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Have You Had Your Dose of Crime for the Day?

I get up in the morning about 6:00 A.M.. I don’t have a real job so I can get up about whatever time I want. But it gets light here at 6:00 A.M., so I get up.

The wife usually has the news on by then. I call it the “body count”. I hate the news. It’s depressing and totally negative. Who is it that decided that all we Americans are interested in hearing about in the news is who died or got killed while we were asleep?

I mean, really! How would your day go if you could hear some positive information on the news in the morning at 6:00 A.M.? Wouldn’t that empower you and put a smile on your face for the day?

But what we get on the news instead is who murdered who, what mass shooting took place in what school that we might have missed the day before, who did we or Russia bomb overnight, how many civilians were killed, how many psychotic killers escaped from what prisons last night, how many refugees drowned in what body of water while trying to escape a war zone to freedom, how many refugees were turned back from what border to a life of misery and death, how many planes crashed overnight and what was the death count, and most important, how many innocent people died of domestic violence while we were peacefully asleep?

I have to turn it off. It’s just too depressing. How can anyone start the day with a smile on their face, a positive attitude, and enough energy to change their world for the better after listening to that crap!?

Who decided that we need to hear about that stuff at 6:00 A.M.? Are they brain-dead or something? Surely there must be something good that happened in the world while we were asleep. Why can’t we hear about that?

How many governments made decisions overnight that will create a better life for their citizens? What new innovations did mankind discover that will make everyone’s life easier and more fun? How many miracle babies were born? How many towns were restored from natural disasters? How many weapons were destroyed because they are no longer needed?

President Obama appeared on the news the other day to ask why, only in the USA, do we have to have a school mass murder on a regular basis? Crime.

We wake up to reports of crime on the news. We get it again on the news at noon and again at 5:00 P.M..

People who watch TV on a regular basis can get more crime on most channels at night. Those who play games on their computers or on the TV set can get more crime, war, and killing since most popular games are based on those themes.

So you can literally go through an entire day without ever having got away from the subject of crime.

And in the shows that you watch and the games that you play, you can even participate in crime. You can do this on your mobile phone in case a TV or a computer is not available.

And our President asks why are Americans  are so caught up in crime? When we are exposed to crime every waking hour of every day, how do we avoid it? I rest my case. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

If we want to get crime out of our minds, then let’s tell the TV networks that we don’t want to see it on TV or the news.

Let’s tell the FCC to ban computer and TV games that are focused on crime.

And we don’t want to read about crime in the newspapers or in magazines. We want to get through one day without having to deal with crime. Just one. Then they can harp on crime for the rest of the six days of the week. But we have the option of turning the TV off. Right?

What would that be like? Can you get through a day without knowing who got killed in the world while you were asleep? Of course you can.

Does it matter to you one dot who’s spouse shot their mate or kids during your day? Would that change what you do or think about during the day? Of course not.

Unless the event took place in your town. But then you would hear about it through other means such as a phone call, or talking to friends and the neighbors etc..

But com’on; you don’t have to turn on the news to find out what is happening in your neighborhood, do you? If so, then you need to get out more.

I don’t claim to be any different than anybody else. I’m just a retired old fart that is doing whatever I can to make my world a better place for everyone else.

I keep a positive attitude despite the bombardment of the opposite. I’m picky about what I allow to enter my brain so I either ignore or turn off all of the negative news and information that is pushed my way.

My focus is to make each day better than the one before. What’s wrong with that?

Yes, my day is not always peaches, roses, and cream. Bad, disappointing things happen. But instead of whining about those events, I get to work solving those problems in a constructive way. And my life is better for it. It’s satisfying. And the people, family, or creatures that I help are satisfied that someone cared enough to help.

So, in answer to President Obama, my response is the whole dam country is focused on crime because that is all we are fed everywhere we turn. The news media, the trade rags, and the entertainment industry are obsessed with crime and they want to make sure that we, the citizenship of this country, are obsessed with it too.

If you are as weary and tired of this crap as I am, just turn it off.


Refuse to Lose – A True Story

I hate flying. I have nightmares about flying over water and the plane goes down. Everybody gets killed except me. So there I am in the middle of the ocean with sharks swimming all around me. I’m convinced that everything in the ocean wants to kill or eat you. So I never want to be in the ocean. I don’t want to swim in it. I don’t want to boat in it. And I especially don’t want to be flying over it.

I had to fly to Las Vegas for a weekend for business last week. It was a three hour flight and because the 6:00 P.M. CDT flight was delayed several hours, it got dark out during the flight. So I decided to watch a movie to kill time. On the Delta flight, I had thousands of movies to choose from on the screen in front of me. But what do I choose? I chose a movie I had heard a little about from someone called “Unbroken”. I like WWII movies and this movie was about a WWII guy who survived being in a Japanese prison camp for most of the war.

What is ironic about this choice of movies is that the main character is a bombardier on a B52 bomber that went down in the ocean. It was supposed to drop bombs on Japan. The plane was in tough shape and had mechanical problems with both engines. And where did they crash? Into the ocean, or course. My worst nightmare in living color. Why did I choose to watch this movie? What happens? You guessed it. Sharks! And what do the sharks do? They eat one of the three guys who survived the B52 crash into the ocean. How did I know that was going to happen?

I had thousands of movies to watch on that Delta flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. Why on God’s green earth did I choose this one?

Now granted there is not much water and certainly no sharks between Minneapolis and Las Vegas. But I hate flying. I hate oceans. And I hate sharks for reasons previously stated!

photo of Louis and his older brother

Louis and his older brother

The “Unbroken” Movie is a True Story

The movie had a great theme.

The central character in the movie, Louie, was this Italian kid who was always getting into trouble at school, in the neighborhood, and with the cops. His family was the only Italian family living in a small town in the USA, that was not used to living with immigrants. It was the 1940’s.

One day, his older brother asked him, why do you always have to get into trouble? They (the townspeople) don’t want us here to begin with. Louie answers and says “ What difference does it make? I’m not worth anything anyway.” Oh, oh. Sounds like a big internal struggle taking place inside this kid’s mind. That was a pretty strange answer to a simple question.

photo of Louis's brother teaching him to win

Louis learns to win

His older brother takes Louie aside and says, “you can be the best at whatever you decide. You can win whenever you decide to win”. Louie was always getting beat up because he was young, bored and different. He was an Italian kid living in “small town USA” with “cookie-cutter” Americans who were not used to anything or anyone outside their routine and mundane lives.

The older brother ran for the school’s track and field team. He was fairly good in his chosen sport and had earned respect from his coach and his team members.

Louie’s answer to his brother’s question, that he didn’t feel that he was worth anything, concerned his older brother. So the older brother felt compelled to intervene in his little brother’s life. He became a personal coach in order to teach his little brother that he could excel in track and field and make something of himself. The older brother’s attitude was that you can win whenever you decide that you can’t be beaten. It’s just a decision: a mental thing. The body and your mind respond accordingly.

Louis Earns a Spot on the Olympic Team

photo of Louis under a B52

Louis under a B52

The little brother, Louie, became quite good at track and field and was asked to run with the upper classmen team. He continued to win races. He had decided that he would remain unbeaten, despite the odds and who may challenge him. He ran in the regional track meets against runners from other states and won.

He caught the attention of the press and was recruited for the US Olympic team. He made the team by continuing to win. He went to the Olympics, which were held in Germany in 1936. He won his event there too and became internationally known. The famed Jesse Owens, the fastest man alive, also ran in that same Olympics.

Louis Joins the Army During WWII

Louie grew up with his older brother teaching him that in life, you win when you decide you will never be beaten. It’s just an attitude. The little brother joined the Army, entered WWII and wound up in that B52 bomber that crashed into the ocean.

photo of a B52 bomber from WWII

B52 bomber from WWII

After the plane crash, he and two of his fellow B52 crewmen were at sea in an inflatable raft for 45 days before a Japanese boat picked them up and made them prisoners of war.

One of the crewmen in the raft died and they had to bury him at sea. He as very negative and decided early on that they were all going to die in that raft. That was his attitude and his prophecy was soon self-fulfilled. He ate all their food because he didn’t see the sense of rationing it over time. He had made the decision in his mind that he was going to lose this battle with survival and that’s exactly what happened. The rest of the men in the raft watched the sharks eat him as soon as they said last rights and dropped him overboard.

His Time In a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp

photo of Louis and crew 45 days at sea

Louis and crew 45 days at sea

Louie and the other crewmen wound up in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. The camp was run by a headstrong, young, arrogant, Japanese officer who made it a habit of beating the hell out of Louie with a bamboo rod to see if he could break Louie’s spirit. The Japanese prison officer recognized upon meeting Louie that Louie was hard and determined. The Japanese officer tried everything. Beating him until he was senseless, making him stand in the same place for days, making him stand upside down for days, making him lift a heavy beams and hold them over his head for days. Everything. But Louie would not be broken. One day, the officer got frustrated and started crying because he could not break this young kid’s spirit. The officer got the idea in his head that if he could break this one determined U.S. soldier, than Japan could break the spirit of the rest of the U.S. forces and perhaps win the war.

You see, the Japanese officer and Louie were just alike. Both had a strong spirit. The officer told Louie that he saw that as soon as the kid came into the prison camp. He saw that Louie had an unbeatable spirit. So the Japanese officer was determined to break him while he paid little attention to the other prisoners. I think deep down this officer knew that if he could not break this one man’s spirit, than how could Japan break the spirit of an entire country like the USA? It was that important to him. He also didn’t like the fact that this kid was a famous Olympian. Japan was also represented in the 1940 Olympics in Germany. This rubbed a little more salt in the officer’s wound.

The War Comes to an End

Photo of Jack O'Connell

Jack O’Connell played Louis

The moral of this movie was that this kid’s spirit was never broken. He always won because he decided in his mind that he would win every time he wanted to win.

The war came to an end. The Japanese officer and the other guards at the prison camp disappeared. They went into hiding in order to avoid being put on trial as war criminals once the allied forces found out how badly they had treated their prisoners. The prisoners were eventually rescued and sent back to the USA.

Another Olympics

Years later, another Olympics took place. It was held (of all places, in Japan, 1964). Louie was chosen to carry the Olympic torch through the streets of Japan and into the Olympic stadium. At that time, he had aged and was an old man. The war had changed him and he saw that the path through life was one of forgiveness, not of hate for your enemies and revenge. He became a Catholic priest and had a family.

The Japanese officer was eventually pardoned for his war crimes by the USA. Louie tried to contact him so he could meet up with him during the Olympic games in Japan. The Japanese officer never came and never responded to Louie’s invitation to forgive and become friends. He Japanese officer still lived in hate for the one man he could not break.

What Louis can Teach Us

Photo of Louis holding the Olympic torch

Louis holding the Olympic torch

It was a great movie and a great theme that taught many valuable lessons. I learned that always having an attitude of winning will make you a winner in any situation; even if that situation is a petty fear of sharks, flying, and oceans. You can beat your fears if you decide that you will never be beaten.

I carried that same positive attitude into my meetings in Las Vegas and those meetings were some of the best that I have attended.

It was just a movie that I had heard mentioned by someone. All I wanted to do was kill time on a boring flight at night. But I got so much more from that one movie.


(Authors note – If you have read many articles on this site, then you must have figured out by now that I’m somewhat of a personal development nut. This is a true story of Louie Zamperini. It is based on the book “Seabiscuit: An American Legend” by Laura Hillenbrand. The movie, “Unbroken” was produced and directed by Angelina Jolie. Decide to win now and keep on winning. It’s just a decision.)


The On-Line Marketer’s Mindset – What Is It?

What Is The Marketers Mindset?

Today, you hear about “the on-line marketer’s mindset” everywhere. Virtually all of the other “top dogs” in on-line marketing agree that not getting your thinking correct and expecting to win big in on-line marketing is not going to happen. The majority of on-line marketers do not get this right at the outset and wind up failing in the end.

But no one ever tells you what exactly they are talking about. Or you get a little piece of how the on-line marketer needs to think, but the rest of the story is left out.

These characteristics and habits were assembled from interviewing a millionaire marketer that I had admired for the past year. He didn’t discover the marketer’s mindset per se. His knowledge came to him as a learning experience while in the trenches. As he thought over his journey in the on-line world, this is what he said is important if you are bent on succeeding as an on-line marketer.

I’m going to give you the whole picture and leave nothing out. So when you hear someone refer to “the marketer’s mindset” you will finally know what they are talking about.

Your mindset as an on-line marketer is more important than anything that you do on the Internet or your computer. Your mindset will sustain you when 98% of other on-line marketers quit or fail.

Why is the Marketer’s Mindset Important?

Your mindset is important primarily because in order to be successful at on-line marketing, you have to think differently than a person off the street. If you don’t change your thinking, you will fail. Once you read what I am about to teach you, you will understand that.

Work as hard at changing the way that you think about your business as you do about conducting the daily tasks associated with your business and you will succeed.

The components of the “on-line marketer’s mindset” are listed below in no particular order. This subject is not “deep”, you just need to make some small but very important changes to the way that you think. If you struggle with specific characteristics, focus on that characteristic until you have mastered it. Then identify another characteristic that you wish to master.

How You Think

If you want to be an on-line marketer, the first change you must make is you must think of your on-line business as a real bona-fide business and not just a hobby that you do in your spare time. Treating your on-line business as a hobby is one of the primary reasons for on-line business failures.

You must begin thinking and acting like a millionaire business owner. Otherwise, you cannot be one. This is something that you also hear a lot, “you can’t be a millionaire until you first think and act like a millionaire”.

This is actually a mind trick. By being what you want to become, you are actually tricking your mind into thinking that you already ARE what you want to become. That thought transition is important. This can be applied to any walk of life. If you want to become a famous surgeon, start thinking now like a surgeon. How you think and act will take you there that much quicker since what you think and how you act is what you will become.

How do you think and act like a successful millionaire business owner? You make gut decisions based on your instincts. You take calculated risks. You get out of your comfort zone and routine and take action on matters of importance even if that action makes you feel uncomfortable. You act when opportunities are presented to you instead of just thinking about them. You stop thinking about money as a scare resource. It’s not. Money is just a means to an end. And you have plenty of it regardless of what your bank account tells you. Your bank account cannot see the checks that are in the mail on their way to you. Start visualizing the money that is coming your way and it will appear according to your belief in yourself and your business.

Priority One – Build A List

Start, grow, and build an audience, not just a List. Forget about leads. It’s far easier to build an audience of raving fans who love to hear from you and buy your products. Always be building your list; not someone else’s list. Sell, sell, sell to your list but you must take time to relate to your audience so that they get to know, like, and trust, you. Be patient. Your audience will not buy from you until they know, like, and trust you.

E-mail is still the #1 money-maker on the Internet. If Google killed your website, your ads, your traffic, and your products, you would still have your e-mail list. With just that list, you can re-build your business.

E-mail your list of subscribers every day. Make this your first priority for the day. Don’t worry if it takes you a couple of hours to come up with a good e-mail. Always tell your readers what you are doing. Give them some tips or something to think about. They need to know that you are a real person. A good practice to get into is to tell them what you will be sending them tomorrow. This creates anticipation so that they are expecting to hear from you tomorrow. Your message could be the only one that they will open.

Priority Two – Write Down Your Goals

You’re heard it said that those who record their goals to paper, achieve them. Take the time to commit your goals to paper. Then review them twice per day; once upon rising in the morning and again when you retire at the end of the day.

The goal is condition your mind to your goals. Your mind learns through repetition. Write them down, review them regularly, and watch them come to fruition.


Procrastination is the enemy. Avoid it at all cost. If a task that must be done keeps nagging at you, do it now. Even if it’s a task with no pay-back, like paying the bills. If you don’t address procrastination, it will grow and spread like a virus.


Provide 10-20 times more value than what you charge for. Always over-deliver. Customers don’t buy things that they NEED. They buy things that they WANT. Buying is an emotional decision; not a rational decision. So pack your product offerings with value so that buying your products becomes a no-brainer for customers.

Your Comfort Zone

And as long as we already mentioned it, you MUST get out of the comfort zone that you have built around yourself. That might be a little scary at first, but push yourself. The really big income is not inside your comfort zone. Ask yourself, what should I be doing today that is not inside of my comfort zone?

Do you hate talking to people on the phone? Then get on the phone with someone. Do you hate making videos? Then create a 90-day challenge for yourself to make a video every day for 90 days. Do you hate webinars? Than start doing them to communicate with your audience and clients.

Make Gut Decisions

Another characteristic that we mentioned is gut decisions. Make gut decisions. The really great decisions come from what you know are good decisions, without even having to think about them. Successful on-line marketers don’t waste time thinking about decisions. They act. Their instincts and gut tell them which direction to go. Practice doing that. You won’t be right 100% of the time. But you will learn from your mistakes and that will make you wiser.

Learn From Your Mistakes

And while we are at it, make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t think of a mistake as a failure. If you learn a valuable lesson by making a mistake, than you will become a very wise man.

Thomas Edison failed with approximately 3,000 experiments to learn how to make the electric light bulb. Had he not make all those mistakes, he would have never found the combination of components that work to produce the light bulb.

Quitting Is Not An Option

And that leads to another very important characteristic of the on-line marketers mindset – quitting is not an option. You never quit nor think about it.

Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, tells us of a man from the East who went West to find gold and make his fortune. Mr. Darby sold and invested everything he owned in his quest to find and own a gold mine. He excavated for years until all his money and ambition was gone and then he quit and went back East to where he had lived originally.

A former insurance agent bought Darby’s failed gold mine and began excavation. He had only dug three feet from where Mr. Darby had stopped and quit, when the insurance agent discovered a huge vein of gold. The insurance agent got rich. Darby had quit when he was only three feet from gold. Never quit. Your most lucrative campaign could be your next campaign.

Think Ceaselessly

Think, think, and then think some more. Creative thinking is best and usually comes to you as a hunch. Write these thoughts down. These nuggets don’t show up all that often.

Ever notice how most people have earplugs on and are listening to music or talk radio when running, walking, or just sitting? Or what about those who walk around staring at their cell phone? The want distraction so that they don’t have to think. Thinking is painful for some. But you need to be a thinker and creator. Ditch the headphones and use walking, running, or sitting as time for thinking.


Simplify Everything. Simplify, Simplify……

I used to want to do local marketing, then niche sites, then CPA, then software creation, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Don’t do that. Decide how you are going to make your fortune and focus on just that one task until you have mastered it. One focus. One thing. Then you can explore other areas.

Do The Opposite of What Everyone Else Is Doing

Figure out what everyone else is doing and then do the opposite right thing. 99.9% of people are broke or living off their last paycheck. You don’t want to be like them.

Build Your Business on Paid Traffic

Build your business on paid traffic. Paid traffic is the fastest, most scalable, most predictable form of traffic for your business. It’s controllable. As long as you have considered the economics, you will be fine. By economics, I mean test to insure that your results will have more value than your investment. It doesn’t matter if you spend $1,000 to make $1010. You still came out in the black. And all you need to do to achieve better results is to tweak your landing page or traffic provider. The problem is usually one of the two.

Focus Time

Get in the habit of working on your business in 2-3 hour increments of “focus time”. You may think that the harder and longer you work on your business than the greater your chances of succeeding. That’s not true. You accomplish very little when you are tired and worn out. Additionally, your mind grows weary from staring at the same work for hours on end. You need creative thinking; not a lazy mind. So do your most important work when you are fresh and then for no more than three hours. Then go do something else.

During your focus time, you are not to be disturbed. Advise others in your home office. Shut the door. Turn off your cell phone. If you have a land line phone in your office, unplug it and put it in another room. Advise those in your home that you will not be taking phone calls during your focus time. If visitors come to your front door, they should be told that you are very busy and you will get back to them. Shut down your e-mail. In fact, mute any sound that your compute might make. You get the idea?

Then focus on your business and nothing more for three hours. You can set aside more than one focus time during the day. But treat each three hour period the same. Make sure your mind is fresh. No interruptions.

Maintaining Balance In Your Life Is Important

Keep balance in your life. This is one of the biggest mistakes that on-line marketers make. They spend entire days on the computer until they are wasted. And then they do the same the next day.

Their minds are stale from looking at the same thing every day. Their thinking is dull. They need to get off the computer and out amongst real people. The computer is very impersonal. When you have been cooped up in the house for days, have you ever noticed how different you feel after having been with real people? Better yet, these real people are your potential customers. Talk to them. Learn about their successes and failures. Take time to listen to your customers.

Stay Physically Fit

Keep your body as physically fit as your mind is mentally fit for business. Exercise. Walk a mile or two a day. When the body is hurting, the mind cannot focus on the work that needs to be done.

Stay In Touch With Those You Love

Take time to interact with your family and get on the same page with them. You will find that they will be more inclined to honor your focus time if you take time for them.

Work Should Be Fun

Make your work FUN. If you don’t find your work to be fun, then why are you doing it? Don’t allow yourself to get tense or worried while you are working.

Prioritize Everything You Do In Your Business

Make a list of what you need to get done each week and day. And then number each task with the most important task being #1 and so forth. Never sit down at the computer or your business without knowing exactly what you are going to work on. You must have a plan to follow.

The highest priority tasks should be those that produce the most return. Many marketers do the “fun tasks” first and leave the tasks with the highest payout until last. Reverse that order and your monthly income will grow that much faster.

Many marketing tasks are a real drag and we tend to steer away from those. I always found keyword research to be a pain. My website rankings will verify that. I know what I need to do……..

E-mail Can Be A Real Distraction

E-mail is a real interruption to productive work. Set up times to address e-mail and then stay out of it. Check it when you get up in the morning, again at noon, again before the evening meal, and once more before you retire. That should be sufficient. Do not waste hours in e-mail. Spend that time on your important business tasks.

Texting Is A Nuisance

Texting is more of an interruption than e-mail. And the information in a text is usually just chatter. Put some controls on texting and use that time productively.

Don’t Let Your Best Ideas Escape You

Keep a small notepad handy in your pocket or vehicle and write ideas down before you forget them. If you are a blogger, write down your idea for an article. These hunches usually produce the best articles.

Use The 80/20 Rule In Your Business

Spend 20% of your time learning, 80% of your time doing. You absolutely must always read a good positive book(s). Always have some available. Do not read fiction. You want to know how other successful men and women think. Read about the people you want to be like. You should finish a good positive book every two weeks.

Always read awhile from your good book before you turn out the light and retire. The last information that you put into your head before going to sleep is what your mind works on all night while you sleep. Your mind never stops working. Make sure that what you put in there before retiring is positive.

Driving Is Wasted Time – Use It To Advance Your Business

Consider having good, instructional audios on CD for use in your car. Traveling from point A to point B in a car is mundane and boring. The news on the radio is almost always negative. Music is nothing more than a distraction. But what if you could learn something that you didn’t know from an instructional CD which you could play on your car’s CD player? Which would have a bigger impact on your business; the negative news, music, or a learning course on a CD?

Invest In Yourself, Hang With People You Want to Become

Invest in yourself as your business grows. Go to seminars. The fastest way to get to where you want to be is to find people who are doing what you want to achieve and model them. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Copy those who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish and become them.

Who you hang around with is who you become. If you want to be rich, hang around rich people who you respect and admire. If you are always in the company of red-necks who have no money, that is who you will become.

Stop Caring About What Others Think About You

Stop worrying about what other people think of you. The only people who are ‘liked’ by everyone are those who do nothing, say nothing, and ultimately accomplish nothing. Many marketers are laughed at for trying to get rich via Internet marketing. Ignore them. The laughter is only temporary.

Make Things Happen In Your Business Or Nothing Will Happen

My father used to tell me that there are three types of people in the world – those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that stand around and wonder what the hell just happened. You must be in the first group – those that make things happen. Remember in a previous life when you were bored and waiting for a change to make your life more interesting and fun? Nothing ever happens until you make it happen. So be that person that makes things happen.

Learn What Your Customers Want and Need

Learn what your customer’s greatest needs are and what their biggest struggles are. Just ask them and they will be glad to tell you. Seek to answer these needs and resolve their struggles by being a problem-solver. This tactic alone will make you rich.

Out-Source and Delegate

Don’t try and do everything yourself. Get help. Start outsourcing early. You must delegate everything that someone else can do for you better and faster. and are great places to get inexpensive help for mundane or repetitive tasks. Consider a “virtual assistant”. You will know when it’s time to get help when you start feeling the work and information overload.

Employees vs. Contractors

There will come a time when you need permanent help. Get private contractors and not employees. Employees require too much government paper work, programs, benefits, taxes, reporting, etc..