OMG! A Weight Loss Solution that Actually Makes Sense!

Just about every woman I know wants to be thinner. Even women that are thin already want to be thinner. That’s the influence of magazines for women, fashion for women, clothing for women, music for women, and movies with women in them. Thin is in. The pressure to be thin comes from everywhere. It must be hell if you’re a woman who is normal body weight for your bone structure and height. Get thinner anyway. You can always be thinner. Right?

I admit that I’m a health nut. And I’m more interested in women’s health that I am in men’s; probably because a women’s body is far more complex than a man’s. And the more complex the issue, the more that issue peeks my interest. That’s just me.

Alright that’s enough of that. Let’s get to the crux of this post. I stumbled across a weight loss solution  for women that actually makes sense.  No miracle “fat busting” pills or juices, no starvation or rigorous exercise and no voo-woo magic potients. It works permanently so no repeat dieting either. It’s called The Venus Factor because it’s just for women.

The Venus Factor makes sense because it addresses one little known hormone in a woman’s body that sabotages her every effort to maintain or lose weight. Without addressing this hormone, every effort to lose weight by any means will result in failure.

Look at What’s Currently Available to Help Women Lose Weight

Starvation? We already know that doesn’t work. That approach is not only unhealthy, it’s something that a women cannot do on a long-term basis. And as soon as she stops starving herself, the weight comes back. Women want the problem solved once and for all. Short-term solutions are not good enough.

Fad diets? Same problem. They are only effective as long as you are on the diet. Stop the diet and the weight comes right back. And then it’s on to another diet. Just to mention a few of those diets, they are the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet and all of the so-called “celebrity diets”.

The Venus Factor banner woman will belly fatFat-busting pills? Now I’m a believer in Garcinia Cambogia. I saw Dr. Oz’s presentation on fat-busters on TV. The man was excited. He had seen the case studies and the results. Unfortunately there are very few companies who will step up to the plate and offer a Cambogia that meets Dr. Oz’s requirements, which are a minimum of 60% HCA in every capsule of Cambogia. In the rush to make money off of Dr. Oz’s recommendations, there are more sub-standard Cambogia’s on the market than there are effective Cambogia’s that meet or exceed requirements. It’s cheaper for the pill companies to make worthless Cambogia than it is for them to make effective Cambogia.

Many women have purchased sub-standard Cambogia, because it’s less expensive, and they have been disappointed by the results. That disappointment produced doubts about the effectiveness of Cambogia which eventually found it’s way into the news media. There was never anything wrong with Cambogia. The problem was with the manufacturer and their reluctance to make the product effective by bringing the HCA strength up to sixty percent.

But Cambogia has the same problems as the other weight loss solutions. They are temporary. They only keep the fat away as long as you take the pills. Stop taking Cambogia and the weight problem returns. And good Cambogia is expensive. Effective Cambogia can costs as much as $60+/month. That’s right. Sixty dollars plus for a bottle that will last you one month. That’s $720+ per year to keep taking it. Stop taking it and the weight problem returns.

The same applies to other fat-busters like raspberry ketones or Acai berry extract.

 Why is The Venus Factor Different?

Let’s get back to an effective solution which only The Venus Factor offers. John Barban, nutritionist and consultant created The Venus Factor by researching human metabolism for two years. Why did he do this? Because he had helped thousands of women lose weight permanently, but the person closest to him, his only sister, was depressed and grossly overweight due to a recent birth and he did not know how to help her out of her depressed and obese state, even though he is heavily credentialed in women’s health. He had to find help for her.

John discovered that one hormone, which exists in both men and women, regulates metabolism and appetite and decides when fat will be stored or burned as energy. It controls the hunger drive by signaling the brain that food is wanted. That hormone is leptin. Woman have twice as much leptin as men. So they are far more capable of losing weight than are men. But the key to losing weight is in controlling  leptin. Because, as you shall see, leptin can be your worst enemy.

The bad news is that women are three times less responsive to leptin than men. Overweight women tend to be leptin resistant. And that is why women struggle with weight more than men. Traditional diet solutions tend to decrease leptin thus making it harder to lose weight. When leptin in the body decreases, metabolism drops which compounds any efforts to lose weight. That’s why traditional diets work for a little while, but once dieting stops, the weight comes right back with a vengeance. After a diet leptin is low, metabolism is low, which is a perfect environment for storing fat.

Low leptin = signals increased hunger, metabolism and energy are low. This is bad.

High leptin = signals decreased hunger, metabolism and energy are high. This is good.

Let’s Take a Look at What Wikipedia Says About Leptin

Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells which regulates total body fat by regulating both the sensation of hunger in the brain and energy expenditure in cells throughout the body. When the total fat stores reach a certain level, leptin is secreted, and circulating leptin triggers receptors in the brain which leads to decreased hunger and thus decreased food-seeking behavior, as well as increased energy expenditure in peripheral cells.”

In other words, when the body detects that fat stores are low, leptin decreases and that signals the brain that food is needed in order to replenish fat stores. Metabolism is also decreased, which aids in fat storage because low metabolism (low energy) burns less fat. When fat stores are high, leptin is high and that signals the brain that more food for fat storage is not necessary. Metbolism is also high because there is plenty of fat to burn for energy. Leptin plays a primaryPhoto of slender womans waist after losing weight role in telling you when to eat and when not to eat.

However, in severly overweight or obese individuals, leptin levels in the blood stream are totally out of whack. This is called leptin resistence. Leptin gets so confused by excessive fat storage that it remains at a low level all the time thus signaling the brain that more food is needed when food is not needed (binge eating). Metabolism stays low so little to no fat is being burned for energy and the individual keeps putting on more weight, which makes the leptin resistance situation worse instead of better. Managing weight becomes a downward spiral.

One reason why women gain the weight back quickly after a diet ends, is because fat stores are low and leptin signals the brain that food is needed. Metabolism is also low, energy is low, so whatever is eaten during this period is stored as fat. The solution is learn how to control leptin to be your friend instead of your worse enemy. Leptin levels can be controlled by adding specific foods to your diet that stimulate leptin production.

Child birth introduces more complicating factors for women. During pregnancy, the female body puts on more weight for two reasons – first to feed and store extra fat for both mother and child, and secondly to cushion or protect the baby with a protecting layers of fat in the belly area .

So how can women make leptin their friend instead of the enemy? This is the substance of John Barban’s research in The Venus Factor. If you can control leptin levels, you can control your need to eat and boost your metabolism or energy at the same time. The Venus Factor focuses on three key areas.

1) Control the effects of leptin signals to the brain by adding certain foods into your diet that stimulate leptin. When leptin is high, your brain is being told that you are not hungry. And your metabolism is also high so you have more energy.

2) Eat what you want to eat. But avoid foods that are “leptin killers”. Certain foods, like those high in salt and granulated sugar, decrease leptin which signals your brain that you are hungry. It’s no secret that food manufacturers put excessive amounts of salt and sugar in the foods that they sell in order to trigger our brains to want more.

3) Leptin also responds to exercise. But not just any exercise. The Venus Factor makes a key distinction between exercise that is appropriate for men, and those exercises that are appropriate for women.  When women are determined to lose weight, they often exercise rigorously like a man. Women should never exercise like a man. Men exercise rigorously for  body-building and cardio using free weights to build muscle quickly.

What is appropriate for women are “soft” exercises primarily for toning muscles. Rigorous exercise lowers leptin which increases the desire to eat. That’s okay for the body-builder who will store that excess food as new muscle tissue. But women do not need lower levels of leptin because additional food intake will be stored as fat, assuming that they are not female body-builders who are trying to build muscle through continuous hard exercise.

Finally, according to The Venus Factor program, women can eat what they want but must avoid foods that lower leptin while adding foods to their diet that increase leptin. By doing this, they will lower the desire to eat when they are not really hungry and they will have more energy due to increased metabolism. Furthermore, light exercise will increase leptin which increases energy. That’s a win-win situation.

Let’s Summarize

So Scott, this sounds like a product promotion. Are you promoting this? You bet I am! Everything I post on this blog is a promotion of something whether it’s promoting social signals on your website in order to boost your traffic OR promoting putting procrastination aside in favor of taking action because the latter will take you where you want to go. I promote outstanding ideas and books. I promote taking your headphones off and spending more time thinking. I promote positive thinking and the Law of Attraction over negative thinking because a positive attitude will turn your life around. I have written posts on all these subjects.

The Venus Factor banner of woman on a beachTake a look once more at the options for losing weight that are available to women. Pills, juices, starvation diets, soup diets, fad diets, plant extracts and fat-busters. They all work for awhile. But what happens when woman stop taking this stuff or are broke from buying it? The weight comes back. Not true with The Venus Factor program.

Here’s a shocker. Sounds like an expensive program, right? I mean two years of planning and research from a degreed nutritionist? Nope. Just $47 for a 12-week program delivered on video and DVD, with support options. No cheap ebooks. I won’t spoil your surprise by telling you about all the free bonuses that come with the program. And there’s a 60-day guarantee. If you don’t like the program or don’t see dramatic results in 60 days, just submit a refund request. Do you know any woman who would not trade the equivalent of a tank of gas in her car for lasting, long-term, natural, weight loss results without having to repeat the process again and again when the weight comes back? That’s my point. There are no other programs like The Venus Factor. It’s a one-of- a- kind.

Now go watch the video. It’s a real eye-opener and well presented. The link below will take you there. Don’t worry. You aren’t committing to anything by watching the video. It’s good information, even for men.

The Venus Factor Video Presentation

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