time we go to sleep, even though we insist that we had no dreams during specific periods of sleep. Science says that we are wrong. We just don’t recall all of our dreams because they were not vivid enough to be recalled by our conscious memory.

We are able to recall some dreams. Some are pretty hazy when we try to recall them. Those are usually forgotten quickly after we awake. And some are so vivid that we can recall them in some detail throughout the day. The point is, there are terabytes of information and experiences stored in our brain, some of which we can recall via memory, and other information and experience are forgotten for all practical purposes.

Rather than get into all this complexity, I want to discuss a simpler, less complex, aspect of your brain and memory. One which can both enhance or adversely affect your life,  depending on your attitude and how you think.

You’ve heard the expression “attitude is everything”. You’ve also head it said that we actually use only 10% or less of our brains. Some were born with the capability, or have taught themselves  to use more  of their brain capacity. We tend to call those people “geniuses”, when in fact, they are no more gifted than you or I. They just think differently. Their focus is more inward while most of us are pretty extroverted and our focus is outward. Their primary interest is in thinking and analyzing. While our primary interest is in thinking and experiencing our environment and thinking about the things that interest us; the things that we enjoy.

In our world, there is only one thing over which we have total and complete control. Our minds. Nothing else. That’s how we humans were created. If you think otherwise, tell me over what else you have complete and total control. If you do not think you have total and complete control over your mind, then who or what does? And don’t say a Higher Power. Because we also have free will which means we can accept or reject any thought that enters our brain, regardless of its origin. You are the gatekeeper of your mind; the master of your soul.

I learned how to use my brain correctly about four years ago. I know that sounds strange. It was strange. I realized that I had a bad attitude and alienated most people I came into contact with. So I committed myself to doing the research to find out why I was like that, and fix the problem.  It took four years to undo decades of learning and life experiences so that I could become a new, positive, likable, and happy, person with a positive attitude.

In the process, I learned a lot about how we use, or don’t use, our brains. Leaning all this for the first time was pretty enlightening. I discovered a lot of important information that I didn’t know or never thought about. The most important fact that I learned was that, in order to be the person that I wanted to be, I had to audit what I allow to occupy my mind and discard those things that adversely impact my demeanor.

I was watching a movie on TV with my daughter this weekend and after the movie was over and I went to bed feeling disappointed and regretful. I tend to be a perfectionist;  a bad habit of mine. I wished that I hadn’t wasted  three hours of my time watching a movie based on a fictional subject that is of little interest to me. I avoid most fiction like the plague.  It was one of the Twilight series movies that have been at the theaters recently.

So what was wrong with the movie? While I like the actors, the scenery, and the story line, I don’t buy the vampire nonsense. It leans a little too much towards the evil side of life than I care for.

I think it’s pretty incredible that the Twilight books and movies just dribbled out of Stephanie Meyer’s head onto paper.

The plot of the books and movies in the Twilight series are pretty intricate and complex. I try to fathom all that stuff kicking around in a writer’s brain and it scares me half to death. Some of us would dearly love to be able to craft such a story. But not that one. I wouldn’t want all that biting, killing, and hate bouncing around in my head for however many years it took her to put the story on paper.

Here’s the rub. I’m pretty careful about what I allow to hang out in my head.  My objective is to be a positive person in everything that  I do and say. In order to remain that way, you have to make an effort to keep the negative junk out of your head. No need to watch it. No need to read about it. No need to talk about it or pass it on to others. You have heard this at some point in your education – garbage in, garbage out. Your brain has the uncanny ability to transmute whatever your primary thoughts are into reality. If weeds are growing in your subconscious mind, you need to get those out of there and plant your garden with more favorable flora; like flowers.

Back to the story that I didn’t finish. When I went to bed that night, it still bothered me that I had given up three precious hours with my daughter in order to watch content which I objected to. I enjoyed the time spent with my daughter. Both of us are suckers for a good romantic story. And Twilight is a great story about a blossoming romance between Bella and Edward; the leading characters.

An important thought popped into my mind as I lay there in bed thinking about the movie and the evening. Over the years, I’ve spent so much times inadvertently filling my mind with stuff that cannot and will not benefit me, my character, my demeanor, or my attitude in any way. That’s disappointing.

BUT, you’ve also heard this said many times and I want to take this opportunity to drill this thought home. You can start each new day as if your whole life were beginning anew. If you have read any self-help books in your life, you’ve read this axiom. But you have probably never put it into practice. Even the Bible says “let the day’s trouble be sufficient for the day”. In more specific terms, forget about yesterday and the day before. It’s over, gone, it’s history and there is nothing you can do to change that.

If you end a day with sorrow or regret on your mind, forget about it and start fresh in the morning.

Ninety-nine percent of the people in this world let the past drag them down and hold them back. They go through life dragging their past around like a ball and chain. And because of that, and the fact that a disappointing past is always on their minds, they never make any progress at moving forward. All too frequently, we settle into a path of regret and disappointment and we deceive ourselves into thinking that regret and disappointment must be the norm for our lives.  So we stay on that path because its easier to trudge down that path than it is to try and map a new one. Instead of making a break with our past disappointments, we let the past dictate our futures. Nonsense!

You need to become a “one percenter”.

Let me give you a simple example. I had an inferiority complex all my life. It drove me nuts. I can’t explain how this complex came about. I always felt that people that I encountered were somehow better than me.  Because of this complex, I had no credibility with others. I could tell that when I had something to say, no one was listening. People would talk over me when I was saying something because they were not interested in what I had to say.

Then one day about ten years ago, I had the opportunity to talk to a man whom I admired and respected. He was successful, a leader, financially independent, and respected within his community.

After chatting with him for a spell on several subjects, I came to the realization that this guy was ignorant. He had nothing of value to share. He was a fake. And I thought, could it be that I actually have more on the ball than most of these folks, to which I felt inferior? I don’t mean to imply that knowledge on a number of subjects makes us superior to others. But I’m sure that you sense “vibes”, an aura, or whatever when you are in the presence of others. You know how to read people. I was shocked when I sensed that this particular gentlemen was stupid.

I started looking around at others through new eyes and discovered that most of the folks that I held in high regard knew very little about anything. I decided that I was the problem, not them. Because I had dragged the ball and chain of my past around all my life, my inferiority complex followed me everywhere. I needed to lose the ball and chain, forget about the past, and start over.

Living in the past is a disease that ruins more lives than we can count. Our lives are about making each day better than the one before it. That’s one of the keys to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

So how do we do that? I’ve already shared with you one way to break with disappointment and regret. Start each day like it were the first day of your life. Flush the parts of your past that you have no use for.

Make a conscious decision that you will audit and control what enters your conscious thought, and what will not. This is not always easy. Try it now. Think of some negative gossip that a friend shared with you lately and then immediately push it out of your mind and think of something more pleasant. That wasn’t so hard. That negative gossip will keep trying to push it’s way back into your mind. Just keep pushing it out. Eventually, you will not think about it anymore because it is not important in the first place. Now do the same with any negative information that you have no use for.

My wife and I made a rule in our house that we won’t share negative with each other. And if we do, the violator has to put a dollar in a jar that we keep in the kitchen. Many times one of us will begin to say something and stop in mid-sentence. Because we realized that what we were about to share, was negative information that has little value to anyone. Don’t pass on negative information to others. Let it die with you.

We watch very little news on TV, except for the weather and some sports. Have you ever noticed how totally useless local news is? The primary content of our local news is a lead story that always deals with a sensational killing. Then we get what we call the “body count” which is when the news anchors recite all the auto accidents, house fires, bar stabbings, racial violence, domestic violence, child abuse, construction accidents, death by natural causes etc.. The local news (including yours) is depressing. I’ve heard others complain that either the American public is fascinated with other people’s misery or it’s the fault of the news station. They have the mistaken idea that we only want to hear about bad news or they can’t find enough good news to fill their program.

My wife use to be a news freak; until her doctor told her that she was allowed to watch no more than fifteen minutes of news per day. My wife did not go to the doctor to talk about the news. She had another physical problem to discuss with him. But he realized by her demeanor over time that she was being dragged down and experiencing anxiety due to an overdose of negative information. Smart guy. He was right. She’s much happier now and she doesn’t miss the “body count”.

I’m not suggesting that you become ignorant of what is happening in the world. But filter out the negative information that is no use to you. When the newscaster starts on the “body count”, turn the volume down and go get a cup of coffee or something.

National news is not as bad as the local news. Sometimes, they actually report good news like a recent finding that will result in better health for all. I avoid the reports on Afghanistan and terrorism.

Here’s another tactic you must use to avoid filling your mind with negative information. Some friends that you know are just plain negative all the time. Others are gossipers. What do you do? When the subject turns to useless negative information, just politely walk away. Go get that cup of coffee again. Appear distant while you order your mind to filter the useless information into one ear and out the other onto the floor. Your friend will eventually get the hint that you are not interested in such tripe. Or you can tell them, “Sandy, I’m trying to become more of a positive person. And I can’t do that by listening to account after account of misery, hearsay,  back-stabbing, gossip, and other ugly events. Help me out. Tell me about the good stuff that took place since the last time we talked.”

Keep a good book next to your bed. And read a chapter before you fall asleep. By feeding your brain with information from a positive book prior to sleep, your dreams will be pleasant. You just planted more flowers in your subconscious. Good for you.

Filter, filter, filter. Remember when I said that you and your mind have the ability to willingly filter out whatever you choose? Make sure your filter is always ON. If you have to, visualize the negative chatter entering your right ear, bypassing your mind and memory, and dribbling out your left ear right onto the floor where it belongs. Gone and forgotten. Not worth remembering.

Turn off the radio. Turn off the music. Spend your time thinking. Thinking doesn’t hurt at all. And it happens naturally so it doesn’t take any effort. The only time that you can force your conscious mind to stop the thought process is by going to sleep. But your subconscious mind never stops working. That’s why you must program it. So that while you are away (sleeping), you have already given your subconscious mind instructions concerning how it must spend it’s time. You want that time to be spent enriching you and empowering you for the next day. So program your subconscious mind to clean house (flush the negative information, weed the garden of your mind) and build a mansion with expansive shrubs and flower gardens in your mind.

Did you know that you can program your mind? 

Do not be put off by my use of the word programming. The trick to taking control of your subconscious mind is repetition. Remember when you were in grade school? How did you learn and remember your subject material? You spent much time memorizing your subject matter. And your teachers repeated the important material again day after day until their students could perform well on a written test on the material. Repetition is how you reach and program your subconscious mind.

Again, I dare you to try it. Make a short list on paper of your most important priorities and objectives. Then recite that list out loud twice a day; once when you go to bed and again when you rise from sleep.

Those objectives will not only become a permanent part of your subconscious mind, a little known law of nature will begin to take over and automatically act upon your deepest thoughts thus bringing them to fruition. No kidding. Your subconscious mind must by it’s very nature actualize your deepest thoughts, priorities and objectives.

This is a very deep and complex subject which we will address in another post. For now, let’s summarize the important points of this post.

    • Let go of the regret and disappointments of your past. They only hold you back. Flush them from your mind. The past is gone, over, there’s nothing you can do about that.
    • If you stumble on your new mission to become a more positive person, start fresh in the morning.  Each day is a new beginning; a new opportunity. You can start again. Don’t allow failure to cause you to quit. Never quit. Remove that word from your vocabulary. You won’t ever quit. All failure is is a temporary stumbling block; a learning experience.
    • Get the negative out of your mind and your life. Choose what information you will accept and filter out the rest. You must do this constantly during your waking hours until it becomes natural; a habit.
    • Begin to program your subconscious mind with good information and experiences. You will be surprised at what happens when you do this.
    • Make sure that you retire at night with good positive thoughts in your mind. This is what your subconscious mind will work on while you sleep.
    • If you do the above, you will become a more positive person. You will attract others to yourself. You will live a more rewarding and happier life. And one filled with more success and less disappointment.

AUTHOR’S NOTE – Many of the controversial statements that I have made in this post are supported by the writings of the late author, Napoleon Hill, who at the bequest of the steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie  embarked upon a 20-year quest to interview 500 of the most successful men of his time, and document an eight volume treatise on success principles. Mr. Hill is considered by many to be the father of self-improvement writings; with all later books referring back to principles which he had already documented decades ago in his own writings.

Napoleon Hill’s books are still selling world-wide in many languages. They can be found on in the book section. If you are in need of excellent, positive, and instructive material to keep your life on the right path and moving forward, I recommend all of Hill’s books. If you are new to Hill, do not read his most famous book “Think and Grow Rich” first.  Many modern Hill enthusiasts feel that this book is quite dry. (I read it first and loved it) Read it. But read “The Master Key to Riches” first.


You Can Make a Fortune Using What is Already in Your Head

There’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you. I just thought of it. Have you ever heard of Brendon Burchard or Expert’s Academy? I took Brendon’s course “Total Product Blueprint” about a year ago. In a nutshell, Brendon’s only

thumbnail photo of the author

Scott Reed, author

calling in life is to teach others how they can make a fortune just by sharing what is already in their minds. Do I need to repeat that? I’m serious. He’s serious. I took a ten week course on-line with Brendon for three hours every week for ten weeks. It didn’t even cost all that much. Today Brendon is the founder of International Experts Association. Who are the experts? Folks like you and me who took the time to share what they know and made a fortune. Brendon taught them how to do it.

Here’s his story. He was working for a big ad agency. But he took a vacation to South America, got into an auto accident, and nearly died. While he was floating somewhere between life and the after-life, three questions came to him. Did I live fully? Did I love completely? Did I matter?

That’s pretty heavy stuff. I guess we would all want to know that if we were in Brendon’s position. But even more important, that experience totally changed Brendon’s life. He felt an urgent need to communicate this experience to the world. He left the ad agency and ventured out on his own to spread his own message. And his message is this…………………….

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can help others over the bumps that always present themselves in our lives by taking the time to share what you already know. Additionally, folks will line up to pay you for this information. Why? Because they can shortcut their lives by not having to find or experience your information for themselves. Who do you know that is NOT looking for a shortcut through life? No one. We’re ALL looking for information and shortcuts.

As a matter of fact, you have a responsibility to help others by sharing this information. Brendon has broken the who, where, what, when, why and how, down into precise outlines and action items so that anyone can do this; and get paid thousands or even millions when this information is communicated via websites, ebooks, tapes, DVD’s, webinars, books, even public appearances. Brendon shows you in detail how to accomplish all of this. He made $4 million the first year he took his message to the world.

Oh, but he had a staff and a company. Nope. Brendon is a one-man team. Then he must have had the money for a professional camera and recording crew in order to make video and sound products. Nope. That first year he used a microphone that he bought at Radio Shack and one of those cheap flip video cameras. He would put it on a box if there was no one around to shoot video for him.

I need to pause here and say that the above is NOT why I am telling you all this. And I don’t make a penny by promoting Brendon. Brendon needs no promotion. He’s one of the most incredible teachers that I’ve met. If you want to check Brendon out, you can do that by going to BUT, the reason why I’m telling you this is because I know that most of you are entrepreneurs.

Creating your own monetized blog is a step in the right direction, but think about what Brendon is saying. Let me give you an example. Many of you have commented that you wish you could write like I do. I have no special training in writing. I went to schools similar to the ones that you went to. I have a couple of college degrees; but none in writing. Of course you can write like I do! Can you carry a conversation? Of course you can! I write like I talk. There. Now you have the secret sauce.  If you were in the room with me now, what is on the paper is exactly what you would hear coming out of my mouth.

But I’m wandering a bit. So let’s get back to the point. Just don’t tell me that this is another one of those things that you can’t do.

I’ll say it again in case I distracted you. What you already have in your mind is worth a fortune, IF you will take the time to communicate it to help others and you present that information in a format that will instruct others. That’s the point that I wanted to make. If this peeks your interest, go check out Brendon and he’ll show you how to use your current knowledge to make a bundle. There won’t be any need to find a product to sell or come up with crazy ideas on how to  find buyers on the Internet. I think Brendon is “right on”. I think we should all be following his lead. What could be easier?

Take a moment and listen to what Brendon has to say about this.

So let’s pester this matter a little further because right now, you probably have questions. And I don’t want to leave you with no conclusions.

How does one make a fortune sharing what is already inside their head? Let’s use me as an example.

  1. I have a lot of life experience and background. Do you?
  2. I’m a baby-boomer. I was in college during the 60’s. Now there’s a story.
  3. I worked 25 years for two Fortune 100 companies as a senior network security analyst for global networks.
  4. I never felt successful at anything. So I spent 4 years researching why.
  5. I retired at 57. Want to learn how to do that?
  6. I built a 4,000 sq. ft. log home and I own my own real estate development company because I like to build things.
  7. I’m an avid outdoors man ie. fishing, hiking, wilderness camping etc..
  8. I’ve had the same wife for 39 years and I have three wonderful children. Want to know how to stay married?

Now those are just some of the things that are inside my head. If I wanted to build a business on any one of those subjects in order to help my fellow man over life’s bumps and make his life that much easier, what subject would you choose?

I think I would go with the four years that I spent trying to fix me by researching and applying success principles to my life.

Have you made a list of what is inside your head? Does anything on that list look like it might have potential? Are you in a position to help someone by sharing that information? If you think so, you need to get in touch with Brendon and find out about his Experts Academy. If you think not, give it a little more time. It will come to you. Everyone has a book in their head. EVERYONE. Maybe a best seller.

So in conclusion, do I intend to follow Brendon’s lead and instruction? You bet I do. Then why aren’t I doing that now? I have a bad case of “detail-itis”. For me, it’s a huge, huge undertaking. I’m getting my deliverables done. I already have a hard drive full of modules that I’ve already written. And you should too.

One last time, your fortune is in your brain, right now. You just need to figure out what it is and get it out on paper. As Brendon says at the end of every video, “Live life to it’s fullest, Love openly and completely, and make a difference. Until next time.”