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What If You Could Have Whatever You Think About?

I ran into a book by accident, called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I only read positive, life-Photo of a couple looking at the sky and thinkingchanging, books and I had already read everything that I have in my house. I needed some good books to read.

So I did the obvious. I resorted to a Google search to locate some good books. I performed a search on “self improvement books”, picked a selection from the Google SERPS, and found a list of 24 recommended books on self-improvement.

I didn’t recognize any of the titles or the authors. Nevertheless, I selected a book arbitrarily. “The Secret” caught my attention. I had never heard of it. But the title peeked my curiosity. I ordered it from Amazon and waited for it to arrive.

Opening a new book is like discovering treasure. Little did I know what I had got myself into. I had accidentally discovered the secret that I have spent at least 40 years of my life searching for.

The book was published in 2006 by an Australian author, Rhonda Byrne, and was later made into a movie for television in the same year. I don’t know what channel it aired on in the USA. But obviously I had missed the premier of the movie on TV. The movie turned out to be quite the rage with millions of viewers  around the world.

I often have the feeling that I am the last one to arrive at the party. By that I mean that things that excite me are old news to others and I have been late in discovering some novel piece of  information.

What I am going to teach you in this post is that YOU create your own life, daily. How? You do this by what you think about most. You have total control over what you think about. What you think about most will dictate the direction of your life.

But forget that for now because I’m going to show you how that logically happens. I don’t expect for you to accept that statement at face value.

The Secret Book and Movie

Some of you may know of “The Secret“. Others may have no idea what I am talking about. So before you proceed, take 90 minutes and watch the full-length movie made for television in 2006 titled “The Secret. Watch it now, right here before you proceed with this post.

Or if you are short on time, watch the trailer of “The Secret“. It’s pretty short. Before you hit the play button,

I should warn you that when I created this post, it was 14 pages long in MS Word. I need for you to learn “The Secret” so that you understand what I am trying to teach you in the next thirteen pages. Please press the play button now and come back to this at then end of the flick.

So what do you think about?  What are your dominant thoughts? Do you find that what you think about most comes back to you again and again only magnified?

I admit that I lead a rather sheltered, reclusive life. I live in the boon-docks. I love the outdoors so I spend most of my time immersed in outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, tent camping, canoeing rivers and snowmobiling in the winter. I don’t’ have much use for TV or the news as the majority of it is depressing and boring. I avoid depressing and boring as I prefer to maintain a positive attitude, which means that I filter out everything else.

So I was probably the last one to learn of the secrets that “The Secret” book and movie held because I don’t watch much TV to begin with.

If you read the book or saw the movie, than this post might be a bit redundant for you. But stick around as I do not intent to write a book review or a commentary on the movie.

I never take any new information at face value. I have to research new claims and theories. And by research, I mean months of research until I validate and understand every nugget of information that I read.

I admit, that the first few pages of the book, “The Secret”, caught me off-guard and left me feeling like someone had hit me over the head with a baseball bat.  Stunned.

How could there be a little known Natural Law of such magnitude that has existed since the beginning of time, and I have remained ignorant of that Law all my life?

I’ve been a philosopher all my life. I literally search for this type of information. And by philosopher, I don’t just mean someone who gets a kick out of theorizing about this and that. I mean that I’ve had a college B.S. degree in Philosophy since 1968. I’m well acquainted with the writings of ALL the philosophers from Aristotle to Plato, to the Existentialists, the New Thought writers, Kafka, Camus, Bacon, all of them.

But somehow I missed this Natural Law, which happens to be the most powerful Natural Law in the Universe.  You see, this law states that “like attracts like”. That’s it. It’s that simple. But then most Natural Laws are simple. The Natural Law of cause and effect says that when one object bumps into another object, it produces the effect of putting that second object into motion. Pretty simple.

Laws of Nature – What Are They?

When Newton discovered the Natural Law of gravity, he did so by observing an apple falling from a tree. Since the falling apple accelerated in speed as it fell, he concluded that something must be pulling it to the ground. He did the research and the Natural Law of gravitational pull was explained. Later the physicists explained that gravity occurs on Earth because of the rate at which the Earth is spinning produces a centrifugal force that draws everything (even other planets) to it. That is why we all don’t fall off the earth into space when the ground on which we stand is actually upside down.

Einstein’s research produced E=Mc2, which states very simply that everything is made up of energy. Our bodies are made up of organs. Our organs are made up of cells. Our cells are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are made up of atoms. And an atom is made up of pure energy. If you can split an atom (s), that energy is released. A good example of this is the atom bomb which is comprised of the energy that is released when you split an atom(s).

So if everything is comprised of energy, then our thoughts must also be comprised of energy. This seemed to be a far stretch that was first put forth by thinkers and authors over the last 200 years or so. Some of these authors were Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others.

Everything – Even Your Thoughts Are Made of Energy

Quantum physicists have always remained skeptical that thoughts were actually comprised of energy. But now this group states that the model of the Universe that they have been trying to build for centuries makes no sense at all unless thoughts are accepted as things – energy which is vibrating at certain frequencies. They hold that everything vibrates. Even the atoms of which your body is made vibrates at a certain frequency. The objects in a room vibrate at a certain frequency. The vibration is the glue which holds objects together and gives them their unique shape. Everything that we perceive is comprised of atoms (energy) vibrating at a unique speed.

So everything is made of energy.

Therefore, every time we create a thought, we are essentially releasing a thing whose energy is vibrating at a certain speed. Note the use of the word, CREATE. We are creators. We create thoughts. Thoughts comprise ideas. Some ideas become plans. Some plans become huge such as the plan to see if we can put a man on the moon. But remember that that plan started as just a thought – a person releasing a thing made up of pure energy.

So what happens to this thing – a thought? Does it die and go away? No. If it were to die and go away, quantum physicists would need to explain how that happens. And they can’t. So the conclusion is that thoughts (energy) are released into the ether (the Universe) where they float around (so to speak) and can be picked up by other minds who are circumstantially prepared to receive that thought.

The great inventor, Thomas Edison, used to sit in a dark, sound-proof room for hours in front of a notepad of paper and a pen. He placed himself in a relaxed, meditation and he would wait for thoughts from the ether (originating from somewhere else) to enter his mind, thus stimulating new ideas in his own brain.

The author and teacher, Napoleon Hill, believed that our brains were both broadcasting stations and receiving stations. We broadcast our own thoughts into the ether and when we are attuned and super-susceptible to receiving other thoughts, our minds become a receiving station. This is where new thoughts and hunches come from.

So what is important to understand is first, that we are creators – creators of thoughts which are living things comprised of pure energy. Your thoughts are not wasted but continue to take on a life of their own. Let me say that again – You are a creator, you create thoughts. That’s a big deal. You may consider it just thinking. But you are creating something that has a life of its own. It’s hard for us to stop thinking. We even continue thinking while we sleep. It’s hard to shut the brain off. And as long as we are thinking, we are creating something comprised of pure energy.

Thoughts Are Energy, But Lets Move On To “like attracts like

Now it’s time to bring the Natural Law of  “like attracts like” into the picture. We’ve already seen how thoughts are things. And thoughts are energy. Since they are things that you created, they don’t die once they leave your brain. They are energy like everything else and they go on living in the Universe.

A couple of things can happen to thoughts. We have already seen how Edison and others would place themselves in a meditation state in order to make themselves receptive to new thoughts. They were activating the receiving station portion of their minds. They wanted to receive certain thoughts in order to carry on their research with new ideas.

For now, we will NOT concern ourselves with the use of thoughts that are available to anyone who can and does prepare themselves to receive them. We WILL concern ourselves with thoughts that you release into the ether frequently – sometimes without even being aware of it. The reason why we want to concern ourselves with these thoughts is because YOU are a creator in this instance. Furthermore,  this is where the Natural Lawlike attracts like” comes into play. And we want to learn more about what that means.

Let’s summarize briefly, what was said earlier about the Natural Lawlike attracts like”. I’ll begin by pointing out that the book “The Secret”, and the associated movie by the same title, were both based on this little known natural law. But I did not explain what the phrase “like attracts like” actually means.

It’s impossible to talk about this Natural Law without first explaining what a thought is, how it comes into being, and what happens to it if it really is a thing. Fortunately quantum physicists  and certain laymen have helped us with that understanding as I have explained above.

Now, we can either go into the background of this Natural Law and trace its origins and impact on humanity or we can talk about how this Natural Law impacts us today. Let’s choose to talk about how this Natural Law impacts us today and put off the background until later.

So What Does “like  attracts like” Have To Do With Us?

You create a thought or thoughts. This often happens even when you are not aware of it since you are thinking all the time. “Like attracts like” happens when that which you think about most is released into the ether (Universe) and attracts other like thoughts. This causes that which you think about most to come back to you magnified (the Law of Attraction at work). Since the Law of Attraction is a Natural Law, we don’t have opportunity to question why this happens. It’s a Law of Nature. Why do we have this thing called gravity? Do we really need it? Who knows. Why is everything made of energy? Who knows. How come the weather is never consistent? Why is grass always green? Why is the sky blue?  Why does time go forward but never backward? We don’t have answers to fully explain all Natural Laws. They just are what they are.

So that which you think about most is created and released by you to the ether where it attracts other like thoughts and comes back to you. “Like attracts like” has certain peculiar characteristics which you need to be aware of. Let’s look at some examples.

If you tend to think about what troubles you the most, your problems and issues , those thoughts are broadcast to the ether, attract like thoughts and come back to you as more problems and issues.

If you are searching for your soul mate and think about that the most, those thoughts are broadcast to the ether, attract like thoughts and come back to you as more opportunities for finding a soul make.

If you are inundated with bills and you think, “I don’t want any more bills!” and that is what preoccupies your mind, those thoughts are released to the ether, attract like thoughts, and you get more bills. Have you ever noticed this? Exactly what you DON’T want is exactly what you get. A bad situation gets worse. This is one of the peculiar characteristics of the Law of Attraction that I mentioned. People tend to spend more time thinking about what they DON’T want instead of thinking about what they DO want. You should never do this. The Universe is perfect. Negativity does not exist in the Universe. So when you say I don’t want more bills, the negative (don’t) gets ignored and your thought becomes “I want more bills”. Think about what you DO want.

Let me interject at this point that sooner or later you are going to ask me, “If I can have whatever I want just by thinking about it all the time, wouldn’t I and everyone else be rich and happy?”  There are three reasons why this doesn’t happen. I already mentioned one. Here they are:

1) We as humans spend more time thinking about what we DON’T want instead of thinking about what we DO want.
2) There is a problem in receiving that which you are wanting. We’ll talk about this later.
3) The vast majority of people in the world know nothing of the Law of Attraction nor how to use it to their advantage.

Those are the three reasons why we are not all walking around rich and happy. Quite the opposite. If people are constantly thinking most about what they do not want, that is exactly what they are getting. That’s a formula for misery.

Do you see why I have been repeating over and over again that you are a creator because you create your own thoughts, which are things, that live and are released to the ether? Now let’s take that one step further. You are also the creator of your own LIFE. And I do not mean that you are the creator of your life on a grand scale. I mean that you create your own life on a daily basis and can change its direction any time you please by changing what you think about most.  Best read that statement again. You create your own life by that which you think about most. You can create your life to be anything that you choose. You already do that daily without realizing that your life is currently comprised of that which you think about most. So now that you know that you are unknowingly doing this, why not think about and create the life that you desire most?

Give that some thought. Think back over the years and ask yourself, what was on my mind during all those years? What was most important to me? What was I thinking about most at that time? Why didn’t my life turn out the way I expected? You should be able to prove to yourself that you did indeed receive exactly what you thought about most.

Does that mean you have to constantly monitor your thoughts to insure that you don’t get something back that you don’t want.  Not at all. That would eventually drive you nuts. Only that which you think about all the time, attracts other like thoughts and has a habit of manifesting itself in your life.

But you must realize that you have the ability to create your own life by thinking about most, that which  you WANT most. You can’t create for others. Only yourself.

You create your own life every day. Your life is that which you think about most. You attract more of what you think about most. Look back over your life for the last 20 or so years. Try and identify what you have been thinking about most over that time. Was it wealth? Was it poverty or a consistent lack of funds? Was it health? Was it sickness, disease, doctors, and medications? What was it? Try and identify what you were thinking about at a high level. I propose that you got exactly what you were thinking about.

Forget about destiny. Destiny is a coincidence. You are not destined to do or become this or that. You thought your life into existence. And you can change your life at any time just by thinking most about that which you really want. If you are a proponent of this “destiny thing”, then go ahead and create your destiny in what you think about most. Nobody is going to do it for you. If you feel you are destined to be healer in the medical field, you can do that. Just visualize yourself doing that daily. If you feel that you are destined to be famous, just visualize yourself as being famous at doing something daily and when you truly believe that, you will be famous.

You can disagree with me if you like. The sources of my information (in addition to personal experience) are too numerous to mention here. But if you are skeptical that what I am proposing is unfounded, prove me wrong. I’ll be more than happy to post a retraction to this post if you can prove me wrong. Use the resources and references that I’m going to give you at the end of this article and find a fault or contradiction in what I am saying.

But first understand that I regard my responsibility as getting you to think. I’m not trying to convert anyone. I’m just the messenger. And as you know, you should not shoot the messenger if you do not care for the message. I just want you to think about this stuff. And I mean, turn off the lights, remove all distractions, and spend some time really THINKING.

Do you have any idea how literally outrageous it is and how important it is to understand that you can CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE, HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, BE WHATEVER YOU WANT,  just by making those desires your primary thoughts? It’s a bit more complicated than that and I’m going to share with you every little detail. But first, you need to look at your life and ask yourself, “did I create this?”. Of course you did. You just need to convince yourself of that. I can present any number of widely accepted, well documented, highly respected, sources of information that will show this to you if you are willing to do the research. But I have already done the research for you and I gain nothing by lying to you.


But There’s a Problem – It’s Called Distraction

 Distraction is the Enemy Which Prevents You From Thinking

Ours is a world of distraction. No one would deny that the pace of life grows faster and faster every decade. There was a time when taking time to read, think, or talk about things that are important to you was perfectly natural, and rewarding. But today, everyone is flat out of time and totally distracted.

Distracted by what? For starters, just getting through the day can be a challenge. Add to that the distraction of television, TV’s that are capable of capturing five movies or more at once, phones whether they be in your home, in your car, in your purse or briefcase, on your desk or in your desk, computers, tablets, and smart phones, XM radio that allows you to listen to thousands of channels playing anything you can dream up in your car or any other place where you want to listen to music for enjoyment and distraction. People are so distracted by their e-mail and texting that they literally walk into walls or light posts as they traverse the streets. The government had to make laws just to get people with cell phones to stop staring at them and pay attention when driving. Music on iPods, on jump drives, or on your phone. Computer or DVD screens in your cars. The list goes on and on. Distraction. Anything is better than having to THINK. We intentionally distract ourselves so we don’t have to endure the silence that may require us to think.

We take whatever sleep remedy is handy to insure that we get to sleep as quickly as possible. Your mind never stops thinking, even while you are asleep. But if we can get to sleep fast enough, we can at least avoid being conscious that we cannot stop our minds from thinking.

Why do we do this? If we can literally think and visualize the things we want most into our lives; if we can create our lives on a daily basis just by thinking and concentrating on what is most important to us, why would we search for a distraction in order to avoid this?

So What Does the Author Do?

I don’t make any claims that I am any different, any smarter or any better than anyone else. But I enjoy that time that I can retreat from distractions and day-dream, think, and plan. I used to own a Droid X2 smart phone but got rid of it when I realized that I only used it to check my e-mail and take an occasional call. I never did use the browser on the phone because I find a 2×3 inch screen a bit awkward. I can type like the wind so I never had any patience for texting.

I have XM Radio in my car but seldom listen to it. So I think I’ll get rid of that too. I prefer chatting with my passengers or taking time to think and watch videos in my mind. I do have Onstar in my car for safety reasons and that includes a satellite phone. But it is rarely used.

There are no radios in my house. Stereo equipment has never been important to me. I have a small stereo in the living room and a ton of CD’s, but I rarely listen to any of them. The only TV in the house is a tiny thing that sits on the kitchen island counter for catching the weather report. The news is too depressing to watch.

My point is – I’m really not looking for distractions. I read a lot and write or do research on the computer.  Sometimes I go to bed early just so I can lay there in the dark and think about things that are important to me an hour or two before retiring. Did you know that the last thing that you think about before you fall asleep is likely to embed itself in your subconscious mind (if repeated often enough)? And what is on your mind before you fall asleep has a good likelihood of finding its way into your dreams.

Does that make me weird? I know that my habits are not the norm. But folks, it’s this simple. Either you are the captain of your ship and the master of your soul or someone or something else is. If the latter, that leaves you and your life merely on an abandoned ship that is being tossed by the wind and the waves in whatever direction it will go. I encourage you to take more time to think about those things which are important to you. What do you want for your life? Think about those things most.

How Do I Create That Which I Want Most in my Life?

 It’s not difficult. And before I get into the details of what I would do, let me throw this statement out there. If you are thinking, okay, I do my thing and somewhere down the long road of life, something that I was thinking about a lot actually occurs in my life before I become aged and kick the bucket.

No. That’s not what I’m talking about. Not even close. Once you master that which you think about most, you will see things begin to change in your life immediately but subtly. Remember, the Universe loves speed. If things are delayed, the fault lies with your RECEIVING that which you are wanting.  Your RECEIVING  is dependent on YOU and your willingness to BELIEVE that you will actually receive that which you want most. Let me use an example because I sense that I am loosing you.

A Very Explicit and Important Example

I want to be financially independent. I’m tired of making all my life’s decisions based on money. I don’t want money to be a consideration anymore when making decisions. If I want to spend February or March in the Caribbean, I just want to go. I don’t want to spend hours or days online looking for the best deal on the planet so I can save a few bucks. And I don’t ever want to hear the words “can we afford it” again.

I have some debt that I want to get paid off. But don’t you ever think about debt. If you think about paying off debt all the time, you will only succeed in attracting more debt.  Think about getting rich and forget the debt. Debt is something that you DON’T want. The Universe doesn’t care about what you DO NOT want. It only cares about what you DO want.

And my abode is a bit untidy because we built it ourselves and ran out of steam and money before it was finished. I want it finished. That is what I want. There is only one way to solve my issues. A big chunk of money. So my focus is money. Isn’t that a surprise. So how do I make that happen?

Now before I proceed I need to qualify some things. The following discussion will likely touch upon religious and spiritual beliefs. That’s normally a sensitive subject; primarily because not everyone believes in a Higher Authority. And if they do believe in a Higher Authority, the various religions of the world have different names for the Higher Authority. So I am going to stick with generic wording so that I do not offend anyone.

I honestly believe that what I am about to describe is not in any way dependent on your believing in a Higher Authority. The reason being, that a Higher Authority does not care whether you are an atheist, a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or whatever. A Higher Authority accepts and loves you right where you are at regardless of whether you are a drunk, a drug freak, a whore, a trans-sexual, a homeless person, a member of an occult; you may be dirty, stink, foul or whatever. It just doesn’t matter.

So that’s my disclaimer. It is not my intention to preach to you or judge you in any way. So let’s get on with the example.

What I would do, having the previously stated wants, is to first get a clear and precise statement in my mind of that which I want to see manifested in my life. I would likely get it on paper where I can see it and review it. That is just my habit. I’m a visual learner. It is extremely important to be precise about that which you want. And though the list of what you want may be lengthy, you absolutely must focus on just one want at a time. Focus on your most pressing need and put the other wants aside for later.

Once you are perfectly clear and precise about that which you are wanting, you only need to present that thought to the Universe once. As soon as you do that, your request is answered IMMEDIATELY. That’s right, immediately. As soon as I formulate the thought that I want to be rich enough to eliminate financial considerations in my every decision and I want to live out the rest of my days in my current abode with it being complete to the last detail, that which I want is given. Actually, I need to be more precise than that. I need to state a precise dollar amount versus just thinking “rich enough to eliminate financial considerations in every decision.” So let’s say a million bucks will do the trick. That’s the figure that I see in my mind.

You say, “what do you mean it is given? How can that be? Nothing is ever that easy. Do you really expect your readers to believe that?”.  Let me explain.


You see the hardest part of being a creator of our own life is that we  have all been sucked into this environment, society , laws, rules, morals, norms, education, expectations, call it whatever you want or call it all of the above. We are distracted 24 hours a day. And because our life’s experience has taught us that you can’t want a car and look out the window and find one in your driveway five minutes after wanting it, we believe that.  That’s probably a stretch for you. Let me take that back.

The Three Parts to Getting What You Want

The biggest problem in “like attracts like” is in the RECEIVING part, not in the ASKING part. The three parts to thinking that which you want into your life are:

1) ASK

2) ANSWER (the Universe does this part, not you)


Deciding what you want is not hard. It’s not hard to make a precise definition of what you want. As soon as you know what you want, and get a clear mental picture of that, step 2 above takes place immediately.  The Universe loves speed. Remember that the quantum physicists tell us that the only place where time exists is on Earth. Take Earth out of the picture and time doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing that matters is NOW. That’s what the Universe knows. Everything is NOW. The Universe knows nothing of tomorrow, next week, or later. There is only NOW.

Let’s get back to the example. I’ve written down a clear statement of that which I want on a piece of paper. Once my draft is complete and states exactly what I want it to state, I sit back admire it, and the thought (which is my asking) takes place with no effort on my part and I’m  done.

Now, I need to prepare myself to RECEIVE that which I ASKED for. There are some tools for doing this. The next thing that I would do is to prepare a “vision board”. A vision board is like taping something that you like onto the refrigerator. Visualizing something in your mind is extremely powerful when you are trying to convince your mind that you have already received that which you asked for.  For that matter, you currently do nothing without first getting an image in your mind.  Think about that. When you start your day, don’t you, without even realizing it, see an image of the day’s events in your mind? Do you see yourself at the office or at the local mall? Do you see the items that you will need to put into your grocery cart before you even arrive at the store? Of course you do. That’s how you create your shopping list.

The Universe and the Higher Authority Needs an Image.

Run that video in your mind frequently. Visualize that which you are wanting. Do it while you drive. Driving from point A to point B is a total waste of time if that’s all you are doing is driving. Turn off the radio, sound system, or cell phone and spend the time visualizing what it will be like when you receive that which you are wanting. Your job is to convince yourself beyond the shadow of a doubt that you already have received that which you want. Once you do that, there it is.

On my vision board I would tape or pin anything that looks like a finished abode, with shiny hardwood floors, oriental rugs, fine cherry furniture (we have cherry furniture but it’s in storage), old-fashioned quilts hanging from the wooden beams (my wife is a quilter but the beams in the great room are not finished), etc. etc. I want to run that video in my mind at least a couple times a day. I want to take measurements in order to place furniture and draw a plan of each room and where things will sit.

I want to begin to act and feel like a man of substance who doesn’t give a rip about money. No decisions based on money any more. Just enjoy my life and the heck with money. Does that mean I act financially irresponsible? No. But I’ll trick my mind into believing I don’t care about money by making my bills look like checks to me after I add a few zeros. Or I’ll alter a one dollar bill to look like a $100K bill and pin that over my bed on the ceiling. Or I’ll print a fake check off the Internet and write that out to me for a million bucks and place it in my wallet. Do what you have to in order to get BELIEF. Everything is fair game as long as it’s within the law and doesn’t harm others.

Do you get the idea? I have to do SOMETHING to force myself to BELIEVE that my abode is complete to every detail and I don’t give a rip about money anymore. Once I have done that, I am ready to RECEIVE that which was given to me the moment I formulated the thought of that which I am wanting.  It may be weeks, it may be months, it may take years. It’s entirely dependent on ME and my ability to BELIEVE in something other than what my five senses tell me.

There are Some Rules – Here’s #1

Now here’s the part that the atheist will struggle with. In order to receive that which you are wanting, you must first have “an attitude of gratitude”. Take the time to write down for review, that which you already have for which you are grateful to a Higher Authority. Either you are pretty tickled about your soul mate, the wheels you have in the garage, the roof currently over your head and the fact that you’ll find three fine meals on your table every day, or you don’t give a rip. If you are feeling pretty satisfied with all these things, be thankful. Thanksgiving and the holidays are a good time to do that anyway.

Don’t bother to verbalize your feeling. The Higher Authority doesn’t listen to anything you say so you are wasting your time with verbalization. The Higher Authority is only interested in your primary thoughts and that’s all the Higher Authority hears. Have an “attitude of gratitude” and that which you want will come into your life that must quicker.

Now before you have a fit about my statement that a Higher Authority doesn’t care what you verbalize, let me make a disclaimer that will make you feel better about this. You can’t verbalize anything without first thinking about what you want to say. So verbalize if you want, but the thought comes first and Higher Authority receives the thought but not the sound your voice makes. Our Universe is all about thoughts and mental images but it’s pretty quiet out there in the Universe.

I solved the issue of gratitude by stealing an idea from a certain movie. I keep a stone in my right pants pocket all the time. I call it my “gratitude rock”. Every time I put it in my pocket or take it out, or if I put my hands in my pocket and notice it there, I think of a few things for which I am grateful. That’s not hard. I’ve had a pretty sweet life. Attitude of gratitude solved.

There is No Such Thing as Something for Nothing – Rule #2

As soon as you give over that which you are wanting to your dominant thoughts, that which you asked for is given to you. If you have no evidence of that, it is because you are not prepared or “ALIGNED” to receive it. Remember? Ask, Answer, Receive. The first two steps are pretty easy. Although some may find it hard to clearly define what it is that they are wanting, and form a mental image of that. Additionally, in order to do your part in acquiring this thing that you want, you must be able to work yourself into a white-heat of desire for it. You must “align” yourself (that which you do) with your goal. It would be silly to do otherwise.

Here’s an example. It makes no sense for someone who is sickly year after year to want sound health, and after making that want clear to the Universe, they continue to smoke and avoid exercise of any sort. That’s like riding two horses going in opposite directions. In order to “align” yourself to that which you are wanting, make a plan to quit smoking and incorporate a little exercise into your regimen.  As soon as you ask for that which you are wanting, the Universe begins to move the necessary parts of your answer in YOUR direction or TOWARDS you. You also need to move yourself TOWARDS your desire in order to not contradict that for which you are wanting. You don’t ever want to be sick again. Nothing; not even a simple cold. You’re fed up with it.

Now before you say, “Isn’t what you are describing a self-fulfilling prophecy? Wouldn’t this person become healthier anyway if they quit smoking and did some exercise?” Yes, they would become healthier. But would they eliminate illness from their lives for good? I doubt it. I have read of people who have never been ill for a day in their lives. How is that possible? I’m sorry to say that I have no idea. Unless, they have somehow tapped into the Law of Attraction.

Let’s pester this a bit more. Because I sense that you are not fully satisfied with that answer. Let’s take the example that I stated previously which describes that which I am wanting. Will I get a check for a million bucks in the mail so that I can hire some carpenters to finish my abode to my liking? And then I’ll never have to worry about money again? I don’t want to discount any solution to what I am wanting. But I would theorize, No; I will not receive a check for a million bucks.

But in order to receive that for which I am wanting, I know that I must “align” my thinking and activity toward the realization of that end. Does it make any sense for me to sit here with my arms folded and wait for a check to arrive? Absolutely not! So what am I doing to align myself with that for which I am wanting?

For starters, I moved all of my investments to one stellar investment management firm that will do a better job of increasing dividends and returns for my portfolio. I own a few properties that I don’t want. I put them on the market. I tightened up our budget a bit. I’ve created a new income stream. I keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities.  Does that make sense? I have aligned my thinking and my actions to that which I am wanting. I’m moving closer to my goal while the Universe moves my goal closer to me. I expect new opportunities to present themselves simply because I took the time to test drive the Law of Attraction and see if I can, indeed, create my life just by thinking about that which I want.

Was that such a great effort on my part? No. Can you afford to ignore this post and this Natural Law and go your own way alone, not having the vaguest idea of what lies down the road for you and your life? Or would you rather create your life just the way you want it? I prefer the latter. I don’t expect something for nothing. There are no free hand-outs. But I feel that spending my time thinking about the things that are most important to me, taking the time to visualize those things, and taking action to make them happen; that’s likely the most important action that I will ever take in my life. And it causes me no additional hassle or pain.

So that’s it. To summarize:

1) Ask – formulate a precise definition of that which you want. (you can do this as many times as you want)

2) Answer – the Universe does this, nothing required on your part

3) Receive – the tough part because we as humans tend NOT to believe things we cannot feel, smell, hear,  see, or taste.

Use visualization, a vision board, fake money. If you want a Ferrari, go test drive one. Do whatever you have to do to convince yourself that you already received that which you are wanting. Go sit in a comfortable chair, turn out the lights, borrow a toy steering wheel from your kids and something to use for the shifter and drive that new car. Rip through the gears. See everything in your mind. Feel the adrenaline rush when you take that Ferrari up to 90 mph in a few seconds. Do that at least once a day until that image in your mind becomes more vivid. And then…….

A Story About How the Mind Interacts with Your Body

When training, personal trainers have track & field athletes run their race in the lab while hooked up to sophisticated monitoring equipment that records their thought impulses and their body’s muscle activity. The athletes close their eyes and run their race in their mind so that they see themselves on the track running in their “mind’s eye”.

The same monitoring had taken place previously when they were physically on the track and the athlete was actually running their race. The results of the monitoring, one set of stats recorded in the lab and the other set of stats recorded on the actual track, were then compared. There were virtually no differences in the brain activity or the muscles that fired in order to run the race, whether it be in the mind (while standing still in the lab) or on the track.


Back to the Law of Attraction

There are people who have always known “The Secret” and have mastered what I have just explained to you. They have everything that they want. Is it a surprise to you that the people that I refer to can be found in less than 2% of the population? 98% of the available wealth is concentrated in less than 2% of the population. That’s a fact. Check the census figures. Now you know one reason why.

Don’t believe me? Now it is time to look at the historical foundation of “The Secret”. You may be hearing this for the first time. But It has been with us since the beginning of time. This Law of Nature has been hidden, protected, banned,  and suppressed for centuries. Why? Because it is the most powerful of the Laws of Nature. The Secret is called the Law of Attraction.  It’s also called the Law of Affinity or the Law of Love;  love being the most powerful force in the Universe.

Why is it that few of us have heard of this Natural Law? Think first of Natural Laws that you ARE aware of. Gravity was explained by Newton. The fact that everything is made of energy was discovered by Einstein. Natural Laws such as the changing of the seasons have been explained by meteorologists over and over again. Or the fact that the Earth rotates on an axis once every 24 hours and circumvents the sun every 365 days have been discovered and explained by astronomers, such as Galileo.

But the Natural Law of Attraction has not received much attention. Few know of its existence. Why is that? First of all, realize that there have been a handful of people who have known of this laws existence.  You can find references to it in written sources back through the ages. But it has escaped the public eye. Why?

The Law of Attraction was Hidden and Suppressed, Even Banned

Since you can create your own life simply by managing your dominant thoughts, that makes you a “creator”. You can bring things into existence simply by thinking them into existence. You cannot create for others. Do you think that is powerful? Can you see why those in a position of power and wealth would want to keep this information to themselves versus share it with “the little people”? Every day we learn in the news of things that the rich and powerful did not want us to know. Do you think that our modern society has a monopoly on secrecy?

I do not want to reiterate what is already documented in the book and the movie, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. If you are wondering, why the secrecy, you will find the answers that you are looking for there.

By the way, why is Rhonda Byrne in Wikipedia? She’s still living and is middle-aged. To my knowledge she only created one low-budget movie called The Secret. She has written several books all of which are on the subject of the Secret. She’s not a famous personality. Before The Secret, she was an unknown TV producer and broke. Just asking.

References Where You Can Find More Information

The Law of Attraction is a Law of Nature that has been with us, like all other Laws of Nature, since the beginning of time. “The Secret”  movie and book exposed this Law to the world in 2006. But I have researched further than this single source. And I will share some of that research with you. The authors who have written on this subject down through the ages are much too numerous to mention here. Again, Rhonda Byrne‘s book The Secret provides a wealth of references to other writings and authors. Follow them.

You will also find a wealth of information on The Secret website. One resource that is noteworthy on this website are thousands, maybe millions of letters from people all over the world who have tested and mastered the Law of Attraction and have written letters describing how their lives have changed.

There are a multitude of links between the Bible and the Law of Attraction, which means the ideas of this Natural Law are thousands of years old. Google “law of attraction and the Bible” and you will turn up over 2 million search results and you will find the Biblical references.

The first reference to the Law of Attraction is theorized to be in the Emerald Tablet of Babylon, circa 3,000 B.C.. Specifically, the engravings on the tablet say “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

Even Buddha referenced the Law of Attraction in 563 BCE-483BCE when he said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.

The movie, “The Secret” and book were based on the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, specifically “The Science of Getting Rich” which was written in 1910. Wattles wrote many books for the “New Thought” movement in the late 1800’s. The New Thought movement was a change in religious dogma from a Higher Authority of fire and brimstone to a Higher Authority of love, abundance, and giving. Your birth-right is abundance, plenty, and whatever you want. Read this book if you want to know why. It’s an eye-opener.

On the subject of how the brain works, Napoleon Hill wrote at length in 1937 about the brain’s dual function as both a sending station and a receiving station. His close friend, Thomas Edison, contributed to this discussion and verified that the information was true according to Mr. Edison’s own personal experiences. As an inventor, Edison acquired his best material by sitting in a dark room for hours waiting for thoughts originating from the ether to enter his own mind and stimulate new ideas. You’ll find this discussion in Hill’s epic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, chapters 12-14.

Robert Collier (1885-1950) wrote “The Secret of the Ages”. Although he seldom mentions the Law of Attraction by name, it’s presence in his writings is evident. This book is a good read but be aware that his writing style is difficult at times. Robert was studying to be a priest but became a prolific writer instead. His books have religious content but he is not “preachy”. He coined the phrase, “See things as you would have them be, instead of as they are.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks book, “Money and the Law of Attraction” 2008 is 236 pages of an exhaustive explanation on how the Law of Attraction can be used specifically for solving financial distress issues. You’ll find it on Amazon.

Conclusion – Life is Meant to be Abundant!

This may be an abstract concept for many. It took me awhile to accept it when I was first exposed to “The Secret”, and I had to study and study the concept until I believed it myself. I still need to prove it out in daily experience. It goes against what many of us have been told or taught all of our lives. Whether you were raised in a family with a poverty mindset or grew up experiencing continuous financial issues or if you are currently still trading your time for money in your job as you try to pay off your debt. The truth is really that there is no such thing as lack or limitation. There is enough money in the world for all of us to be rich, wealthy, and prosperous. This is the truth for you even if it is not in front of you at this exact moment. If you do not believe this, you push against it and if you push against it then abundance cannot ever come into your life.

So mastering the secret to success and the ability to choose your results starts in having the mindset and belief that life is meant to be abundant and there is an abundance of opportunity for you! You were meant to have everything and anything that you desire. Learn to reject thoughts of scarcity, limitation, lack and poverty. Fill your mind with thoughts and images of wealth, prosperity, success and the luxuries of financial freedom. When you do, you will start the magnetic process of attracting wealth to you. You will magnetically attract resources, money, people opportunities that support you and provide you with everything that you need to live a life of abundance. You can start to realize a result of success and wealth. You can choose a result that is different than the one you currently have.

I used to think that wealth and prosperity belonged only to people that I considered exceptional or better than me. I grew up in a family with a  poverty, scarcity mindset, that there was never enough to go around. My parents used to say, go to school, get a job, work hard, and you’ll be happy.  The truth is, that none of those statements are true. They are purely excuses and limiting beliefs, a conditioning that was probably passed down to my parents from their parents or other external influences like schools, newspapers, television or society.

Life is meant to be abundant!!!! Endeavor to think it, believe it, and live it!

The Secret is the Law of Attraction. And the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like“. Like thoughts attract other like thoughts which come back to you magnified and begin the process of creating belief in your mind. Once you truly believe that you have that which you are wanting, you are able to receive it, and there it is.

What Will You Do Now That You Know The Secret?

Test the secret for yourself. What will it cost you? It will cost you nothing in terms of physical labor or time. Your mind is always thinking anyway. Just think about what you desire most. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want. Isn’t that the most important thing that you can think about anyway – your deepest desires? What do you risk? Nothing.

If you hit a dead-end, get a couple of the paperback books mentioned above and find the answers to your questions. Read some of the letters that others have written about their quest to master the Secret. You’ll find nuggets in their letters that will help you overcome obstacles. Consider your quest a challenge that just requires a little mental effort. But the rewards for finishing the quest are priceless.