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IMPORTANT – Website/Domain Name Change Coming Soon

Changes Planned for this Website

The website/domain name for this website will be changing soon. While this change takes place, the website may not be available for up to several hours. Do not be alarmed. We are not going anywhere. Just need to complete the change, iron out any bugs, do some basic testing, and make the website available once again.

Why Is the Website Name Changing?

To be truthful with you, I never did like the current website name. Four years ago, this website was intended to be an eCommerce website with local geographic interest. Those plans changed, but the website name remained the same. I feel that if the site is my personal blog, then it ought to carry my name. So will be changing to

You’ve seen this name under my photo for so long that the site name ought to be easy to remember. And it’s a more appropriate site name, considering the content of the site.

How This Impacts You

Favorites and Bookmarks

Your favorite or bookmark for will continue to work until December 7th, 2013. After that the domain name will expire. Before that time, you will need to create a new bookmark or favorite for Both URLs will work from the time that the website rename takes place until December 7th, 2013.

RSS Feeds

I can’t guarantee you that your RSS Feed will continue working after the website rename. I doubt it. In technical jargon, the directory name for the feeds will be renamed with the new domain name. So I would assume that RSS will not know where to get its feed, since the name changed. Sorry about that. Once the website/domain name changes, you will have to create a new feed and delete the old one. will be Parked, which means it will point to this website until December 7th 2013. I know little of how Parked domains work with RSS and Atom.

After The Website Gets Renamed

There will be bugs. Be assured that my priority will be to test everything and get those bugs resolved as quickly as possible. If you run into one of those bugs, please do not feel that you need to bring the matter to my attention. If you run into a bug a week after the domain rename, then please bring that to my attention. Thank you for doing that.

Will Anything Else Change After the Rename?

Yes. Currently, I publish from this website to Facebook. After the rename is complete, I’ll be publishing to 23 more websites; most of them social. So you will be seeing me around more.

I’ll be adding one banner area for Google Ad Choices. As you know, I don’t care for websites that are plastered with ads. So I don’t use them. However, owning and maintaining a website does entail costs. And I’ve been “eating” those cost to-date. There are no plans for additional advertising.

I’ll be adding more video to the site.

A logon will be added to the front end of the website. But you won’t have to create an account or password on this website because the logon screen will include buttons that allow you to use Facebook or Twitter to logon. That logon information is not stored on this website. If you previously subscribed to this website and created an ID and password, just use that. The purpose of the logon is for my tracking purposes and to pre-fill most of your personal information when leaving comments. Your correct name, or at least your Facebook or Twitter name, will be used throughout the website without you having to type it multiple times.

On occasions, a quick survey will be presented to you. You will be able to skip the survey, but I hope that you don’t. The purpose of the survey is get your feedback on what topics you would like to see addressed in future articles and what topics you could care less about. Those who complete the survey will be permitted to see a compilation of results so you can see what everyone else said.


These changes should not be too painful. Thank you for every one of your comments and suggestions. I read them all. I will continue to create content that stimulates your thinking and helps you to get over or around that next obstacle in your life.

Scott Alan Reed