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Recommended Reading

I just finished reading a good book that was lent to us, for no particular reason, by a friend of my wife. Perhaps you have seen it or already read it. It’s a New Your Times best-seller titled, “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn.

Jonathan wrote this book in the third person as a story and a mystery. But the story and events of the book are real. I won’t tell you much about the content of the book and spoil your “read”. But I would like to say that it will be difficult for you or anyone else  to refute the events of the book since those events are also documented in the news and other irrefutable sources.

I should point out that if you are not one who believes in a Higher Authority, there would be no point to your reading this book. That is not to say that this book is a religious book. It isn’t. But it does tie several current events to prophecies in the scriptures. The story-line does a pretty good job of unraveling a mystery. So if you like mysteries, you’ll love this book. And that’s all I’m going to say on that matter.

It’s a “must read”. Seriously. You need to be exposed to this information.

About the author, Jonathan Kahn. Jonathan leads the “Hope of the World” ministries and is head of the Jerusalem Center for Beth Israel located in Wayne, New Jersey. Besides being a best-selling author, he teaches on television and radio throughout the U.S.. He is best known for conducting “deep research” into ancient writings of the Middle East. He is both a rabbi and a Messianic Jew.

The Harbinger is available on To learn more about the book or its author go to or

AUTHORS NOTE 11/6/2012 – Super-Storm Sandy is over and recorded in the annals of history. Have you read The Harbinger? Do you think it was just a coincidence that Sandy unleashed her fury on the city of New York and stretched all the way from the East coast to Indiana? Why New York? If you have read the book, then you already know that New York was the first capital of the USA. That’s where George Washington wrote and signed this country into existence. After the signing, George and the other signers walked a short distance to a little church to pray for the independent country they had just been created. That little church sits adjacent to where the World Trade Center used to be before it was destroyed on what we refer to as 9/11.

If you haven’t read the book, you have no clue what I am talking about. If you haven’t ordered the book, DO IT NOW. IT’S IMPORTANT.


Another “must read” is the book “Aftershock” by Robert Wiedemer. Robert is an author and economist. He is best known for accurately predicting the financial meltdown and stock crash of 2010.

The first edition of  Aftershock was published in 2009 and became a New Your Times best-seller. However, the publisher insisted on omitting a chapter of the first edition because the publisher felt that the chapter was too shocking for the public and believed it might create a panic. The chapter was left out, despite the author’s objections.

However, a second edition of the book Aftershock was released in 2011. The second edition includes updates to the first edition and the missing chapter that was omitted from the 2009 edition. I find it both ironic and disappointing that the public could have been forewarned of the 2010 economic meltdown. With this knowledge, the public could have prepared themselves appropriately, and especially financially.

The second edition of the book forecasts economic events for 2013 and beyond. And unlike the first edition, the book provides guidance to the public on how they can insulate themselves from further economic and financial crisis.

Both editions of Aftershock are available on Be sure to order the second edition only. The link to Amazon below will lead you to the second edition.

The fact that Robert Wiedemer and his team’s forecasts are credible, has already been demonstrated. But the only way we as readers can use this information to our advantage is to take action now to protect ourselves from potential financial loss due to economic calamity. It’s no secret that whoever is elected as our next President will have to deal with the mega-trillion dollar national debt and do it quickly. Find out what impact, if any, this issue will have on your life. ORDER THE BOOK! (Click on #2 in the Amazon widget below if you wish to examine the book.)


Phoenix or the Northwoods?

True story. This is both funny and sad. It should give you a glimpse into how the events of the last decade have really changed all of us; how we live, what we think, even our ideals and aspirations, and the actions that we take to achieve what we want.

I have a brother who is one year younger than me. He was raised in the Mid-west, just like me. But wound up working for a company in Illinois that transferred him to Phoenix. So he moved there. He married a gal he met in college from the Chicago area, had three children, and raised them in Phoenix where he lived for fifteen years. His first wife died and he got remarried, but that is irrelevant to this story.

He retired early because, like many of us, he hated his job. He managed a regional office for a Mid-west based insurance company. He never cared much for Phoenix so he knew that he would be moving somewhere else upon retirement. He and his wife visited us in the Northwoods prior to his retirement and decided Wisconsin was the place to move.

It was funny when they flew in for a short visit. In Phoenix, there is no water and very little that is green. They came to visit in the summer. My wife and I drove to Mosinee, Wisconsin to pick them up from the airport and then drove two hours back north to our house. They’re faces were glued to the car windows all the way north to our house. Everything was green or blue, and I mean everything; lakes and streams everywhere you looked. They thought they were on another planet.

Anyway, they made up their minds that Wisconsin was where they wanted to live upon retirement. So they flew home, sold the house, called Mayflower Movers and got out of Phoenix. But not before making one more trip to Wisconsin to find a house. They decided to build a house in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, which is about 90 minutes south of here. They built a “woodsy” looking house that they dearly loved and built it on a flowage just west of Tomahawk.

This all took place in early 2007. Life was good. The Tomahawk locals adopted them and they had more friends and recreation than they could handle. Having retired early, my brother thought he would find part-time work doing insurance consulting for a local law firm in order to earn passive income in retirement. His wife, who was much younger than he and still working, worked in customer service for a large medical insurance company. After the move to Wisconsin, she planned on doing the same thing here.

But the Great Recession had struck in the fourth quarter of 2007. The only work that my brother could find was working as a night clerk for Super 8 motels in Tomahawk. His wife commuted twenty miles from Tomahawk to Rhinelander to perform the same insurance customer service work that she had performed in Phoenix, but for half of what she was earning in Phoenix. Life was still good in beautiful Tomahawk Wisconsin. But the economy and their financial situation would get worse as the country sank deeper into recession.

They lived in their new home for about two years before both of them discovered that they were literally going broke. What to do? They decided the only thing to do was to go back to Phoenix where they could find work. Additionally, their three children and their children’s families all lived there and they were starting to miss them.

So they put their beloved Tomahawk Wisconsin house on the failing housing market, called Mayflower Movers again and went back to Phoenix to find work and an apartment. They could not get out of the Phoenix apartment and buy a new home in Phoenix until the Tomahawk home sold. Their Tomahawk house sat on the failing housing market for two stressful years before it finally sold.

The housing market in Phoenix was in complete failure. So it was easy to find a beautiful home at an affordable price. Within two weeks of selling the Tomahawk home they found a new home in Phoenix and bought it for next to nothing. It was big. So they meticulously outfitted it for entertaining family and friends. My brother stayed retired and his wife went right back to her former Phoenix employer, once again, making good money. Life was good again; but not for long.

They lived in their new Phoenix home for two very hot years. Summer temperatures easily hit 104 degrees daily. Their children and their families were very busy, as most families are when you have school-aged children. The children had precious little time to visit their parents. So my brother and his wife saw very little of their children and seldom entertained in their new home.

If you haven’t lived in Phoenix or do not know anyone who has, you wouldn’t know the following.  It’s virtually impossible to make friends in Phoenix. So even though my brother and his wife were active in their community, they had no friends. I’m serious; not a single friend. Weekends consisted of cleaning house and watching TV. In Phoenix, it’s too hot to go outside after 11:00 A.M.. So the populace, including my brother and his wife, are prisoners in their own home – as long as the AC is working flawlessly.

I didn’t believe him on the subject of friends. How could you live someplace for fifteen years and not have any friends? He told me that he did have one friend; his boss at work. They would golf together, take camping trips to Flagstaff, go fishing on a local reservoir, or just sit around and watch a good game on TV. They both loved sports. But then his boss and only friend died of cancer.

Feeling very much alone, he made attempts to make more friends. They joined a church and my brother became an usher. He shared this interesting conversation with me. James  is also an usher at the same church that my brother attended.


John:                     “ James, it sure is tough to make friends here in Phoenix.”

James:                  “I agree. We’ve had the exact same problem for years.”

John:                     “So why do you think that is?”

James:                  “I don’t know. We’ve put ourselves out there over and over again, but to no avail.”

John:                     “ Is that a fact?”

James:                  “ Yes, we joined this church just to meet some new people.”

John:                     “ Yes, we did too.”


The conversation ended right there and they parted. My brother thought to himself, ” I’ve known James for almost a year. Nice guy and he has a wife who is a jewel. Yet, even after my confession of having friendship issues, it never occurred to James that he has a friend standing right in front of him with the same issues. I didn’t sense that he would be open to going somewhere for lunch after church or doing much of anything else in the future. “

No friends. No family. And then one of his three children and her family moved to St. Louis.

The highlight of my brother’s day M-F was taking the dog for a walk each day. I think the Phoenix dust storms were “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. It was obvious by his e-mails and phone calls that my brother was getting depressed. He called for advice and I told him to get out of there. It would take a miracle but he had to get out of that hell-hole in the desert with no friends, nothing to do, family is too busy, and you can’t go outside without risk of a coronary because it never cools off in Phoenix.

Then our mother passed away leaving each of her children a sizable inheritance. This would be the “buffer” that my brother needed in order to complete “the miracle” and finally solve his problems.

It was 2010. The recession was deep now. Wall Street had crashed two years previous and the financial meltdown was in full swing. But they had to get out of there and fast. A Realtor friend said she thought she could get a pretty fair price for their home, which they had bought for peanuts when the Phoenix housing market crashed. It took two weeks and it was sold. The miracle had started. They had two weeks to find another place to live before they had to close on the house that they had just sold.

They jumped on a flight to Wisconsin with hopes that they could somehow get their beloved Tomahawk house back. No go. So they found another home that they liked and bought it. Mayflower Movers got another call and all their worldly goods, the dog, two cars, my brother and his wife headed for Tomahawk Wisconsin once again. Life was looking better. They both agreed that that would definitely be the last time that they would live in a desert.

My wife and I couldn’t believe how quickly they got moved into their new Tomahawk home. They found a used boat, identical to the one they had before leaving Wisconsin. They bought two new kayaks, a new two-up ATV, and a trailer for the ATV or kayaks so they could haul them somewhere when necessary. A snowmobile and trailer were on the wish list.

My brother resumed his retired life with occasional interruptions to walk the dog. Actually, he became quite busy maintaining all the new “toys” and keeping them clean. His wife went back to her former Wisconsin job working for half of what she was earning at the same job in Phoenix. But life was really good. They had more “toys” than they knew what to do with. All their Tomahawk friends welcomed them back with open arms. They had to keep an appointment book to remember what they were supposed to be doing and with whom. Somehow, virtually every part of “the miracle” fell precisely into place. Life was really, really good.

All their worldly goods traveled the 1,000’s of miles between Phoenix and Tomahawk WI. four times. I lost count of how many times my brother and his wife flew between the two locations to make things happen. It probably would have been cheaper for them just to purchase a 25% ownership in Northwest Airlines.

But they are out of the desert and in Wisconsin where it is green with water at every turn of the highway. They’re happy. They have loads of friends, and little time for TV. Did they pay dearly for that luxury? You bet they did. Would any of this ridiculous story have transpired if it were not for the Great Recession? Probably not.  They would have stayed in Tomahawk, Wisconsin and found meaningful work the first time that they left Phoenix.

Remember when we were kids and life was always good? We didn’t have a care in the world. Each day just kept getting better and better. I could hardly wait to get out of bed during those years. And I have to admit that I’ve felt that way right up to the fourth quarter of 2007. I retired early in September 2007, not knowing what was on the economic and financial horizon. Nobody knew.

But this story isn’t about the Great Recession. None of us want to hear that story over and over again. This is a story about how one family triumphed despite the odds of those fateful times. Did they have to go the extra mile to overcome that which was pulling them down? Yes, many times. Did they have help?

Both my brother and I agree that this ridiculous story would not have a happy ending if it were not for my dear mother’s generosity when she set aside an inheritance for her children.  Thank you, Mom. We love and miss you.


You Can Make a Fortune Using What is Already in Your Head

There’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you. I just thought of it. Have you ever heard of Brendon Burchard or Expert’s Academy? I took Brendon’s course “Total Product Blueprint” about a year ago. In a nutshell, Brendon’s only

thumbnail photo of the author

Scott Reed, author

calling in life is to teach others how they can make a fortune just by sharing what is already in their minds. Do I need to repeat that? I’m serious. He’s serious. I took a ten week course on-line with Brendon for three hours every week for ten weeks. It didn’t even cost all that much. Today Brendon is the founder of International Experts Association. Who are the experts? Folks like you and me who took the time to share what they know and made a fortune. Brendon taught them how to do it.

Here’s his story. He was working for a big ad agency. But he took a vacation to South America, got into an auto accident, and nearly died. While he was floating somewhere between life and the after-life, three questions came to him. Did I live fully? Did I love completely? Did I matter?

That’s pretty heavy stuff. I guess we would all want to know that if we were in Brendon’s position. But even more important, that experience totally changed Brendon’s life. He felt an urgent need to communicate this experience to the world. He left the ad agency and ventured out on his own to spread his own message. And his message is this…………………….

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can help others over the bumps that always present themselves in our lives by taking the time to share what you already know. Additionally, folks will line up to pay you for this information. Why? Because they can shortcut their lives by not having to find or experience your information for themselves. Who do you know that is NOT looking for a shortcut through life? No one. We’re ALL looking for information and shortcuts.

As a matter of fact, you have a responsibility to help others by sharing this information. Brendon has broken the who, where, what, when, why and how, down into precise outlines and action items so that anyone can do this; and get paid thousands or even millions when this information is communicated via websites, ebooks, tapes, DVD’s, webinars, books, even public appearances. Brendon shows you in detail how to accomplish all of this. He made $4 million the first year he took his message to the world.

Oh, but he had a staff and a company. Nope. Brendon is a one-man team. Then he must have had the money for a professional camera and recording crew in order to make video and sound products. Nope. That first year he used a microphone that he bought at Radio Shack and one of those cheap flip video cameras. He would put it on a box if there was no one around to shoot video for him.

I need to pause here and say that the above is NOT why I am telling you all this. And I don’t make a penny by promoting Brendon. Brendon needs no promotion. He’s one of the most incredible teachers that I’ve met. If you want to check Brendon out, you can do that by going to BUT, the reason why I’m telling you this is because I know that most of you are entrepreneurs.

Creating your own monetized blog is a step in the right direction, but think about what Brendon is saying. Let me give you an example. Many of you have commented that you wish you could write like I do. I have no special training in writing. I went to schools similar to the ones that you went to. I have a couple of college degrees; but none in writing. Of course you can write like I do! Can you carry a conversation? Of course you can! I write like I talk. There. Now you have the secret sauce.  If you were in the room with me now, what is on the paper is exactly what you would hear coming out of my mouth.

But I’m wandering a bit. So let’s get back to the point. Just don’t tell me that this is another one of those things that you can’t do.

I’ll say it again in case I distracted you. What you already have in your mind is worth a fortune, IF you will take the time to communicate it to help others and you present that information in a format that will instruct others. That’s the point that I wanted to make. If this peeks your interest, go check out Brendon and he’ll show you how to use your current knowledge to make a bundle. There won’t be any need to find a product to sell or come up with crazy ideas on how to  find buyers on the Internet. I think Brendon is “right on”. I think we should all be following his lead. What could be easier?

Take a moment and listen to what Brendon has to say about this.

So let’s pester this matter a little further because right now, you probably have questions. And I don’t want to leave you with no conclusions.

How does one make a fortune sharing what is already inside their head? Let’s use me as an example.

  1. I have a lot of life experience and background. Do you?
  2. I’m a baby-boomer. I was in college during the 60’s. Now there’s a story.
  3. I worked 25 years for two Fortune 100 companies as a senior network security analyst for global networks.
  4. I never felt successful at anything. So I spent 4 years researching why.
  5. I retired at 57. Want to learn how to do that?
  6. I built a 4,000 sq. ft. log home and I own my own real estate development company because I like to build things.
  7. I’m an avid outdoors man ie. fishing, hiking, wilderness camping etc..
  8. I’ve had the same wife for 39 years and I have three wonderful children. Want to know how to stay married?

Now those are just some of the things that are inside my head. If I wanted to build a business on any one of those subjects in order to help my fellow man over life’s bumps and make his life that much easier, what subject would you choose?

I think I would go with the four years that I spent trying to fix me by researching and applying success principles to my life.

Have you made a list of what is inside your head? Does anything on that list look like it might have potential? Are you in a position to help someone by sharing that information? If you think so, you need to get in touch with Brendon and find out about his Experts Academy. If you think not, give it a little more time. It will come to you. Everyone has a book in their head. EVERYONE. Maybe a best seller.

So in conclusion, do I intend to follow Brendon’s lead and instruction? You bet I do. Then why aren’t I doing that now? I have a bad case of “detail-itis”. For me, it’s a huge, huge undertaking. I’m getting my deliverables done. I already have a hard drive full of modules that I’ve already written. And you should too.

One last time, your fortune is in your brain, right now. You just need to figure out what it is and get it out on paper. As Brendon says at the end of every video, “Live life to it’s fullest, Love openly and completely, and make a difference. Until next time.”


Website Guidelines

I love you folks. I really do. You give me good feedback and ideas on what I can do to improve this website. I rarely get a negative comment on my blogs and I thank you for that. This website would be of little use to anyone without you.

But I want to know your real name. So please don’t advertise your product in the space for your name. I want to continue to interact with you. I want to be able to send answers to your questions to you and address you by your real name in my messages.

And please don’t leave an invalid e-mail address. How can I answer your questions without receiving a bounce-back because you left an invalid e-mail address? Many of you have asked me to take a look at your website and give you some suggestions for improvement. I do that for free for subscribers to my website. Others are not so lucky.

Please don’t use my website for the sole purpose of advertising yours. Or let me put it another way. Do you want to advertise on my website? No problem. We can do that. Want to exchange website links? Just ask. But if you know Google as well as I do, then you already know that Google only pays attention to “relevant” links and throws out the rest as trash. That means your theme and content must be similar to mine in some way. Otherwise, there’s no benefit. Or if your site or mine has an abundance of irrelevant inbound/outbound links, Google interprets that as “spammy” and throws them all out.

If you put a link in your comment, your comment will be appreciated, but deleted.  Or I may edit the comment and remove the link. If your comment is not “on subject”, it gets deleted. If you use your product as your name, those will be deleted unless I can figure out your first name and put that in the name field. You can include one website in the website field. If more than that, WordPress (Akismet) will automatically delete your comment without my having seen it.

I’m sorry that I sound like your father. But I can’t let my blog get “spammy’ or Google will throw both me and the blog out. I don’t even like Google, but that’s another matter.

I get more comments on the “Whole House Backup” and “Ten Things to Do in Wisconsin for Recreation” articles than I do for all other articles combined. Why is that? I wrote both of those articles about a year ago. They’re in the Archives. Many of you request that I write more recent articles. I’ve written many. Just click on “Blog” on the menu bar and you’ll find all of them.

Did you know that the picture boxes on the Home Page are links to even more blogs? Hover your cursor over the brown bar at the bottom of the photo to view the topic.

The majority of you have asked how I came up with the design for the website. Hover over the photo of the log cabin on the Home Page and you will find a link to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. The answer you are looking for is posted at the top of the page.  The link to the site template is there as well as a link to the site host.

When I try to answer your questions via e-mail and get a bounce-back, I put the answer on the FAQ page. If I were to answer your question in-line with the article that you read, you would have to figure out where you left the comment and then shop around for the article.

Keep your suggestions coming. I’m constantly tweaking the site to improve the content. I want to add breadcrumbs for easier navigation but the template keeps fighting with me. I need website policies in the footer in order to please Google, but the template is getting in my way again. I also want a photo gallery once I figure out how to add a gallery without slowing the website down to a crawl. Photos are tough on performance.

Finally, the link to Flickr on the sidebar will take you to three photo galleries on Flickr with no login required. I don’t think that anyone has used this link.

For those of you who have a new or upgraded house on your mind, you’ll find an abundance of information on the “Freebies/Deals” page including a 42-page manual/blog which I’ll send to you via e-mail upon request. This manual tells you how I built my current log home for a pittance.

So shop around a bit. There’s a lot more information on this website than you realize.

Thank you for listening and stay in touch!