Berkley Fireline – the Fishing Line of Choice

Photo of Berkeley FirelineFisherman, how many times has this happened to you when you are using monofilament fishing line? You set the hook on what you believe to be a trophy fish. But your monofilament line has so much stretch in it that you get a poor hook-set and loose the fish. Or worse yet, you hook another beauty and during the retrieval process, the fish bites off the line.

Berkley Fireline is the solution to your problem. It has virtually no stretch. So when you set the hook, you can be assured that you have a good hook-set. Fireline is braided and fused so it’s strong. I’ve never had a line break or a bite-off by a fish when using  Fireline.

But what I like most about Fireline, because it doesn’t stretch, is that you can feel everything on the bottom of the lake. It telegraphs everything up the line to your favorite rod. A rock feels like a rock. No need to set the hook. A stump feels like a stump. If you are pulling a lure through weeds, you know they are weeds and not fish. And that’s what you want. Because your expensive rod is your most important piece of equipment when on the water. Your rod is designed to be your most powerful weapon when searching the bottom of the lake for fish or when retrieving fish. When you spool sub-standard line on your rod and reel, you cripple your most important tool – your rod.

But Fireline’s advantages do not end with strength, lack of stretch, and its ability to let you know what is on the bottom. The diameter of the line is thin. For example, I use Fireline10 pound test for game fish. The diameter of the line is only 8 pound test equivalent. I use 6 pound test line for pan fish. But the diameter of the line is only 4 pound test equivalent. This is a bonus because the thinner your fishing line, the less chance there is of fish being able to see your line in the water.

Let me remove a myth about braided lines. The old braided lines of the 40’s and 50’s had huge diameters. They were difficult to handle on fishing equipment because the line had characteristics like rope – bulky and not easy to spool on some reels.

One of the first improved braided lines is Spider Wire. Spider Wire is also thin and strong. On the down side, a knot tied with Spider Wire must be glued before use. The line is slippery and capable of coming untied if not glued. That doesn’t fit MY fishing style. Imagine waiting for the glue on your knot to dry when the fishing is hot and you want to get your lure back in the water quickly. Or if the weather is frigid, do you really want to try and squeeze a tiny drop of glue onto your knot in a 25 mph gale when you are freezing to death in a boat on a lake? I don’t. That’s another reason why, when it comes to braided fishing line, Fireline should be your first choice.

Berkley Fireline can be purchased at most tackle shops. If you are seriously thinking about switching from monofilament or other lines to Fireline, www.berkley-fishing.comhas a wealth of information on Fireline and compares Firelines characteristics to other types of lines. Fireline will cost a little more than other lines. But it negates the fishing line frustrations that I’ve described above. We fish because it’s fun and challenging. Battling with your fishing line detracts from that experience.

I usually buy a 1,500 foot spool of Fireline in each size that I use. This brings the cost down considerably. I know that I’m going to use the line eventually anyway. One last characteristic that I should mention about Fireline – it doesn’t deteriorate over time like monofilament line. So don’t worry about how long you have had that spool of Fireline sitting around.

Pick up a smaller spool to test and give it a try. My family of six has been using Fireline for a decade. And we are so spoiled about good fishing line that when the Fireline spool is empty, we don’t go fishing. Try it, you’ll love it!

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